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Dancer Female weight gain story interactive seek guy to bites

Female Weight Gain Story Interactive


This is an experimental story. Please keep the main focus on Human Body based transformations. Other transformation types may be included, but Body based must be the main focus of a chapter. Administration will remove any chapters that they feel do not meet this need without warning or explanation. Happy TFing!

Name: Ammamaria

My age: 47
What is my nationaly: Turkish
Orientation: I like man
Iris tone: I’ve got clear blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My body features: My body features is chubby
What I prefer to drink: Red wine
Music: Heavy metal
In my spare time I love: My hobbies cooking
My tattoo: None
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Although they are all female, they reproduce asexually through willing themselves to want to have a baby, causing their womb to grow one. They don't suffer the negative consequences of weight gain, they can eat impossible amounts of food in one sitting and their bodies instantly process it into fat as they eat.

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Obesians also have many other abilities due to their psychic powers and intense gluttony, such as being omnivorous and the ability to regress to a younger age and back at will both physically and mentally. Said dimension has unlimited space and resources for the Obesians, and said dimension is able to generate planets, galaxies, and even entire universes full of resources for them to use Because of that, their culture has revolved around extreme hedonism and gaining as much weight as possible.

Because of that, their species exist in an alternate endless dimension away from any other reality.

Interactive weight gain story

Chapter guidelines: - main focus is on weight gain - Obesians are a female-only species, so no male Obesians at all - no death - minor slob is allowed, but no scat or gore - omnivore is allowed, but no intense voring of other characters - lewdness and sexual situations are allowed loli yuri for the winbut don't go overboard with it that it steals the focus from the weight gain - Anyone Obesian can gain, but keep focus mostly on main character s - age regression is fine, but age progression is not as appreciated as Obesians don't age past 20 - No transformations, no futanari, and no male wg if a dude involved in the story - Skies the limit for WG!

Despite all that, they are technologically advanced, where their technology along with their psychic abilities allow them to live their lives easily as they eat and gain weight. They resemble humans females except they have blue skin, insect antenna on their he, multicolored hair, and black sclera on their eyes.

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Their weight gain is so extremely potent that Obesians tend to grow to cosmic sizes, and even an obsesian newborn has the potential to become as large as a universe. They are practically immortal, their bodies don't age once they reach 20 years, and they also have psychic powers, but the most peculiar thing about them is that their bodies are extremely adapted to weight gain. This story is about a family of an all-female race of aliens called Obesians.

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