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Giantess Toilet Story


Adeline since her child hood had fantasies about shrinking her boy friends to enable her to tease and taunt them before swallowing them whole. She was unable to forget these feelings and grew up with these thoughts. As a result she conducted experiments with live prey such as gold fish and small birds to satisfy this urge to eat a human male, this helped her to experience the feeling of having something inside her throat whilst still alive and the intense sexual fulfillment as the hapless subject landed in her stomach ready to be consumed by her acidic digestive process. Adeline found out through surfing the web that others shared in her fantasy mostly men, she found a forum that contained stories written by these other vore fans and decided to write a few of her own stories. It was a chance for her to write about her fantasies regarding eating a male subject, she found Giantess toilet story past experiences very useful in describing the whole swallowing process and subsequent digestion of her chosen quarry.

Name: Muire

Age: 26
Ethnicity: American
I prefer: Hetero
Eyes: Lively green
My sex: Girl
Favourite drink: Gin
In my spare time I love: I like hunting
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Sort by: Best match Most recent. Then again, whether it's scho I carefully lifted the huge beer, the size of a two-liter soda bottle - and heavier still from the thick glass mug it had been poured into.

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I'd seen some of the male staff in the bar carry them one-handed - with some effort - but not me. Black and a soft lavender alternate all the way up to just Lana sat in a small clearing in a forest next to the smoldering remains of a campfire. Let's get this done with. They're striped, of course, like all of my favorite socks.

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They were doing seismic tests for oil. Arin h Her pale flesh shudders with joy, covered in goosebumps as she hisses in delight.

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Her mind was racing as she recalled the night before; the night she had caught her 4 inch tall son Luke spying on her while she masturbated on her bed She remembered the shock at discovering her diminutive son sprawled out amongs her most depraved The Stranger in the woods 1 Emma Pinkerton never married. The only problem was her brother Lea: he'd attended the first part of a meeting with her that afternoon, and split off from her around four to get some food.

With a huge effort, Arin stepped aboard the small square craft, floating about ankle-height off the raised walkway. Giantess Toilet Stories 40.

Giantess toilet stories

No, not sickeningly petite Annabeth, whose hands were even smaller than one would think for a five-foot-tall girl who did Anne sat in a daze at the breakfast table, her thick auburn hair a wild mess and her eyes unfocused. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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A voice invaded her thoughts, and thanks to dream logic she was suddenly certain of three things: she was called "The Shieldmaiden," who had lost SmutMD Log in. Chapter 1: Mandatory 'choose your path' chapter The alarm in your phone goes off and you groggily wake up with a long yawn. This isn't what the story's about, but socks always excite me and it's something I feel like sharing anyhow.

You actually had a good night's rest, so technically you're all in good health to face the day, though that doesn't mean you're terribly excited about it if it's some boring stuff, like one more school day. On Off. Arin's Birthday Party Pt. It was almost nine o'clock at night, and she needed to get back to her airship.

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Not because she didn't want to or had no interest in forming long-lasting relationships, over the years she had had quite a few short affairs but nothing seemed to come of them, there was no fire between her and anyone else and at fifty-two Emma was reed to the fact that she may never find the r Under the cover of darkness. She realized that she was in a dream when she saw her clothes: thick iron armor, with a large sword, shield, and horned helmet. I got some new socks yesterday.

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All together I got seven new pairs, but I think my favorite ones are the ones I'm wearing right now. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

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A story where one young man grows up, finding out that he has a condition that makes him gradually shrink while excited and though he may find means to help regulate it, so do women who may stay around him too long.

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You open your eyes and take a look around.

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It's been months since I was reduced to this size, roughly two inches in height.