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Gorean Slave Story


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Red is for the "pleasure slaves," white for the "reserved" or "virgin" slaves, black for the most menial and usually not sexually attractive "kettle slaves" and so on. Free women are supposed to be rare -- their participation is even prohibited by some Goreans -- but they are fairly common on most of the role-playing sites. A slave "fails" when she is unable to submit herself totally to a man's control, when she rebels against her collar or wants release from her Master.

Bringing people together in gor

People also fight over how much should be allowed for the fact Gorean slave story they are not on Gor but on Earth, and not actually swinging swords on Gorean battlements but talking to one another over a computer network. Role-playing and real-time are on the same level. But Norman's current publisher, Vision Entertainment Ltd. The small New York publisher plans to return six of Norman's Gor novels to print and to publish a new Gor novel "Witness of Gor" by the author, and it has invested heavily in the creation of GOR Magazine, a serialized graphic novelization of Norman's books -- all with Norman's approval and oversight.

That life, she says, left her "unfulfilled as a female, and dissatisfied as a human being. Traditionalists object to things like slaves making disrespectful comments in their "thoughts. The brackets are referred to as the "collar," or "ko'lar" in Gorean parlance, and the initials are the slave's "tag.

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Neither was intended. Then there are the more serious outrages against honor, like warriors pledging allegiance to more than one "Home Stone" the Gor symbol of an independent community or tribeslave girls begging collars from multiple Masters under different slave names and slaves who turn out to be men and Masters who turn out to be women. So if a free woman should make the error of behaving with less than Madonna-like circumspection for example, by flirting too whorishly with a manshe has revealed her fundamental desire to submit to him -- her "instinctive" wish to be mere chattel at the man's mercy -- and thus Gorean slave story her right to remain free.

The narrative tone is at times hilariously bombastic think of the portentous voice-over in the movie version of "Conan the Barbarian"and the story lines, especially in the later installments, are frequently interrupted by long passages of repetitious philosophical blather. They often assume fictional nicknames.

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Their freedom, such as it is, is precarious. But IRC slavery and lifestyle slavery are definitely two different things, says "sura," one of the real-life Gorean slaves whose Master, "Bill," commanded her to speak to me via e-mail.

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Internecine conflict often breaks out within the lifestyler and role-playing communities, too. Bear considers the Internet role players a threat to his way of life. Vision has run into a series of setbacks, however, culminating in a run-in with Canadian customs that scuttled plans to introduce the graphic novelization to the public via an excerpt in Heavy Metal magazine.

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Among Goreans, conflicts about how to interpret and use what Bear reverently refers to as the "source texts" are rampant. Gradually, though, his work fell out of favor -- some say it was spurned by gutless publishers and distributors in spite of audience demand -- and it is largely out of print.

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One of the things that causes most of the doctrinal screaming and carrying on in the role-playing community is the laxness of narrative discipline. Masters and Mistresses free women with slaves take names with capital letters, and slaves' names are all in lowercase, followed by the initials of their Masters in "curly" brackets. But you cannot show a naked lady with her hands tied -- that's 'bondage,' and is not allowed across the border. A great deal of OOC, or "out of character," commentary -- like references to real-life phone calls, the other screen names of a character or a dinner from Taco Bell -- occurs in what is supposed to be, say, a Gorean desert oasis.

5th passage hand, 10, ca, sulport

While some people are blithe or cynical, most role players see the Gorean game as legitimate social interaction that can have real consequences for real people. They hang out in a 'cyber' tavern and get served 'cyber' food and drink. The transition has been difficult for all of them: "Sura has been beaten more times than she cares to count, mostly for displeasing acts; her mouth, actions that belong to only free women, the fear of giving up everything.

I found that a dozen variations on "pert nipples tightening in the chill of the tavern coolery" were Gorean slave story than enough for me to get the idea. A major theme running through the Gor novels, and often echoed in Gor fandom, is that the free women secretly long to be owned by dominant and powerful men. There are free women on Gor -- treasured mothers, sisters, daughters and "Free Companions" to free men -- but they generally sequester themselves with their children at home behind high walls.

They are always subject to being kidnapped by a rival city-state's raiders -- or even outlaws of their own city -- and forced into slavery. The lifestyle Goreans also adhere to other rituals, codes and precepts of the fictional Gor, and community sites such as Silk and Steel and the Gorean Public Boards and individual offerings such as the Slave Siren's serve as an important means of education, fellowship and recruitment to the lifestyle. On Gor, only the slave women completely indulge their sexuality; free women are supposed to maintain a chilly dignity.

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They were not written to be a lifestyle guide. S ome slaves also identify their "caste color," or the color of the "silks" worn by each different kind of slave. This shadow planet's gravity is weaker than ours, which probably s for the preternatural perkiness of all the women's breasts in the books' illustrations.

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In the online role-playing community there are literalists, traditionalists, liberals, sophists and the Gorean equivalents of dervishes, charismatics, voodooists and snake handlers. The basic Gorean culture is modeled on the ancient city-states of Greece and Asia Minor, but there are variants of other cultures, too, like the Mongols, the Vikings, the Inuit and various African tribes. His chair dominates the living area and the "girls" kneel on the floor. Yet today, despite the fact that most of the series is no longer available except in secondhand stores the first Gorean slave story books were recently rereleased by erotica publisher Masquerade Press but met with retailer resistanceGor has experienced a huge revival in the virtual world of online role-playing and, perhaps most surprising in this post-feminist era, also serves as the philosophical template for a self-styled community of "lifestyle Goreans," who enthusiastically embrace and practice consensual female slavery in their everyday lives.

There are also dramatic incidents in the books in which a free woman, overcome with lust for some heroic muscleman, throws off Gorean slave story robes, falls naked to her knees and begs the man to put his collar around her neck and his brand upon her thigh. No naive schoolgirl, sura had been in the military and was a police officer for 16 years.

You can show a naked lady. This is not great literature, and even Norman's most avid fans admit that the writing itself leaves a lot to be desired. The other, his slave for about a year so far, is married to another man, and she and Bear are only occasionally able to see each other in real life with the full knowledge and sanction of her husband. In spite of the books' reputation as male-centric erotic literature, there are, surprisingly, no really explicit sexual passages, and several of the books are written from a female point of view, tracing the characters' acceptance of the "paradox of the collar," that is, the "inner liberation" women find in a life of utter obedience to a masterful man.

To say that none of this matters because it is only a game in cyberspace is to misunderstand the nature and meaning of these interactions and relationships. Real-time has no special claim on the books.

Bringing people together in gor

She's usually stripped of her face veils and slapped into chains forthwith. E ven taking into consideration that many online role players use multiple names, there have to be thousands of virtual Goreans, and it is unusual for any fan base of that size to be left untapped in today's cutthroat publishing industry.

There is, sura says, little furniture in the Master's house.

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Enslave us, properly, so that we may love you as women are meant to love, wholly and unreservedly, totally, without a thought for ourselves! Most of the cyber "furring" occurs in private channels and via Instant Message. And they spend great amounts of time detailing -- in the flowery language of 19th century potboilers -- their ritual "serves" of food and beverages, complete with lowered he, trembling lips, wide and worshipful eyes and so on.

There is a kind of continuous holy war going on over what constitutes Gorean orthodoxy and non-Gorean heresy, and not only between the lifestylers and the role players.

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Whatever its narrative shortcomings, Norman's politically incorrect world was once enormously popular. The Gorean virtual slaves usually portray themselves as childlike: young, giggly and gorgeous. Virtually collared by her Master last year after being abandoned by another, she moved in with him and his other slave girls, "feli" and "ciosa," about three weeks ago.

There are some common ritual requirements for most Gorean role-playing venues. One of the slaves has lived with him and his wife for the past eight years.

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Contemptuous rhetoric flows freely in all directions, and the faithful are exhorted and admonished, chaffed, chivied, reprimanded -- and regularly excommunicated from one sect, only to another. The majority of online interactions in role-playing Gorean chat rooms and IRC Internet Relay Chat channels have some sort of sexual or flirtatious subtext, although surprisingly little explicit cybersex occurs publicly in Gorean venues, unlike in many other straightforwardly prurient Internet hot spots.

Hundreds of thousands of copies of his books were sold, and they were translated into several languages. He is married to a "free companion" and has two female slaves. The Gor society on the Internet is in many ways a microcosm of society in general, complete with Gorean slave story conflicts, "in" groups and "out" groups, wars and rumors of wars, hoaxes, celebrities, propaganda, changing fashions, romance, boredom and widespread emotional misadventure arising from both virtual iniquity and actual crimes.

It is at least as serious a matter to most of them as the arts and professional sports are for people who follow them. This, the novels say -- and say and say and say again -- is the proper and rightful state of things because it is in consonance with the true evolved nature of the sexes.

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In Gor's violent, low-tech society, men are Men and women are slaves. It is also no accident that the vast majority of lifestyle Goreans started out as role players. I started to tune them out and spent more time enjoying the less repetitious activity and interaction with the Free Persons. The fights are mostly over matters of interpretation, definitions of terms, what a particular reference from the books means in context, whether free women should be allowed to drink in a tavern, whether "no kill zones" are legitimate, how much "respect" -- if any -- a master should show a slave and so on.

That of woman is at the foot of man," Tarl Cabot thinks while training his slave girl in Gorean slave story of Gor. Beginning with the first book in the series, "Tarnsman of Gor"Norman has spun tales of the planet Gor, also known as "Counter-Earth" because it occupies a position in our solar system exactly opposite us on the other side of the sun.

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Under Canadian customs law, according to Darrell Benvenuto at Vision Entertainment, "You can show a lady with her hands tied. But the main schism within Gor fandom is between the role-playing Goreans and the tiny minority of real-time lifestyle Goreans, and it is a bitter split indeed. The virtual cities, taverns, camps, caves and castles are often at war with each other, and the excitement of these virtual "raids" can add to a slow night at the Web site. Bear has "collared" and later dismissed other women, who have lasted, on average, about one to three years.

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Luther's idea that the lifestylers have made a "special claim" on the books is revealing. For many online Goreans, their "play" is a deeply meaningful enhancement to their real life, in which they try out different roles, experiment with their sexuality and test-drive a philosophy. Failure is possible only on Earth, because on Gor slavery is not consensual, as it has to be here.

So anything outside the books has the same validity.

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Born in Sulport, the daughter of Hersius and Sayen, younger sister to Emmerich, 23 years ago, I write this journal in hopes of finding myself once again.

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