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Girl Laxative Story


I had always been an active child — biking, swimming, running, sailing, ice skating — you name it I did it. I never struggled with exercise. I did, however, struggle with my diet. However, after my freshman year, I narrowed it down specifically to field hockey.

Name: Valida

My age: I'm 21 years old
Zodiac sign: Taurus
What is my favourite drink: Absinthe
I like to listen: Latin
Smoker: No

Little did I know That every time I went to the toilet the little git was pouring laxative in to my beer.

Crikey embarrassing student stories

I was chatting away and showing of when suddenly, without warning I shat myself. I never knew what was going on. A few rows back from us there were two girls sitting giggling and pointing at us. And he was a bloody good artist.

It turned out that whilst I was comatose on Saturday night, my room mate had very skilfully drawn a huge cock and balls on the back of my head in permanent marker. I was trying all evening to be on my best behaviour and generally to make a lasting impression.

Diarrhoea stories

We all knocked around together over the next week, getting pissed and checking out the night life. Have you read our Magazine? My room mate had a massive smirk on his face and all of a sudden I felt paranoid. There were seven, six bedroom houses and everyone got on brilliantly.

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As I pushed open the unlocked door just about ready to drop my load who should be sat on the toilet seat in front of me with their knickers round her ankles; her mum. Before you go! On the Saturday night before I went out I gave my self a fresh Crew Cut and had a shave, ready to hit the town and check out the ladies. I was so embarrassed.

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Two weeks later we had a house party and I was getting pretty hammered. A full on pony! This girl was wetting herself. I had to wait, bright red, with the bogey on my chest while my mate went to get me some tissue from one of the toilets.


During my second year at college I had been dating a girl for about two months and things were going well, really well. Before I could do anything I needed some clean pants to change in to. We got to our first class and sat down at one of the desks. My mate instantly let out a high pitched laugh which got the attention of the girl we were trying to impress, along with a few other people.

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Not just a little bit. The whole time the girl was chuckling away. He made me wait 15 minutes while he told everyone before he gave me it back. During our new Lecturers introduction I was surprised at how much they were giggling.

Nicole ignored the cashier’s odd looks, scoffed down the healthy treats, and headed to poundland – and things went downhill from there

I stood there completely frozen for what felt like an eternity with neither of us saying a single word to each other then I simply pulled the door shut and calmly walked away and into the male toilets. I am still with the same girl now and this incident has never been brought up…. We used to freely wander in and out of each others houses and no one was bothered. Read now. I said hello and they said hi, whilst almost wetting themselves laughing. Due to being caught up in the moment on how well the evening was going I accidentally walked into the ladies bathroom without thinking or looking at the door and headed for the nearest cubicle.

Pics: this woman's horror story about taking laxatives in a public place is hilarious

I nudged my room mate to let him know that we were being checked out, but before we could do anything our Lecturer had turned up. At break time we went outside for a fag and about a minute later the two giggling girls came out.

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Lost your password? I legged it to the toilet to clean up but it was carnage. Log In Register.

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I lived in a student cul de sac. When I first started college I moved in to the halls of residence a week early to try and get to know a few people before the start of the first semester. I waddled through a crowd of people to get to my room only to find that the little bastard had locked my room and hidden the key. Unsurprisingly, I never did pull her.

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Even though I got him back, I never managed to come up with a prank as good as that one he pulled on me. This however led to pranks.

Hannah’s recovery story

After about an hour of knocking back shots I was sick and went home to bed. I spent most of Sunday in bed nursing my hang over and mentally preparing myself for my first day of college. My room mate gave me a hat out of his bag and I shook his hand and declared a prank war. When I finally saw the back of my head in a mirror I was amazed at how detailed it was. When I was in my second year at College. Mainly between me and one other lad who lived two doors down.

After spending the afternoon with them, strolling through the city getting to know them some more they took us both out for a nice meal in the evening to a really posh restaurant.

Pics: this woman's horror story about taking laxatives in a public place is hilarious

When I found out it was him, I sneaked in to his house while he was asleep, and shaved a bald spot off the back of his head monk style. It all started when he used to sneak in to my room when I was asleep and pour small amounts of ice cold water over my face and then hide when I woke up.

Nearing the end of the first term her parents came up for the weekend to visit and naturally wanted to meet me and I thought the time was right to meet them too.

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She went into a Holland and Barrett to pick something up for her mum, then thought as she was in a health food shop she would get something for herself.

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This girl.

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Someone tweeted a warning about it the other day.

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Strap yourselves in, because this story is somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster.