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Fat Sister Sex Story


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I'll get right into it so that I don't bore you with my life's story. When I was in my younger teen years I was spying on my older sister who was already in her older teen years. She had come to visit us from New Mexico where she grew up with her father.

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I wrapped my arms around her substantial girth and held her in place. The pleasure that I was feeling from holding this soft, willing female body against me was overwhelming. She was standing in front of her mirror completely naked brushing her long black hair. I never really paid much attention to her or her social life; she was just there. Her press against me flattened my cock against my body, and she pushed hard enough for me to feel her against my balls too. Her skin was almost flawless and alabaster white. Padded luxurious carpeting muffling my steps. I also stopped my humping motions and soon enough, our breath evened out and a somewhat disappointed Jessy let go and left to her room.

I was puzzled. Encouraged, I slid my left hand under her shirt and proceeded to rub her back in a clumsy attempt at a back rub. I pressed my hips forward sliding my cock up and then down between us. It was more on a steep angle, so sticking out more than the day before.

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She was a year and half older than me. That day Jessy was wearing something different. Again, walking through the door, I found myself wrapped in arms again!

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Although, Jessy seemed a little more cheerful after we started doing that. The next day I decided to skip workout and headed home at an earlier time. The third day I was ready. Julia from down the street took care of that few months back.

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Once they reached that destination they furrowed a bit deeper and I found myself massaging her ass cheeks and spreading her ass wider. As we were about to hug, I spread my legs further than I would normally do, this brought my cock lower. It took me a bit to gather my thoughts, and before I could say anything, Jessy released me and turned without saying a word and walked away to her room leaving me with the smell of her lavender soap in my nose.

It happened again the next day. Each day it was either a longer hug or more intense hug or a hug with something new. Pyjamas I guess. Having a turned-on girl in your arms is fantastic. It was a tight, full body contact type of hug. I, on the other hand, Fat sister sex story easily feel my knob pressing into her and as I flexed my hips, my cock slid up and then down against her. Before I humped her again, I slid my right hand under her shirt and onto her bare back.

My sister Jessy and I were never really close, just regular siblings I guess. Would it be OK to do sexual stuff with my own sister? Big ass and really big boobs contrasted nicely with her relatively pinched waist. She always struggled with her weight and was chronically dieting and unhappy about her self image. What brought that on?

By john demille

Even if I knew what the word meant, I never thought I would be involved in something like that. Would this jeopardize our relationship or our house? But who knows, what if they got home earlier. One never really expects something like this to happen. I was surprised to say the least. I need to point out that Jessy has always been a big girl.

Peeking around the door jamb, I found Jessy primping. This time I got a reaction from her. Soon enough my hands were close to the juncture of her ass and thighs and deep enough for me to feel the intense heat of her asshole.

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Just like old faithful, Jessy was there with her close hug as I walked in. Ok, twice is the start of a pattern. So that day I decided to wear my workout clothes on the way back home and I left my underwear off. So gradually, I started moving my hands away from her sensitive and dangerous spots to a more safe place like her lower back.

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My cock said the hell with reason and proceeded to push me to do more to please it. The possibilities were endless. Julia was always looking for something new. See the day, like most days, I was wearing my jeans which were a bit bigger than my body and definitely made of a rather stiff denim. My hands ended up on her lower back. My mind kicked in for a bit.

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Whatever she was wearing, it was very thin and very supple. It seemed that Jessy liked that and pressed herself against me harder than ever. I was fifteen, thankfully not a virgin anymore.

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I beat her to it and put my arms under hers, forcing her arms around my neck. She was full everywhere, but there seemed to be an excess amount of fat in her tits and her ass. It almost felt as though my hands were touching her flesh.

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She had her own things going on while I had mine. Small tiny humps, but humps nonetheless. Having a willing female under the same roof was enticing.

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Anyway, this is just to say that while hugging me, all I feel is soft flesh under soft cotton cloth. I wondered how far I should take things here in the foyer.

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I pulled back a bit, then pushed again a bit harder, with my hard on getting even harder than before. But, the one sure thing was that it was more than the day before. For a few seconds, I was mortified that my older sister could feel my boner pressing onto her soft lower belly.

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I could easily feel her bountiful, bra-free tits crushed against my chest and her big thighs pressing against mine. But, I was on uncharted waters here. Even to my adolescent and not very experienced mind, it was clear that she was turned on. So that day, I felt Jess stiffen a bit after coming in contact with my hard on but then d the full body hug with seemingly more enthusiasm. Yes, I was completely clueless about these things. I walked towards her room without a sound. We were clearly heading on the path to intercourse.

The next day I wanted to test something. I could feel every detail on her skin. Our parents got home from their tiring jobs about two hours later. Without hesitation, I pushed my hands under her t-shirt and soon slid them under her waistband onto the upper part of her ass. One day, out of the blue, walking into the house on my way back from Fat sister sex story, I found myself in a tight hug with Jessy. Jessy kept the hug going for another thirty-seconds, then disengaged with a sigh and walked away.

She had my arms pinned to my sides and her head on my shoulder in no time. I had them regularly, at least once an hour or so. Shortly after we disengaged and Jessy walked away. So instead of my hard on pushing against her lower belly, it landed on her soft pubic mound. No underwear to be found. The naughtiness of the situation was overwhelming. No apple-shape here; she was all pear. I tried not to focus on my front for fear of losing control and ejaculating inside my own pants. I reached home and there was no Jessy in the foyer.

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Her door was open.

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My sister and me were close growing up, sharing almost everything.

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