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As the cane whistled through the air, only stopping when striking my innocent palm with a crack, I yelped at the pain emanating from my hand. I had promised myself I would take my punishment stoically and not cry or make a fuss but never realised that the

Name: Gisela

My age: 19
Where am I from: Austrian
Hair: Long straight black hair
My body type: Athletic
Favourite music: Rock
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
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Pop was a fifty eight year old Bengali man who owned a corner shop in East London, he had earned the nick name pop from his customers who started calling him pop after his daughter had called him it a few times, pop was well liked in the local area where he had his shop, … Continue reading Not In My Shop. Mr Khan had run the small corner shop owned by his family for forty years and now at the age of 60 years was looking forward to retiring and going home to visit his brother in his home town of Bangladesh, he was sitting behind the counter in the shop watching sixteen year old Dawn … Continue reading Shoplifter Punished.

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1 … 4 Next. My sister had gone club hopping with her girlfriends, dad had gone out of town for the weekend again, my mother was probably in her bed fast asleep and the house party I went to was a flop.

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Sixteen year old Martin was a well known thug in the town where he lived, he was violent and racist and homophobic, it was well known that he was a burglar, it was often said that if something was not screwed down Martin would steal it and if it was screwed down he would still … Continue reading Purse Snatcher Spanked — Part One. The underground car park of the large shopping centre was hardly ever used, there was a lot of junk laying around in the carpark most of the lights were fused and not working with very few of them on, the pedestrian access door into the car park was always locked, so the only way into … Continue reading Ghost Carpark.

Martin was stood in the lounge of where he lived looking down at his child minder Tracy who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was, Tracy had been left to look after Martin for the weekend while his parents went away on a trip. Nevertheless, once I got into College that changed quite a bit as a woman was Exotic spanking stories to make sure I was properly disciplined.

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I had never really been properly spanked growing up. The council run old age pensioners home had been open for close to one hundred years and was home for up to thirty people, it was liked well run and had a waiting list for pensioners wanting to there, the residents of the town where the home was supported it and helped out there, then … Continue reading Spanking And More.

It was around p. Posts 1 2 3 4.

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One typical summer Saturday night. It was in the early hours of the morning when the peace and quiet of the street was broken by the sound of screeching tyres and an engine being reved up, residents who had been woken from their sleep looked out of their bedroom windows and saw sixteen year old Steve on his brothers motor … Continue reading Well Spanked Street.

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Be it math class or physical education, she did her best. I only ever remember it happening once and it was like 3 smacks so it was never really bad.

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As the cane whistled through the air, only stopping when striking my innocent palm with a crack, I yelped at the pain emanating from my hand.

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Late Again olderguy69 - February 29, Views.

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The man glared at the woman.

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No longer were we embarrassed to talk about our kinky side, but stay-at-home mothers and businesswomen alike spoke about how they dreamt of meeting their own Christian Grey.