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Hairy Vagina Stories


Hii friend you have hear about my mom story in sex4stories. Father do a work in. Mera nam abhi hai mera bohut sari story pari hongi apne … Ye v story maa ki hi hai. Dosto story tab ki bat hai jab mammy khabi ac bus mai travel nahi ki hai… Or jada dur v nahi gayi hai… Mera papa ramesh wo ek gov worker the delhi mai job karte. My mom body colour is brown with mature figure 34 boobs 30 belly with little fat and 38 back.

Name: Eddy

Age: 27
Sex: Female
In my spare time I love: Hunting
Smoker: No

I had no qualms standing there in my big white bra or the rolls of middle age woman under it. It arouses me more to know a young boy was wanting to undress me. As he stood up the bulge was massive in his small pants and as he pushed his trousers down with his feet, there was a fair bit of bouncing going on with his cock.

He found my nipple through my bra and rubbed it between finger and thumb and I let out a long moan of pleasure. Next, I pulled it back out and fetched it back up to my own mouth and gently kissed the tip before offering it back on to his lips. I felt around his mouth and he soon got the message as our tongues touches, softly at first.

This story from nckboy has been read 2 7 6 3 5 9 times. The outline of my big floppy tit was visible, plus all the other rolls of middle age spread a mother has. He let go of my hand and ran it up the side of my neck all soft and gentle, then over my lips. Deuce, he served straight away without giving me a chance to right myself.

His body was young and taught as I ran my hand from his shoulder and down to his tight stomach. I pulled us together and kissed him with meaning and desire; it was all so new to him. I started to moan, best I could with a mouth full of young cock. I was just getting back from school the next morning from dropping the kiss off when I saw Tom in Hairy vagina stories back garden. I squeezed his tight little bum and ran my hand up his back and I felt his hand around my tit. I lay backwards as Tom knelt over me, sucking and fondling my goodies while I managed to run my hand up the inside of his leg.

He looked all shy and timid but still kept looking at me while gentle touching the side of my face again. He started to help and slipped them past his knees before leaving my tit. He stood next to me and I hurriedly gripped the waist of his pants and Hairy vagina stories them off his arse. Something stopped me from doing the right thing and covering up, I just stretched my arms above my head and watched my blouse go taught over my tit.

I pulled him back down and on to the sofa still kissing, his hands were all over me, over my tits, around my back and down between my legs. I slipped my hands around the waist to the front and pulled his pants over his manhood and it sprang back upwards. I stepped back and with both hands lifted the bottom of his tee shirt up his lean body and pulled it off his head and arms. I lifted my free hand on to his face and rubbed over his smooth cheek and down on to his lips. I moved back to the sofa and sat down, pulling Tom down next to me.

We were still holding hands and I started to fetch his down on to my chest, the tit that was still in its cup if slightly lower than usual. I pushed his hand on to me, squashing it in to my honeydew melon size tit and it felt so naughty but good.

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Tom had now left his old school and all of his mates and was waiting to start sixth form in a new school after the holidays, so he was finding it quite boring now seeing his mom started working full time. I felt the bulge in his trousers, god it felt so hard and good, and then he went behind Hairy vagina stories to see how to unclip my bra. Tom shuffled his legs off the sofa but still tried to keep sucking on my tit as I tried slipping his trousers down off his hips. It was such an innocent meeting at first; he fetched the empty cups back when I made his mom and some helpers cups of tea when moving in next door.

His hands tighten around my head and I knew then, he was about to come. Then I felt my tee-shirt being pulled upwards, scrapping over my bra and I held my arms out while he remove it. I could feel my tit popping out from the cup of the bra the more I jumped about. His touch was like a shot of lightening shooting up my nipple and through my body, it wanted attention and fast.

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My husband showed less and less interest in me and I admit I let myself go a little, then the boy from next door changed all that. He won and I flopped down on the sofa laughing and all exhausted. We were kissing at last; nothing special at first then I pushed my tongue through his lips. There was no way I was going to let this beautiful long cock out of my mouth and I clamped my other hand around his arse. We kissed for another five minutes before I broke away and stepped back Hairy vagina stories still close enough for our hand to be still on my tit.

