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Ff Spanking Stories
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In interviews with The New York Times, a dozen Blushing authors and seven former employees described a haphazardly run business that frequently failed to pay authors on time, and threatened them with lower royalties and defamation lawsuits if they defected. Some writers who spoke to The Times discovered they were not being paid for books that Blushing was selling through certain online vendors or in audio format.

Name: Maris

Years: 19
Sexual identity: Male
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Other hobbies: I like yoga
Body piercings: I don't have piercings

Their firmness knows no bounds. Heart pounding, Gracie picked up the pace and tried to high-tail it into her room before Sharon could reach her. Stick to the plants, Shar. Would you like some time to… calm down? She and Sharon went shopping together and bought steaming cups of hot cocoa with a huge dollop of whipped cream. But mouthing off to me and refusing to clean up the mess you made are one-way tickets to pain city.

My sisters stepped right in with their scolding and, yes, even spanking.

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She sounded businesslike. She tried to act normal for the rest of the day. You need to learn your lesson. Now I have a little girl who wants to stay with me but who acted very, very poorly in order to prove her point. I often wonder why my parents bothered to pop out a seventh baby when they already had six strong-willed girls. Where was this going? The first stroke felt like fire across her already-sore rear.

And yet… she kind of needed an authentic send off spanking, even if the plot to stay another week ultimately failed. Was Sharon going easy on her?

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She figured they would tackle that together after their meal. They had already covered that. Over the past few days, after Gracie realized how much she liked and needed to be spanked, she had ed an online chat room filled with other spankos. That is a bad idea. The pain built gradually as the strikes went on, but it was more of a firm reminder than all-out torture.

When she finished with the right foot, she switched to the left. The soup is ready. They all consider themselves my backup parents or something. Gracie nodded her understanding and took a breath. They finished their last meal together in relative silence, and then Sharon gestured to the kitchen so that Gracie would know it was time to clean up. She took several unnecessarily large gulps of red wine to fortify her confidence. Mulling the options over and over, Gracie came to a decision. Gracie gave a gasp of surprise. As she cooked, she made sure to leave more of a mess than usual. Gracie squealed yet again, but she turned back over and waited obediently in position.

She had thought she wanted one last spanking, but now that it was imminent, she had second thoughts. Her face was resolute. As a friend, I am begging you not to bring the wrath on yourself at the last minute. After about 15 soft strokes and 15 medium strokes, Sharon knew that it was time to pick up the intensity. Being the youngest sibling does come with a few perks, one of them being that no one grills me about my job prospects or romantic partners or, ahem, lack of them. I know how hard long-distance can be, but maybe your new top will stay in touch? She took off her clothes and folded them carefully, and then flopped onto Ff spanking stories stomach on the bed.

Gracie had done well and Sharon was please and excited to share. Her bottom went from slightly tingly to warm to burning in a matter of minutes. With six successful older siblings with kids of their own, the expectations of me are low. She was supposed to go home the next day: home to her sister who had sent her to this boot camp in the first place.

Oh no! After lunch, while Sharon was doing the Ff spanking stories, Gracie logged in to the chat room and sent a message to the group under her new alias and typed a message to her new friends. She could be honest and tell Sharon that she wanted to stay.

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Gracie obeyed. The belt allowed for more distance than Gracie liked. Obediently, Gracie dropped her questions and headed to the kitchen to fill up a bowl for herself. Sharon stood Gracie directly in front of her and looked her in the eyes.

She let out a barely audible moan and her legs involuntarily parted. People find it unusual that my sisters ditch their spouses and children on Christmas. Then what has you in such a sour mood? Sometimes, bratting pays off in the end. Was that… Gracie looked nervously over her shoulder. But she found herself not wanting to go at all. When Sharon quietly entered the room to stand at the foot of the bed, Gracie buried her face in the sheets and focused on breathing in and out.

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Frankly, Gracie was in a sour mood. I like it here with my top. Fresh pasta that Sharon had picked up at an Italian market, a large gleaming ball of mozzarella, even a bottle of red wine.

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Sharon finally let out a nervous laugh. The downside is that my siblings have always considered me to be a little wayward; a little spoiled. There was no need.

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As much as she dreaded more swats, it was nice to be touching Sharon again. Desperate to get away, Gracie scampered off to the corner naked and stuck her nose into the crease in the wall. I find it odd, too, and would love for them to be anywhere but home. Surely enough, the soft swipes with the belt picked up in intensity. Are you mad at your sister for sending you here? Her idea of punishment was no shopping for one weekend. Gracie closed the chat room and considered her options. Gracie was so excited that she would get to stay that she barely registered Ff spanking stories nervous she was for the punishment.

Gracie vacillated between feeling embarrassed and feeling curious about what would come next. She felt humiliated by her nudity. Gracie immediately remembered that she was naked and collapsed her body language to try and cover up. Gracie gathered up some ingredients for dinner. Sharon had offered to let her stay. Her fears were confirmed: Sharon had a belt.

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Gracie gave a pathetic, terrified squeak. She was starting to get attached. Sharon sighed and released her hold on Gracie, pulling her into a hug instead.

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Who knows. Her own breathing was all that Gracie could hear. Growing up, my prim and proper mother never so much as raised her voice. She heard a soft rattle and the sound of clothing shifting. They like to be, uhm, hands on with disciplining me. It was nice to have a break for her bum to cool off, no matter what came next. Gracie shuffled back out of the corner and climbed onto the bed as Sharon stood up with the belt in her hand. The room was silent. Maybe they could just put on a movie and forget this whole ordeal.

What fun! Spending time with one or even two of them can be a headache.

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There was a long silent pause.

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