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Erotik woman found Foley catheter stories especially for family

Foley Catheter Stories


A lot of research goes into our stories. Here are some of the resources we used to put together our story on why our reluctance to talk about catheters could kill. Urinary tract infections UTIs are the most common healthcare-acquired infection, and half are linked to catheters.

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The situation seemed much too urgent for waiting for a car to move. Afterwards I moved to the toilet facing backwards.

What is foley catheter used for?

Although a lot had happened, Zach and I had it so ingrained in our minds that labor would take many hours and we would spend many of those hours at home, that we thought that we would probably still be sent back home. Zach helped me to get through about five in that position and then I moved back to the toilet and finally back into the shower.

For the next few hours, even as the contractions intensified, I was just so grateful that I was in labor and finally having my baby. Nothing happened. I screamed for Zach, as it was a Foley catheter stories sensation, and then it just sort of plopped in the toilet with my mucus plug attached to it. Later she said that she had never heard him sound so out of control. For the next while, I labored in the shower, leaning forward and having Zach press my hips during a contraction, while the water ran on my back.

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Only Kim and Dick actually listened to Zach and they decided to go to the movies to get their minds off waiting for the phone to ring. During each contraction I would try to deeply breathe in and out and stay as relaxed and limp as possible. Then Amanda our midwife suggested that I might enjoy laboring in the shower. My contractions on the bed were excruciatingly painful. The next day Friday, February 15 thworried and feeling super unenthused about the herbal induction; I got up and did my prenatal exercise video one last time.

Tessa’s birth story

Zach began to fly around the house packing our things for the birthcenter. The worst part was the oily residue that it left on my lips and tongue. As it was February in Minnesota, it had snowed recently and there were huge mounds of snow in front of thebirth center.

Natalie decided to go ahead with coming to the cities anyway. Amanda helped me in and I sat on a birth stool facing the support bars of the shower. Speaking of Natalie, she came early in my labor and we asked her to begin to photograph the birth.

I was lying down Foley catheter stories bed when suddenly I felt what can only be described as a gunshot go off from my uterus to my vagina. After the catheter, the midwives still had one more thing to try to make the baby come: an herbal induction. There were people in thebirth suite and Amanda was in the bathroom. We were so excited that the catheter had dilated me and we called the midwife who told us to come in the next day.

A Foley catheter is a type of intervention to try to induce labor where they insert a catheter and then fill it with small balloons full of water one balloon on the inside of your cervix and one on the outside.

Urinary catheter insertion

Zach let this little detail slip to me and I completely flipped! Earlier in the week Natalie, my mom, and his mom had told him that they planned to come up to the cities on Friday and stay until Monday. I already felt like the whole world was breathing down my neck to have this baby and now my family would be in the cities the entire weekend!

At the beginning of labor I was walking around between contractions and then leaning on the counter in the birth suite during contractions, making big hip movements.

The briefing: everything you’ll ever need to know about catheters

When I got back into the birth suite, I got into bed and Amanda left Zach and me alone to labor together. During this time is when my mom and dad came. After the shower, Amanda suggested that maybe I should walk around upstairs in the yoga studio and do some big hip movements to help my labor along. My mom and dad decided to go visit my Grandmas in Manchester and then head up afterward.

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I then started to feel contractions and I was screaming out the bathroom door to Zach, letting him know when they started and stopped so he could time them on his phone. Just as they were about to leave is when Zach called them and told them to come up right away. After awhile, my legs began to get tired and I asked Amanda if it would be okay for me to lie down and labor on the bed for awhile.

Zach would remind me when I would unconsciously tense up parts of my body to stay relaxed and loose.

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He said that he felt so helpless and needed to do something. All of these are meant to make your uterus contract and begin labor. We arrived at the birth center and I was still having contractions and my water was slowly breaking. That Monday I was going to be two weeks overdue and would have to be induced at a hospital.

As I moved to the shower, Zach raced to change into his swimsuit. Then I ate a big meal and chugged the half cup of castor oil in orange juice. He called the midwife and they told us to come in to get checked and see how I was progressing. I told Zach that I thought that my water had broken.

