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Girlfriend Revenge Stories


Break-ups suck. Like really suck.

Name: Mallissa

Age: I am 69
Ethnic: I'm russian
Eyes: Dark gray eyes
My gender: I'm fem
What I prefer to listen: Techno
In my spare time I love: Yoga
I like tattoo: None

You name it, it was replaced with a clown picture. Not just a one-time one-night-stand with after too much to drink, which I would have still been angry about but could have probably gotten over, but repeatedly with more than one woman.

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At the beginning of the third year, she, unfortunately, went blind. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. I was venting to my brother about this and told him about how I planned to move out while The Butthead was out on a week-long business trip.

That is until she had to go home Utah for a family emergency.

Family troubles

This site uses cookies for that are not for personalization. She had cheated on me with four people during the first semester then hooked up with a guy the night we broke up. She was gorgeous, smart, funny, the total package After about a month or so I told her that I was developing feelings for her and I was willing to take a chance, on being just a one-woman guy.

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Cindy was my first real girlfriend and I was a victim of being blinded by what I thought was love. I listened quietly, then said you did screw up but you know what? I mean everything from wiping her butt to getting her a glass of water and everything in between.

People share their most savage revenge stories after being cheated on

Anyway, I did absolutely everything for her. At that time replacement or where new soldiers come into an Army post was located in the same barracks. She had to gain a certain level of independence in order to attend, and with my help, she was accepted. I suspected her of cheating on me several times at this point. We hit it off.

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The clowns ranged from average clown to nightmare-fuel hellspawn. The entire first semester is rough for me. With my help, she eventually adjusted as much as would be expected.

People share the best revenge they got on their cheating partner

We framed most of the stuff in some super cheap plastic frames. Not just a little uncomfortable, but super-hardcore-to-the-max terrified of them.

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She said she had never felt this way about anyone, and I said in my mind and to married friends, wow this is how it really supposed to be right. But I was a dog that told the truth. She goes to school and within 24 hours decides to break up with me.

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It worked for me as many a girl said that I was a challenge that they were willing to take. I was a young single E5 in Germany for two years and for my first year in Hawaii, I was having fun with a capital F. Well, fast forward I meet this girl in Hawaii. Two months later we were married and before our first anniversary, we had our first. It was her first day in Hawaii as an operating room Tech in the Army. We managed to move all of my stuff out pretty quickly, which gave us a lot of time to get things set up for my ex. We were both devastated and the next two months were very difficult, to say the least.

Do you want lies with that?

I called her one day and a boy an old flame answered the phone. But no matter how severe the cheating, many partners have zero tolerance for it. Others we laminated. Not even a good week later, I met my now wife of 35 years. I later heard that the shower incident happened after a lot of alcohol was involved, but really it does not matter. We put all of his original artwork and DVDs in the basement, off the ground and protected from damage. I told her to come get the rest of her stuff from my place.

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I have a few too many drinks one night and all my frustrations from the last two years got the best of me and called her a cheating bleep. I also took about 10 of his favorite movies that he had on DVD and replaced them with home-burned DVDs that had clown footage. Ranging from really small wallet-sized ones to big poster-sized prints. I throw her crap out in the yard and kick her out.

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While she is there I delete her text to speech app from her phone. Not long after my now-wife and I started dating I was pulling CQ or charge of quarters when all of a sudden my ex-girlfriend shows up. We fight the entire time she was home during the break.

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She even admitted to cheating before she went blind. That had me messed up for a while but it is satisfying knowing she wore the shirts and advertised her cheating ways for the whole world to see. And they seem to be the most likely to cheat again. I call her up and she tells me everything I need to know. A semester goes by and I never hear from her until she breaks up with this guy and moves back home. We took down every single framed picture and put up framed clown pictures. Now for the Revenge part kinda sorta maybe. The first year was ok other than her being childish and controlling.

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Learn how Metaspoon, Google and our partners collect and use data. While we were setting this up, I went a step further and changed the wallpaper on his desktop computer to a clown.

People share the best revenge they got on their cheating partner

These people tend to feel little to no guilt after cheating, no matter how great and stable their current relationship is. She comes home to gets her things and moves out of my house and into an apartment with a guy from school the next week. I, of course, was upset. It was only recently I learned that she wore at least two of the shirts I wrote on out in public. Learn more about how we use cookies. She was pretty happy too and said she wanted to be just with me.

Nine must-read revenge stories from women who were cheated on

She then kinda smiled. Now, we were together a little over 6 months. Myspace was still a thing at this time so I posted all kinds of stuff about her being a cheater. Some will simply end the relationship. Attractive, funny, good job, owned a home.

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We got in contact with our local dhs office and with there help we got the ball rolling on getting her enrolled in a school for the blind in Chicago. I never told one of the many, many girls I dated I loved them or that I was going to marry them. We met because I had sworn off girls all my soldiers laughed when I said this and I was actually playing basketball in the middle of the quadrangle where the barracks were. Pictures on the walls, art prints, photographs in frames on tables.

People share their most savage revenge stories after being cheated on

This is when it really goes downhill. We talk through it and stay together.

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He had one of those attic accesses that you have to pull down on and a ladder descends. I pay all the bills and give her spending money and buy train tickets back and forth all the while she never wants me to come to visit, seems fishy to me. You see, he was scared of clowns.

15 revenge photos and stories from people who really wanted to say f*** you to their ex

She was a former model and had everything going for her. But surrounded by giant clown posters of Pennywise and the like. I would just smile and nod my head. One of them several times. It was a couple of weeks later she finally admits everything after denying it for months. A week into the second semester we barely talk.

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Cheaters are some of the worst people on the earth!

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Maybe they dumped us without warning or broke our hearts by cheating on us.

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This might be the most insane revenge story ever.

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And although we'd usually eat up anything with Kate's name attached to it, we have a feeling most of you won't be lining up on opening night to see a movie about three girls who set out to get revenge on the guy they're all dating.

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