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Guys Peeing Stories
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Since I was home schooled until college, it all started in the dorm I lived in at the university I went to. It was an older dorm and the bathroom room had no dividers between the urinals. It started with me just wanting to check out what other guys were packing, but I soon discovered that along with checking out cocks, just watching another guy take a piss was an incredible turn-on for me.

Name: Carolyn

My age: 63
Nationality: Zambian
Color of my iris: Misty hazel green
Music: Opera
Hobbies: Reading
Smoker: No

I've only done it during masturbation and never with my girl.

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By far, my favorite place to cum is all over her face but recently, I asked her to make me cum all over my own face, which she did. Confession Stories Confessions Current: pee. I swallow it sometimes.

Pee confession stories and sins

I confess I'm sexually aroused by women I find attractive who consent to letting me watch them pee. I'm going to try to ask her to pee on me when she's drunk. Fetish facial selffacial selfpee selfpiss. After blasting another load all over her face, we both laid there for a bit to catch our breath looking at each other, both of our faces covered in cum and realized how it would look to the outside world and what a bunch of weirdos we were but still it was sexy to us. Fetish piss pee urinal. Report Please to report.

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Stupidity ooooops! Last time I did it was in a rich neighborhood and really had to go but was waiting for the perfect moment, peed right by their expensive mercedes.

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I have also had many golden showers, which I enjoy as well, but I draw the line at drinking pee, due to a kidney transplant I recieved back in Lovely meal, nice wine etc. Got to give that a try.

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I'm not sure how she'd react but I'd like her to let me video her peeing on me and peeing into her own mouth. I get especially turned on when they pee somewhere other than a toilet, for the sole purpose of letting me watch. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. The taboo, private nature of the act itself, coupled with the naughtiness of peeing where they're not supposed to and the fact that I am the only person who is allowed to see, is highly erotic to me and something I find super intimate.

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Anyway, that's 2 of my most secret kinks. Aside from peeing my pants from time to time, I like to lay on my back and pee all over myself especially all over my own face and in my mouth.

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I have shown my girl a few videos of me cumming on my own face but not the pee ones. I've jokingly told her I want her to pee on me but I think she was not comfortable with the idea.

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Since it would be hard to leave an empty cup at at gym urinals, I lick the splash guard if I see a hot dude take a piss. I like to get it to cover a lot of my face and look in the mirror or take selfies, and lately film the whole thing. Exhibitionism pee.

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I recently did it with my girl and she secretly liked it, I was kind of surprised because she only told me later. We laughed about it and then cleaned up. I give myself facials all the time.

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We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Fetish pee fetish piss peeing pissing goldenshower watersports. Pee Confessions Pee confession stories and sins.

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I positioned myself in a way that she could aim it at my face and off-loaded a solid shots all over my own face, in my hair, everywhere We made out like that and it was so much of a turn on, I stayed hard for round 2. We fucked while I was still covered.

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I love watching straight men take a piss, and even better if I can drink it. You need a Premium to access that feature!

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I wear a dress for this reason with no panties and pee away. You're on 1 2 3 4 5 13 14. I film it nowadays and watch old videos privately. I wish I could drink it all day everyday.

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Since I was home schooled until college, it all started in the dorm I lived in at the university I went to.

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Pee Search.

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Since I was home schooled until college, it all started in the dorm I lived in at the university I went to.

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