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Furry Diaper Stories
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What he thought would be two weeks skiing with just his sister and his parents turns out to be two weeks with a motherly Kangaroo named Karen who owns a private lodge. More then that, it turns out that his parents aren't going to be around and they invited Rick's neighbors, Leslie and Erin. Its turned out to be a crazy holiday.

Name: Truda

Age: 35
Ethnicity: Emirati
Eye tint: Gray-blue eyes
Hair: Crisp flaxen hair
My body features: I'm quite skinny
I like: Collecting
Piercing: None

The envy of every girl in the school, the lust of every boy, lifted on a pedestal and leered at every step through her day. Eventually her hand found its way down the front of her panties and lightly stroking the hood of her clit.

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Here was a similar assortment of species, but now they were bound in ropes. But this made her something weird. Then she came.

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She never imagined what she would find. More than a few of them were shitting.

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post The view from the moon. She went into her room, locked the door and tore into the package without even stopping to look for keys to aid in breaking the tape. She would then spend the rest of the shower tearing herself apart with her fingers.

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Dad had kissed her cheek before he left for work. She knew enough about sex to not be immediately shocked at the images of nude women stretching into a digital oblivion. What if someone discovered her walking around in public wearing a diaper? She had lost her virginity to an idiot Great Dane football player a year ago and left him high and dry in love till rumor had it he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists. Hey guys I wrote this story for a defunct subreddit and now really want to share it.

She should feel bad, but there was a weird pride in reducing a football lunk into an emo bitch. None of this prepared her for the folder at the bottom of the picture list. She had been captain of the cheerleading squad for two years, finally breaking into her senior year of Highschool. The diapers were her size, thick Furry diaper stories padded with the images of tiny giraffes and letter blocks on the front and back. Some were gagged, while others appeared to be screaming. She got the diapers by taking another huge risk.

Diaperfur stories

She would hover outside the stream just long enough to piss through her thin, blue boy shorts. That may have been the reason she wanted a cat so badly. It made her stomach sink. She quickly hopped up from the chair and washed the dank smell of her cunt of her fingers. She had seen commercials of adult undergarments deed for people with incontinence issues, and the gears had begun to spin. There was an even spread of squirrels among the mix for flavor as well.

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At least in private, her dad was very progressive about how he would put his dick in. She was loving it.

Babyfur stories

She opened the door to bright sun, chirping birds, and an empty porch, all except for the box. She removed the shirt and quickly wrapped the oversized bag around her waist. She eyed herself in the mirror. Now all that was left was to test it out.

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Kinky, and repulsive even to herself. She tried to turn on the television and watch some dry, god awful soap opera set in Japan.

The dragon’s sacrifice

She tried not to think of the girls shitting into the air. But she did. The door bell rang. That settled it. Next post Erotic story search. She modeled the diaper for a few minutes, twisting in circles, bending over, and even sliding her hand over her asshole and snatch through its thick padding. A thin, sexy Dalmation girl.

Diaperfur stories

She took the package upstairs with a run, skipping steps and trying to halt her racing thoughts. She liked the way the pictures made her feel, but the subject matter of some she found unsettling. Her nails looked awful, but eventually the box opened and sheer leered at the contents. Where would she go and use it? Source: reddit.

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No one had heard from him again all year. She dressed herself in a long t-shirt and nothing else and went to the door, half-way thinking of making a pass at the delivery guy if he was hot. They were really enjoying it. She had been masturbating to the same fantasy for weeks.

She tried not to think of her dad masturbating to those images when they were all supposed to be sleeping. Cassie browsed with a languid slouch. What would everyone say if it came out she was into diapers? In fact, she felt her tits harden at the various poses of girls stretched taught, hands stretching down to their crotch and some squeezing their breasts as hard as they could.

Babyfur stories

post. But she figured she had enough time to off herself right here in the living room. Though she was a Dalmatian mixed with a few mutts somewhere long ago forever marring the purity of her family tree, she found herself fantasizing about cats. She removed one from the pack and turned it around in her hands. What was wrong with her enjoying herself on the leather couch for once.

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She had always found Cats and Dogs attractve. Her father was a proud man of God, but even he would be uncomfortable with her dating a cat.

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Hell, dad probably did it, what with the computer sitting in the corner of the family room after all. Her plan had worked perfectly! Others had women lying on a floor or couch with their legs spread wide, the camera close into their wet and pink secrets. The picnic would be ending soon. They were true baby diapers, and she trembled as she worked to remove the cellophane wrapping.

Pissing and shitting herself in Mrs. She had even begun wearing her underwear into the shower so she could experience the sensation of wet panties against her snatch. Next post. She had to do it. Most were contorted into agonized pretzels with their ass pointed straight up in the air, camera diving into them in sick detail. She had it delivered on a Wednesday, and faked being sick.

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What would it be like to wear one?

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