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Gay Gaining Weight Stories
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This was all some joke and he could work off the gut in a few weeks. He had just put on, what, 50 pounds, and his friend just acted like it was normal. Did you not eat or drink enough or something? When the lonely gay boy wishes for his dream man, what extent will he go to to fulfill his desires? Looking out the car window again, Sirus realized they were home.

Of course I drive it! Sirus had a belly, there was no doubt about that, but he looked more chubby than anything. Did you make sure the camera got all of my reps? It was like this was normal, which almost made it worse for the once fit lad. Waddling, wait was he waddling? Should be finished any second now. As a result, it was hard for him to build new muscle when there was barely any fat on him to begin with. He let out a deep belch, surprised he had that in him from such a light meal.

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Sirus rested his hands on his abs to rub the bloat down, but doing so felt unfamiliar. Sirus and Keith just continued to eat lunch, though Sirus felt more bloated than usual for some reason. You got too busy to come to the gym. He looked down and saw that the bags of food were all empty.

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Well, fat was exaggerating it a bit. His indulgence was cut back, though, as Keith placed a tray of food down in front of Sirus.

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Too much was going on. The black waves crashed against the dark sand, making noise no one would hear. Glad your stomach decided to say something now instead of when we were pulling in at home.

Gay weight gain stories

No one, except for the witch who lived at this beach. Why did his pecs feel so soft? No one would mess with my territory but those stupid enough to challenge me.

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He chewed and swallowed, either because he was submitting to his fate or because he wanted to breathe. Sirus sat back in the white plastic chair and sighed. He remembered piecing the car back together on his own, buying each part and learning how to properly put them back in to make the motor run.

Sirus and Keith sat down their bags, saving a spot as they went to get food for themselves. Adamba stared over the railing of her deck and cackled quietly. Had he just blanked out? Sighing, he was relieved he had enough time to collect himself. King of the Beach - Dashawn is excited to start the summer with his friends, but what happens when his god complex is taken to a new, literal level? A few even encouraged him to put on more weight.

The Boardwalk - Ryan loves the boardwalk, so he decides to take a run there on vacation. And what did he mean by saying Sirus was the only one who makes money? Sirus was about to argue with Keith more, but realized he was already in the car driving home in the passenger seat with Keith. You ate a lot. Gotta put some stuff on Instagram to keep the followers satisfied. Shortly after, Sirus posed, flexing his well defined muscles at the best angles. Oh my dear, sweet assistant. Sirus got up on his own fine, taking a few seconds to adjust to his new frame.

He felt a handful of fries go in his mouth but never wanted to move his hands. Keith Gay gaining weight stories a job at the gym, and he had no reason to quit. What kind of hell world had he been transported to? The rest of the food looked too greasy for you.

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Sirus was in awe, too shocked to be mad at Keith. Each story will be just like my regular stories, but these will all take place in the same setting. However, Keith stopped Sirus as he was walking to get his lunch. What he did feel, though, was a rumble in his stomach.

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He was physically healthy, financially well off, and, most importantly, incredibly hot. Get some pictures of me now. The two traveled to the expansive cafeteria, windows acting as a wall on their left side while a mural of sports and exercises painted their right side. Suddenly he got an idea, pulling out his phone and going to his Instagram. My arms are still sore. Have a look at what you should be expecting! pounds (): darren mark wright: books

He had photo evidence that he was fit and healthy there. Chugging back the rest of his vitamin water, Sirus set the plastic bottle down before feeling a strange pressure in his stomach.

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He was too lost to tell, glad Keith helped him out of the car and into the house. Did it always look that big? Sirus was in shock. You sure you wanna keep going? Wish - Brian is on vacation with his group of friends, all of them female. She gazed over the empty bar of sand, watching it carefully. As far as he was concerned, he was living the good life. To say Sirus was ripped would be an insult, for he was far more than that.

The young 21 year old had been lifting to build his body ever since freshman year of high school, and it showed. Sirus loved how open and active this gym felt. You put on weight. Was he being set up? Whenever he walked down the streets, girls and guys alike turned their head at the slightest of glances at his body. Why had he given up so easily?

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Maybe this was just a strain of bad luck; an allergic reaction he overreacted to. Still confused? Sirus lifted up his tight fitting black shirt and felt his abs with his hand, feeling himself grow hard at the touch of his similarly hard abs. A chicken salad sandwich, some vitamin water and a zero calorie yogurt rested on the metal plate. Beach Pics - Matt loves to show of his body, but when his phone starts to act up after his friend takes a photo of him he may have to adjust to a new lifestyle.

And did his chin always scrunch up when he looked down at his gut? Defined biceps, thighs and pecs already made Sirus attractive enough, but his stunning eight pack is what he prided himself on. Though most people joke about having veins on your veins, they might not have been joking when they told Sirus that. Rubbing his gut, Sirus looked down at it.

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It stretched his shirt so that it showed off every pound, almost like his stomach was proud of itself, wanting to be seen by the world.

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