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Female Bodysuit Disguise Story
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MSG Board. List of some female. Superman is gay and.

Name: Lissy

How old am I: I'm over fifty
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Smoker: Yes

Welcome to Wonderland A man and his wife choose to switch places and bodiesin order to renew their vows and live out their lives as one another. I can only agree! The Sleep Cure for A Male Mind 24 A young man is feminized in a unique way, as he seeks to emulate—in every possible way—his gorgeous aunt who seeks to exploit him for her own gain.

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Captions and vignettes are fun, but they lack depth and detail. Then it got worse. Keep going like that!

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But within her offer to teach him the ways of women lay the promise of… murder. The reason I write TG fiction is to Female bodysuit disguise story well-rounded stories that capture something new about the transgender experience. The Pact In an isolated New England town, an ancient agreement between two families forces a young man to defend the gender of his birth, against the power of a dark magic that seeks to transform him into the dutiful wife of a man the whole town has learned to fear.

I appreciate you taking the time to tell me that. And the winner might just get a whole lot more than they bargained for… Midnight in the Chapel of Tears 15 A cross-dresser in deep denial comes to terms with his desire for feminization, and meets his fate at last on Halloween night. The Skin With the help of an ancient artifact, a young cross-dresser follows in the footsteps of his late mother.

She will change your life. They are all good. Your Son Must Be Feminized 15 A family receives a threatening note, uned: feminize your son or you will all die. The Imitation Game And the winner might just get a whole lot more than they bargained for…. Thanks, Monika.

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Saving Grace In the face of alien invasion, all that stands between the Earth and certain destruction is an intrepid band of cross-dressers with nothing left to lose! Regulation Housewife A woman tricks her husband into trading places with her. Why argue with all these good people? Phase Change 12 An increase in temperature turns ice into water and water into steam.

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But who did the foul deed, and why does the trail lead straight to his best friend? Touched By An Angela 17 A young man is shocked to receive a bodysuit that was, until recently, his middle-aged mother. Be warned: there is a brief bout of non-consensual sex but the so-called victim fights back, and ultimately wins. The Natural He cross-dressed to please his girlfriend, but Jeremy would soon discover that Jasmine was born to wear a skirt…. Time, Considered as a Curl of Soft Hair An experimental story with a focus on atmosphere. If they do not I find them a waste of time.

A lie within a lie: the singer

Thanks again for your lovely stories. Only someone is playing for keeps. Only with a transgender twist in the tail.

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Table for Two The rules are simple: switch bodies with your partner for one night, but you must act the part and tell no one—not even your former self. Hi Amanda, I really love your work. A lot worse….

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Midnight in the Chapel of Tears 15 A cross-dresser in deep denial comes to terms with his desire for feminization, and meets his fate at last on Halloween night. Just read it! Would he be a good boy and take his medicine? Going Home Sarah is a woman like no other, with the beauty of a harvest moon and a past she refuses to discuss.

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When We Practice to Deceive Felix Beswicke was a closet cross-dresser who hit the jackpot: a girlfriend who knew his secret and wanted to help. The Ultimatum Redux The Magnificent Miranda A forced mind-swap with a man threatened her womanhood, but the new Miranda became a better person and a better woman, and the power of her choice urged a nation back from the brink of disaster!

She will take all that you have to give. Note: The length of the PDF file is shown in brackets of s. He is tricked into assuming her life, but the female role once experienced is not so easily returned! This story is by far the all-time downlo leader for this website, and generated the most visitor feedback as well. The Mask This story is another gonzo sci-fi romp in the mode of my earlier Brains Bennette story.

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I think stories in particular, but movies too, should leave room for the readers imagination. Deep Cover 20 A covert deep-cover asment le an author and his wife to swap identities.

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This is my best work. The Interrogation Charged with a crime he did not commit, a man is subjected to an unusual interrogation technique, by a bureaucracy that will admit to no mistakes. Sister Hyde: The Gender Matrix Reprogrammed The Feminization of Geofferson Janeway A secret society of women dedicated to the total feminization of males sought to turn him into a woman… but his wife soon had cause to wonder whether Geofferson was honestly all that opposed to the idea.

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Might the same principle turn male into female? That Old Black Magic Emmett Syster thought he was having a bad day when his junk disappeared—just like that. Chelsea Girl The latest addition to the Hawkins canon. We should all be so lucky! Stand By Me This Twilight Zone tribute has garnered a lot of positive feedback. Acceptance Who am I to argue with that?

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The Twinniest Twins 15 A mother and her son reach for the brass ring, but in a strange futuristic world survival comes with a heavy price…. Feed the Fever Winston Ashborne needed a cure stronger than hot soup: a tight skirt, a makeover, and an evening out—as a woman. Dreams in the Witch House A long story that could be considered a tribute to those old horror flicks that involve a old house in an isolated area that turns out to be—surprise, surprise—haunted.

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Anthony was a small man who worked at the DVLA in Swansea processing driving photo cards using the large machine they had there is churn out the new s.

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Now even more desirable to the impressionable Ethan, a plan is conceived.