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It was much larger than Zach and I had thought so that was a bit of a shock. Getting the cervix to begin to dilate is a way to jumpstart labor and can sometimes even begin contractions. When I came out of the shower, completely naked, there were two girls about my age in the room who I had never met before. As we were getting ready for bed, I went to the bathroom and started to feel the catheter falling out of me. Zach and I also slow danced together while I did big hip movements. Jill Foley catheter stories tested to make sure that the fluid I was leaking was amniotic fluid and it was.

As the morning passed I hung out in bed and followed the herbal induction regimen the tincture was very foul tasting. Worst of all people had parked in front of the plowed sidewalk entrances to the building. We formulated a plan. Since Merritt passed everything, we went back home and scheduled another appointment for Wednesday.

So Zach kindly asked all of them to please wait to come up. The objective is to use the catheter to slowly stretch your cervix open over the next 24 hours. At one point I saw him peeking through the door and yelled at him to get away. Zach was about to yell at someone to move their car when I grabbed his hand and climbed over the pile of snow. The Tuesday of my first week off work 9 days overdue Zach and I went into the midwife for a non-stress test which the baby eventually passedbut took his sweet time to do so. Amanda could hear that my contractions were intensifying and beginning to change by the fact that my breathing was harder to control.

Stories from catheter users and their families

I had a contraction on the front desk of thebirth center and then walked upstairs, slowly taking the stairs two at a time and doing lunges to help open me up. The catheter had indeed done its job and I was now 4 cm dilated. I got acupuncture for the first time, went to the chiropractor and got an adjustment, Foley catheter stories the spiciest food that I could handle at Everest on Grand, had chocolate cake at home and then went for an epic walk at night in the snow.

We decided that we would give my body one more day to go into labor naturally and then do the herbal induction on Friday. As I went back downstairs, I passed my dad, who was fiddling on his phone in the lobby. In between contractions, I would lean back and let the water run over my face, it felt so good, like a reward for a well done contraction.

On Wednesday we went back to the birth center and I had a Foley catheter inserted. On the way to the birth center, Zach began calling family to tell them to come up. They were birth assistants, RNs who the midwives bring in for extra medical support. Funny story though, just a couple hours earlier, he had actually told them to stay home. He also made a frantic call to our friend, Alex, who was going to watch Juneau for us while we were gone.

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Kim says that she never would have forgiven him if she would have missed the birth. She was wonderful throughout my labor and, pregnant herself, acted as our doula providing encouragement and fetching things. At the same time I was still experiencing the unpleasant side effects of the castor oil and shooed Zach out of the bathroom.

We went home with Jimmy Johns as a treat and Zach returned to work and I was pretty much bed bound. I told her that on Wednesday, after the catheter had fallen out, I was four centimeters and I would like to still be there our more. It was all very intense between my water breaking, the contractions, and the after effects of the castor oil and I eventually let Zach in for support. An herbal induction begins with taking castor Foley catheter stories and then every 15 minutes taking a homeopathic or tincture.

We calmed ourselves down and were able to go to bed. Then we got an ultrasound to make sure that the baby was still doing well. In the yoga studio I did hip circles sitting on a yoga ball, then kneeled and leaned over the ball as I did hip circles.

Zach started to take off his pants and Amy our other midwife noticed and closed the door. When I sat on the toilet I could feel liquid falling out me. I screamed to Zach downstairs and rushed Foley catheter stories the bathroom. I think it might have had to do with the fact that I had nothing to brace myself on and was unconsciously tensing up during each contraction.

After a while I changed positions and labored sitting on a small stool, bracing myself against the bathtub. At first I felt just fine, but then by mid-morning I was on the toilet miserable. The hope was that this would begin my labor or at the very least dilate me so that labor would be easier once it began. Afterwards Jill told us to go downstairs to one of the birthing suites. I felt like a watched pot. Once inside the birth center we went upstairs and Jill the nurse checked my cervix to see how dilated I was. The next day Thursday, 11 days overdue we went in to meet with the midwives.

In the afternoon I repeated the castor oil again and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Getting the catheter inserted was painful and uncomfortable, but Zach was there which made it much easier. My mom came up to the studio and looked like she felt really bad for me, like her heart was ripping apart seeing me in pain.

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