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Girls Locker Room Stories


Matt Gilligan. As a male, our locker rooms growing up in school were filled with pranks, fights, and the usual debauchery.

Name: Janka

How old am I: I'm 38 years old
My hair: I've lustrous white hair
What is my favourite drink: White wine
My hobbies: Hunting
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Share This Article Facebook. As I left the locker room I saw her stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, take off every towel, squat down on the floor, spread-eagle, and do push-ups in front of the mirror. Nothing like the taste of sweaty feet after a workout, apparently. After we won a game, we were obviously celebrating and in the showers this guy on the team starts doing this Irish jig naked and soaking wet, while the rest of the team is doing the ole chant.

She would pick a person, zone in on them, and serenade them with these unintelligible hymns. Warner Bros.

20 embarrassing things that happen in every girl’s locker-room

DIY nipple-piercing. This wouldn't be so bad if she ever washed them and didn't openly talk about and show off the yeast infections that would break out under her breasts. We all ended up smelling like prepubescent boys.

Want to be the first to see product recommendations, style hacks, and beauty trends? He was quite hairy, and he was letting all of the hair trimmings just drop down onto the floor. And so much more.

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Used tampons on the ceiling. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever witnessed. The smell still haunts me.

21 women share the craziest things they've seen happen in the locker room.

Their lessons ended the same time the senior citizen aquatic class ended. After this person grew tired of playing around with the skiddy skivvies, they decided to fling them over the lockers. When we walked into the locker room I saw two ladies sitting on the pebbled cement floor stark-naked, facing each other, and painting each other's toenails.

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She always had a towel around her waist which would confuse me, knowing that she was obviously comfortable swinging her boobs around all over the place. I wanted to go back to the kiddie lockers.

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He eventually got caught. A few of my teammates once had a queefing contest in the locker room, for instance.

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They could do it on command, very impressive. Thumbnail from Thinkstock.

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Think you've witnessed some out-of-control locker room behavior?

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Soon after boys locker room became public, there have been people questioning similar girls locker rooms.

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I mean, can you imagine a woman trying to ask questions in a locker room filled with a lot of guys?

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Coach Klein blew the whistle, aling the end of practice for the day.

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