Like some wanting woman I pulled my bra straps down and off my hands, fully exposing my big floppy tits to Tom. He was desperate to feel and kiss them, his first time in seeing my naked tits. Just then, I heard the phone, stuff it I thought as I lay there having my nipples sucked and rubbed but it kept ringing.

His touch was electric, he traced his finger around my lip then I sucked on the tip of his finger before kissing it. I felt his other hand on my other tit, gently squeezing it and realised he was a fast learner. I had feelings, sexual feelings running through my body, I wanted to kiss him, was I being stupid to think he wanted me, I was ugly and fat.

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He grabbed my long black hair from around my face so he could watch his cock going in and out of my mouth. Our lips touched then our tongues then our hands were all over each other. He kissed my nipple through my blouse and sucked it in to his mouth; I moaned out and pulled his head in to my big floppy big tit. His pre cum was mixing with my saliva and starting to froth around my lips and his shaft, making a west sloppy noise with every thrust. sociální síť pro dospělé

He stood in front of me and I saw him staring, I looked down and there was the biggest nipples poking my blouse upwards. He looked down and I could see the new excitement in his smile. I moved our hands on to the other side, the tit that fell out from its cup and was still showing a mighty erect nipple through my blouse.

I looked up at the clock, Shit it was time to pick the kiss up from school, where did those last three hours go. He seemed so shy but ever so polite and I learnt he had just turned It was another four days before I spoke to Tom again; he looked lost, hanging about in his back garden so I invited him in for a drink and a chat.

I moved in closer, twisting my head slightly, waiting for our lips to touch, I kissed him then pulled off, our eyes still locked together. I pulled him in to the house, locked the door and dragged him in to the converted garage come TV playroom that had no windows.

My tits were flopping about, moving and rubbing against my bra; this was the most fun and excitement I have felt in some time. I gently pushed my finger between his lips and felt the warm wetness of his tongue and started gently pushing in and out a few times. He just held his hand there, against my tit while he carried on kissing. I heard him gasp then a torrent of virgin cum started to fill my mouth. It started all gentle, playing tennis, then the competition between us picked up, I was having to work harder just to hit the ball back. Hairy vagina stories could taste his young pre cum leaking from his cock and greedily started to thrust back and forth on him up to my hand.

We stood together, still holding hands, no one wanting to let go, we looked in to each other eyes saying nothing. Tom sucked on it good; finding erotic zones I thought was long gone. He kissed down on to my tits, the soft fleshy bit spilling over my bra and then I felt his hands around my back trying in vain to undo my bra. sociální síť pro dospělé

I offered him a game on the Will to cheer him up, which put a smile back on his face and took him in to the garage that we converter in to a TV games room for my four younger children. He went to advantage and served again, by now all I could do was hit the ball and laugh aloud. I brushed over his cock then found and undid the button of his trousers then the zip and started to tug it down. As I slipped his pants down his legs, my face became closer to his cock and I was desperate to touch it.

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We stood kissing, our mouths locked together, just like my very first kiss many years ago and not knowing what to do next. Boy next door fucked my mature hairy pussy Written by nckboyongenre incest I knew I was a bit of a plain Jane, mother of four, slightly overweight and nothing special to look at and only 28 years old.

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He said nothing and I kissed him again, this time I felt his lips move on mine. I felt, he was teasing me, holding back and seeing what I was doing first as I enwind my tongue around his.

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I give it a couple of strokes with my hand then without hesitation fed my mouth over his cock end. I pulled at his belt and undid his trousers then felt the weight of my tits drop as he managed to undo me. Tom took hold of my head and I could feel him starting to thrust his young skinny body in to my face.

He kissed my finger, once then twice then I moved my hand on to the side of his head. He pushed them together and cupped them in his hands, just watching them as he jiggled them about. I held on to his head, pulling us together and he did the same with his hand. I watched as he ran his finger around the cup of my bra and on to the frilly lacy edging that was against my naked breast.

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