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Girlfriend Haircut Story


This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. Michael's flat top by Paul Haberman As Micheal approached the stool, adrenaline began to rush through his veins. Khloe had never cut his hair before. He was hoping that Khloe could cut it the way he wanted it. Topically, his mother took him to chain haircutting places.

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My hair had been longish for a long time, and I hadn't shaved my beard in almost 15 years -- so I pleaded with Kim to find another way to settle the bet. She said, "OK, here we go!

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Sara said, "are you sure that you want it cut like that? Kim was a school teacher and hadn't been out in the sun too much.

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Then Sara told me that she wasn t finished yet. I woke up Saturday morning, stood in front of the mirror, combed my hair, and stroked my beard, which was a bit bushier than normal I usually kept it neatly trimmed. I love this story!

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Then she did the same to my right ear it sure felt strange not having my hair over my ear, let alone not even touching my ear. Please have a part 2 by Anon on 01 Dec We said hello to each other and I noticed that she had a really mischievious smile on her face. Sara then lathered my face and shaved it smooth, except for the moustache and goatee.

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Using the scissors and comb technique, Sara had soon given me a short business man s haircut. My hair was fairly long, almost completely covering my hears and hanging over my collar in the back -- and I had a full beard on top of that.

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I heard a strange buzzing noise and then felt the clippers on the back of my neck. This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. I asked Kim what kind of cut that she had in mind, and she told me that she would think about it and that she would call Sara and tell her how to cut my hair -- and that I would not find out until Sara finished with my haircut.

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She did leave a bit of a moustache and goatee, although it was trimmed very short. I was hoping that Kim would only have Sara give me a bit of trim instead of doing something drastic.

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But she said that a bet was a bet, and not being one to try to weasel out on a bet, I said that I would keep the appointment with Sara. Then she used the scissors and comb to blend in my hair on top of my head.

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Her hair was shoulder length and I had been trying to convince to get it cut in a short, cropped, boyish style. I started to get a little worried, then I had to go on an extended business trip for a couple of weeks We were cooking out on the 4th, and Kim told me that she would make an appointment for me on the following Saturday with her niece Sara, who was a hairdresser.

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I got to the salon and Sara had just finished her appointment. But I was shocked when Sara took her scissors and cut the hair completely around and over my left ear. When she let me look in the mirror I hardly recognized myself.

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I worked inside, but had managed to get a decent tan since I was outside in the sun quite a bit outside of work. I sat down in the chair and she told me that she had talked to Kim earlier and that Kim had told her how I wanted my hair cut.

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So this was a bet that I was sure to win By early June I was way ahead in the contest, but then school let out and Kim started spending a lot of time in the pool. I could feel the clippers going up a few inches on the back of my head.

So here was our bet: it was the middle of May, and we said that we'd have a contest to see who could get the best suntan by July 4 -- and the loser had to get their haircut in a style selected by the winner. She let me look at it and it did look pretty good, and I told Sara that I like it.

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I thought that she was finished, but then she took the clippers and began running them over the sides of my face so I knew that my beard was no longer there. Then she ran the clippers over my left ear, then my right ear. She had been wanting me to get a shorter haircut too, and to go for a goatee instead of the full beard.

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