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Filipina Genie tf story pick friend to dances

Genie Tf Story
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Name: Kaye

What is my age: 36
Figure features: My figure features is skinny
Favourite drink: Brandy
My hobbies: Looking after pets
Stud: None
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Published: Dec 1st, Tags: genie 1 feline 0 magic 0 male 0 cat 0 cheetah 0. With the help of his roommate and a couple wishes, things start to change. Include Tags.

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Disturbing Family Heritage by kevinrooste. Smaller episodes of genie Lei's continued schemes This time, she decides to start a stud farm. Idea inspired by, beta read and collaborated on with Tomhur www.

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Cheeting Genie by Diffman. Published: Aug 30th, Tags: cuntboy 2 transgender 1 genie 1 male cunts 1 magic 1 tftg 1 mtf 1.

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Published: Jan 1st, Tags: dog 0 heat 0 transgender 0 mating 0 wish 0 genie 0 drunk 0. Published: Mar 28th, Last Updated: Apr 1st, Tags: dog 4 transgender 2 wish 1 tg 1 m-f 1 halloween 0 mischief 0 genie 0 mtf 0 djinn 0 magic 0 chronicles 0. Two college girls think they have escaped a bad frat party. A disgruntled Arabian Genie works his magic to do physical harm to a man, his wife, and son, making a ripple in their family's heritage Rated X. Published: Oct 30th, Tags: body swap 0 inanimate transformation 0 female 0 wishing 0 wish 0 ctf 0 magic 0 college 0 lesbian 0 female on female 0 inanimate 0 Genie tf story 0 genie 0 magical transformation 0.

Published: Jan 26th, Tags: genie 0 taunting 0 mating 0 unwilling 0 feral 0 willing 0 donkey 0 messy 0 mtf 0 wishes 0.

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Meanwhile, an old face from Racheal's past rears its ugly head once more, spelling consequences noone could have foreseen! Purple Pleasures: Late night encounters by kayemarquet. Clear Filters Set Filters.

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Cat Genie by Janus. Published: Nov 22nd, Tags: genie 2 magic 2 transgender 1 feline 1 accidental 1 cat 1 anthro 0. Shell in a Cell by Oneaboveall. Filled with domination, body swapping, pussy eating, and a CTF for good measure.

Genie tf sequence

Along with some changes. Published: Jan 25th, Last Updated: Jun 28th, Tags: devisive -1 magic 0 transformation 0 girlfriends 0 equine 0 stallion 0 donkey 0 great dane 0 charm 0 genie 0 mare 0 bull 0 breeding 0 curse 0 wishes 0 heifer 0 bestiality 0 pony 0 jennet 0.

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Continuing Lei's journey, she finds a boy down on his luck. An Entry in my Magical Consequences Series.

The transformation genie

After finding a magical wishing ring, two female college roommates take a bad night, and turn it into one they will never forget. Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Purple Pleasures - Part 1 by kayemarquet.

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Published: Jan 5th, Tags: deer 2 transgender 1 udder 1 dog 1 cow 1 breeding 0 knotting 0 feral 0 forced change 0 milk 0 genie 0 mating 0 magic 0 cervine 0. But reading them all in order will show a larger story arc.

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Only to discover that their night was only just beginning. Racheal, still bitter about her friends disappearing, finds friendship in the most unexpected of places. Published: Jan 13th, Tags: genie 0 horse 0 magic 0 breeding 0 messy 0.

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Purple Pleasures: Student Unions by kayemarquet. An illegal voyeur gets his wish, but not what he was expecting.

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The first in the new series that follows a recently summoned genie, Lei, as she reeks havoc on a small college town As for how it starts, that's what you get here. Hide Works-in-Progress.

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The Amulet-The Price of Power by wallace Rated R. Published: Jul 30th, Tags: amulet 0 genie 0 femaletransformation 0 part of series 0. Each story is written to stand on it's own without reading the others. Something of an off-shoot to the on-going series.

Published: Mar 23rd, Last Updated: Mar 23rd, Tags: genie 1 transgender 0 lesbian 0 ftm 0 milking 0 masturbation 0 oral sex 0 drugs 0 cow 0 wish 0 magic 0.

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This animation was made by Thumbeh, an amazing 3D blender animation maker who specializes in genification animations.

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Eric gaped at the apparition floating before him.

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You find a lamp.

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General Rating.