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Fat fetish stories chica search boy for meeting

Fat Fetish Stories
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This story was done as a commission. John Egbert and Dave Strider are in a relationship, and both of them have a pretty intense fat fetish.

Name: Doloritas

How old am I: 24
Where am I from: Philippine
Eyes colour: Brilliant hazel
My gender: Lady
I understand: Russian
What is my Zodiac sign: Taurus
My favourite music: Country
In my spare time I love: Mountain climbing

He twisted them and maasaged them. I loved that. So I did. I like it, too. His hands slid under me and he grabbed my breasts. It was all OK at first, he'd suck my cock dry two or three times a day. Then I felt something touching my ass.

Fat fetish

He Fat fetish stories. No subscription or recurring charges! I moaned and we both were breathing heavy. The kid had his ASU baseball cap on backwards, with the bill pointing down from his very slightly freckled shoulders, along his bare back, to his remarkably trim waistline. He was naked and had a full hard on. He bent me over the worktop and stuck his cock in me again. I was still on the floor on my back watching him. I had worked five shifts in three days and deserved a day to myself. I came all over his face.

I could feel and hear his fat stomch slapping on my back as he fucked me. This day the weather was marginal, leaving me to wonder if I shouldn't tell my passenger that we would have to wait till morning till the front passes. Well, fantasy met reality in a very strange way yesterday.

He moved his hands round to my ass and massaged my fat butt cheeks. I masturbated it slowly, but then I got carried away. Half an hour went by and I'd been walking around with a hard on.

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I lived in one of America's most famous or infamous military towns. There was so much pleasure in me. Before I went he said I could come back anytime as I was the best fat boy he's ever had. One day I was walking down the street. I'm completely shaven down below, so you can see everything. This time he was very rough. It had an address on it, and It looked really professional too.

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I came allover the carpet. They took the same classes, stayed in rooms that were close to each other and ate meals together. He pushed my onto the floor and said.

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This is the story about my adventures with him, the landscaper, college stud next door, some frat boys, random stranded motorist and the pizza boy. There was so much fat I was in heaven. I pushed one of my breasts up and licked my nipple. He came again up my ass, but didn't stop. I slowly stood up and turned round to looked at him. This was it, I'd had enough.

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He crawled over to me and pushed me so I'd roll over. I heard someone walk to the door and then he answered it. I noticed my shoe lace was undone, so I bent over and tied it. I walked up to him in the chair. He was about 5'9", partially Hispanic I guess, pounds and looks younger than I have always had feelings that I was bi-sexual and have often fantasized about sex with other men but have never touched or been touched by a man. You see, there's this guy who's been keeping me. Besides, he was late, and I was tired, hot, and now annoyed as well. I quickly jumped up and saw a Fat fetish stories overweight man feeling my ass.

Since I often leave the door open this was not a big concern. He then handed me a card from his pocket. My fat was wobbling everywhere, especially my man breasts. He nearly ripped my asshole with his fat cock and he kept saying "Naughty Fat Boy". I was outside his house, so I walked up to it and knocked. I rubbed myself, just like I do when I'm alone.

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I pumped really hard, I was so horny. It was quite difficult for him to fuck me because of his huge stomach, but he managed to. He used to be in this club of 4 hot guys that I first noticed hanging out together around campus. No sooner had I gotton through the door, than he'd pulled my pants down and pushed me onto the stairs. It probably would have been much bigger ig he didn't have all that fat. He stood up and slowly knelt down and then got onto all fours. I then moved my hand towards my fat cock.

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He stuck his fat cock up my ass. He finally showed up, occupying the passenger seat of a tiny red sports convertible.

I looked at his cock and saw a fat, cum covered cock. Try a few stories for free and browse the shop and buy just the files you love.

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I wanted to sleep in, but my paperboy, Ned, had different ideas. I didn't even mind making out with all his friends. I've had a mustache since I was From what I could tell, the lucky man getting serviced was good looking.

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He took his cock out and I could feel the cum dripping out. Blond Man smiled at the small crowd, glad to be the envy of the rest of us. On arriving home from work I noticed the door on the boat was unlocked. Ned was a cute 18 year old stud, muscular, a soccer player. One was a freshman with straight, jet-black hair that fell perfectly in strands over his face down to his cheeks. I am well muscled all. The gloryhole wall concealed his body except from the sternum up.

I stood there for a few seconds, but then I got going. He then layed ontop of me and fucked me again.

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By this time he's cummed up my ass. It involves consensual, non-safe this is before we knew what we knowpiss, and a bit of humiliation. After our little or fat fuck fest we got dressed and I went to go home. This story is obviously for mature audiences, and if you are not of legal age in your state or country to read this, please do not. He pumped really hard this time. This was a very busy all-day sex marathon! He just stared at my cock and told me to go into the kitchen. Want to listen to Gay Audio Sex Stories?

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Dan woke up next to Chad as the sun streamed in through the window.

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The next morning, there were several replies.

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James mum was a very large lady, with an enormous arse, huge boobs and long, dark, curly hair.