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I'm Gainer stories male for chica who loves dancers

Gainer Stories Male
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Tolsty just wants to get laid, why does every guy have to be so shallow? Sure he'd gained the freshman 15, er, 40, but he was cute! What will happen when his crush Noka has a different opinion of his body?

Name: Ailsun

How old am I: 31
Ethnic: English
Hair color: Short straight auburn hair
Body features: I'm quite thin

While Carl was a behemoth of a man, Dom was a slender pounds. He waddled into the dining room and sat down on a reinforced seat, his gut resting on his lap. Tyler hung his coat up, revealing a blue shirt which was having a hard job staying buttoned up. He used to be a star athlete, winning medals and trophies across the world. Heaving himself off the sofa, he waddled to the kitchen.

Instead of returning to the world of sport, he used his savings to live life as lavishly as possible.

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He leaned back on his chair, which was at breaking point, and rubbed his stomach. He had spent the last few years improving his culinary skills for his fat boy, and the showed! He slowly made his way to the front door, unlocked it and went inside. One of those benefits was frequent business trips, all expenses paid. He always stood with his rotund gut pushed out, forcing it into the eyeline of everyone around him. Slice after slice was stuffed into his mouth, barely chewing.

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All thirty-two teeth sparkled like the sun, and he was a man who loved to smile. Who would knowingly say something negative about their boss? His belly stuck further out in front of him, his face rounder and fatter than ever. The waffles went down faster than the pancakes, and he worked his way over to the toast. Plates filled with sausage, bacon and eggs. He rose up the ranks at the law firm he worked for, which meant higher pay and more benefits.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Delicious waffles covered with chocolate sauce. He was also an incredibly large, beautiful man. He kept himself well-tailored and well-grommed, but Jake only saw the giant belly hanging from him. After his injury healed, he was fat and happy!

He was even larger than Tyler, if that was to be believed. A huge stack of toast slathered with butter. His dark hair and beard were neatly trimmed, and his stomach was poking out below a video game t-shirt. According to his friends and co-workers, Tyler carried himself with confidence and pure joy - very few people had a bad thing to say about him. He looked more like a man who had a beer belly, not the monstrous gut he possessed now. Eventually, they decided to take things a bit slower.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was their one year wedding anniversary, and Carl had planned a huge meal for the two of them. His roommate, formerly a star football player, had piled on the pounds thanks to his loving wife. Carl primarily worked at home, but he established connections with a few video game developers in the area.

They wanted to maintain some mobility, and they were both at a weight they were happy with. A stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup. This man looked oddly familiar.

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Not to mention he was now the head of his own law firm! Jake had worked at his local buffet for a month now, and he noticed the same man visit three times a week. A large man huffed and puffed his way across the hotel lobby, walking the fastest he possibly could. The fat man woke up, his belly rumbling. Tyler was a much bigger man than he was three years ago. His belly strained the buttons of his white shirt, and he took up far more room in an elevator than his college self would. Feeling the excess butter go down his throat made him feel excited. The sausages were demolished pretty quickly too, and finally it was time for the eggs.

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He bounced between jobs, often quitting when things got too hard or getting fired for his behaviour. He had grown a faint beard, which did nothing to hide his rounded face and added chins. Shooting him an evil glare, she shuffled away. He carried his weight well; he kept his looks stylish with waistcoats, suspenders and suits that were perfectly tailored to his body. I Gainer stories male being fat, and I loved others being fat.

Nowadays he weighed in at around pounds, his washboard abs replaced by a huge, rounded belly. Carl stepped off the scales. This was a typical breakfast for him. Eventually, Tyler got a new job in Connecticut and the couple moved into a house together. The large man turned and looked briefly at Tyler, before turning back to stare at him. Why did he recognise him? Things were difficult at first; after all, they lived in different states. He got to work on the mountain of food in front of him. That caught my attention, but what kept me lingering was his winning smile.

He practically inhaled the stack of pancakes, eating them as fast as the average person would eat a sandwich.

Gainer stories

He was fat, and he was proud. He ate them three slices at a time, savouring each bite as he went on. He moved onto the waffles, the chocolate sauce dripping onto his belly. His gut was hard and round, almost like a giant beach ball. Jake looked in disgust at a pound man sat alone at a table. He was a bear of a man, sporting a decently-sized brown beard with a shaved head and clothes that looked like they fit about 20 pounds ago.

Looking across the elevator, Tyler saw the man who had kept the door open for him. He weighed in at pounds, a mammoth size compared to his college days ten years ago. He washed it down with some orange juice and made his way to the bacon. After their night of passion in the hotel, Carl and Tyler became a couple.

After moving in together, their gainer journey hit full throttle. Compared to his lbs frame I was certainly smaller, but neither of us were tiny.

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The man was wolfing down his third plate of food, barely stopping to chew. A lot of people would take a quick glance and then look back at their paper, but not me. He expected others to be critical of his weight, but he was surprised.

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Professor Johnson was punctual, intelligent and quick-witted. I always made sure I got the best grades, studied as hard as possible and took part in as many opportunities as possible.

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I was a large man myself, but nowhere near the size of Professor Johnson. Tyler pulled up outside his house and exited the car. He had just arrived in Miami yesterday, and after meeting a prospective business partner he decided to retire to his room for the night. Rubbing it into his flabby body, he continued. When I started the course, Professor Johnson was big, but not this big.

For him that meant eating, eating and more eating. That was when he was lbs of muscle.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Cutting them up and eating them quickly, he was finally done. As a large man weighing in at around lbs, I was bound to knock into almost anything. He stood at around six foot tall, with a belly that felt even larger than he was. He stepped backwards and looked up at the man stood next to the scales.

He got by on his boyish good looks, his impressive muscular body and charming smile. Somebody inside kept the door open for him, and he waddled in. There were many nights of feedings, belly play, and even a few times where one of them was tied down as the other stuffed them to the max. Two years ago he weighed in at a big - being pounds was something else.

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