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Foot Smell Stories


Whatever you call them, feet are an important part of you. In fact, your feet work so hard for you that sometimes they get sweaty. And stinky. Oooh, boy — your feet have been in those sneakers a long time!

Name: Anastassia

Years old: 32
What is my hair: Brunet hair
My favourite drink: Lager
What I like to listen: Blues

The next day I picked up M once again and this time, even though it was raining, she still was in her socks and slides. She is thin with small boobs but a round ass that pops no matter what pants she wears.

Worried your feet smell, guys? here’s the solution

We talked about our days as usual, even though the intense stink. Meanwhile I started to go to town on her feet, licking every inch of her soles, sucking every toe, and getting my tongue between every toe. I have always had a slight crush on her, especially after she hit puberty.

It was salty and buttery and nearly made me cum in my pants right there. I followed her up and went right to my room to relieve myself. The smell was still extremely strong, but so intoxicating at the same time. The car was a hotbox of her foot stink and it was driving me wild. They usually smell too bad for me to ever ask anyone," she asked. Her right foot, which had already been massaged, made its way to my crotch and started to lightly rub my pants. The orgasm seemed to never end, so much cum soaking my clothes to the point where it started to Foot smell stories through my shorts and coat her feet.

I grabbed her cleats and brought them to my nose. I removed her second sock releasing another wave of stink into the room and started my massage. She was just in a long t-shirt of mine and barefoot, her nails painted black. They were still slightly damp from her foot sweat and still reeked. I took her big toe into my mouth and tasted her sweat for the first time.

I massaged her foot for about 15 minutes, from the toes, to the soles, to the heel, and even her ankle.

Worried your feet smell, guys? here’s the solution

All I heard was a moan so I kept going, covering her feet in soft kisses, all while getting the scent as close as it could be. She laughed all the way back to the laundry room and started her load. We got home but this time M didn't go right upstairs to shower, she hung out downstairs with me. Her black toes contrasted her pink soles so well and turned me on even more than the smell. To my surprise she had a hand in her pants and was pleasuring herself. She moaned again and her breathing started to pick up as well as the motion inside her pants.

She came downstairs a few minutes later and sat down on the couch next to me.

Smelly stories

I didn't notice her remove her sock next to me because I was nervous to look at her. I could still smell her socks as she walked by and joked around with her. I was rock hard within seconds and it was definitely visible. I felt my face get instantly red and needed to think of something fast. We drove home with the windows open, but the smell was still pretty strong and caused my dick to be hard the whole car ride home, which I had to adjust several times, hoping she wouldn't notice.

I sat on the couch smelling like her feet and with pants full of cum anticipating tomorrow. Our parents were away for the week, so it was my responsibility to drive my sister to and from school.

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I loved the smell though and it made some movement start in my pants. The moans were coming more frequently on this foot, so I looked over at my sister. The rest of the night went by with no more incidents, we watched a movie and went our separate ways until the next day. I left out a massive grunt and started spewing cum into my underwear.

My sister’s smelly softball feet

After I finished, I went downstairs and started to cook us some dinner. She switched feet and brought the right one up to my mouth. They were perfectly shaped with a high arch and always painted toes. She has long brown hair with blue eyes and plump lips.

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This was turning her on as much as it was me. I went upstairs to relieve myself so that I wouldn't have these thoughts about my sister because nothing good could come from it. I started applying more pressure and heard some soft moans from my sister, who was now leaning back on the arm of the couch.

Smelly stories

Before I could even react, there was a sock over my nose, and it smelled heavenly. I continued to suck on her toes, moaning wildly as she rubbed my cock.

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When it was time to move onto the other foot, she brought it up to my lap and placed it directly on my dick by accident. I started to breathe heavier, with every breath inhaling more of her stink. I felt myself pass the point of no return. The pleasure was so intense, even though two layers of clothes.

Foot odour prevention myths

The sensation sent chills throughput my body and this time I was the one to let out a moan. The smell hit me immediately, a pungent popcorn smell that could knock out a small. They could also stink up a room, especially after her sports. M came down soon after with a load of laundry, which you had to walk through the kitchen to get to. Her size 7 feet.

M went right upstairs to shower and I couldn't help myself from sneaking a sniff from the source. My eyes started to water from the stench, at the same time my cock started to grow. Next The Family, The Shower. She must have taken that as permission and started to rub harder.

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I smelled my hands and they still smelled like her, so I washed them as well. I was at a community college for my first year and my sister was a senior in high school. We got home and she went upstairs to shower again.

Smell stories

This caused her to flinch and shot up from her relaxed position. I took them to my room and made quick work, finishing within 2 minutes.

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I decided now was as good of time as any and brought her foot up to my face and gave her soles a kiss. I snuck back and put them where I found them and cleaned up my mess.

Smelly feet? here are 6 possible reasons why your feet stink so bad

Once I knew she was in the shower I snuck into her room to find her socks. Her left foot had a better angle for my pants, and she was rubbing her full sole on my clothed cock. I was rock hard a minute into the drive and needed to keep adjusting my shorts, only this time, I felt M's stare from the passenger seat. I rubbed her soles softly, feeling how smooth they were. On Monday, I picked her up from the softball field and we talked about our days on the car ride home.

I had no idea my foot smell could do that to anyone," she talked aloud to herself. She kept her cleats on the whole time, most likely because it was raining, and we couldn't roll down the windows. M moaned loudly and the movement in her pants stopped.

Smell my stinky feet stories

She was on the softball team so I would normally pick her up around 5 every day. The smell was so intense it made my eyes water. I was also super close to cumming, just from the light rubbing she was doing. I had to adjust my pants to hide my now rock-hard dick. Favorite Author Favorite Story.

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The smell was fresh again and I knew I was going to cum in my pants. Let's call her M. One thing about M drove me wild more than anything. I started to buck my hips to increase the rhythm of which she was rubbing. I picked her up the same time the next day, but this time she had already removed her cleats and was in her socks and slides.

We got home and she took off her cleats when we got in the door.

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But what is more shocking is that women are more prone to this, thanks to the constant hormonal fluctuation in their bodies.

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Many people think that dried sweat or over-sweating is the cause of foot odour.

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Foot fetishes are bigger than ever — and mobilising a lucrative supply and demand industry online via social media is easier than ever.