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I'd like Forced incontinence stories somebody who wants gypsy

Forced Incontinence Stories
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It was just over a year ago. The is air forced out of my lungs by my diaphragm in a whoosh; every muscle in my face squeezed tight as the initial convulsion of joy runs its course through my body in such a close imitation to its cousin, grief. It is in this moment that urine escapes my bladder. After the tremors of glee subside, I am left with a combination of endorphins, wet underwear, and, depending on what period of my life we are talking about, varying degrees of shame. I had no explanation for my incontinence as .

Name: Merrile

How old am I: 40
What is my ethnicity: Namibian
What is my hobbies: Drawing
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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Yvhuce Posted November 14, Posted November 14, Register a new. Goerge Posted November 6, Posted November 6, Link to comment.

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It's easy! There are sites that have a full library of old stories that have been written over the years. Goerge Posted November 8, Posted November 9, Yup, that's what you've got to do BabyJune Posted November 12, Posted November 12, I liked reading The community, great story that Jen And I is another.

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My story. In Up. BTW, is it crass to promote your own story? There is no shortage of stories out there, but the quality of most is sorely lacking.

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I don't thick we have much choose of forced incontinence stories here or elsewhere on the internet, seems like you have spend ages trawling through lo of different ones to find anything interesting. in here. I'm looking for stories of people being made incontinent against their will or regressed into a incontinent baby state, what are the best one's around on the internet.

Change For Naomi is a story that doesn't have forced incontinence, or regression to babyhood, but is a really well written story- that is complete and won't leave you hanging.

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Already have an ? Followers 0. And there are plenty of other sites that have stories - not all about forced diaper use, but you can eventually find what you want. Laura is put into diapers against her will, and is helpless to stop it.

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My story A New Lifewhich is not complete, but I will complete, has some of the aspects that you're looking for. That said, there is no inexhaustible resource. They're hard to find because google just bring aload of crap up. in Already have an ?

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Creepymouse Posted November 7, Posted November 7, Posted November 8, You don't think there are enough stories here?? Recommended Posts. Some are good, most aren't, and it really depends what floats your boat.

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Stop making us look bad. The Story Forum currently has some well written stories that go beyond just the flat diaper content, and flapping material.

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There are a couple others that I remember but didn't save a copy of and can't find now. In Now. Go to topic listing.

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Jen And I. Change For Naomi. I did really enjoye reading Diaper Research though I'd say the stories I write, but that's a biased opinion, isn't it? A New Lifewhich is not complete, but I will complete, has some of the aspects that you're looking for.

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Several years ago I began having episodes of fecal incontinence at night while asleep.

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