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Exchange Student Sex Stories


I am twenty-nine years old and have been married for eight years. After eight years of marriage, life has become incredibly stagnant. Wendy over the last five years has turned into a cold bitch. She has the emotional warmth of a three day old corpse.

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I lay in bed every night thinking about you. He took one step, and froze, his eyes as big as golf balls as he took in my naked breasts and the rest of it.

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It was hot. It looked like he was washing himself. So I also dropped my reticence, and started walking around in shorts or see-through dresses. I spend a couple of years in America as an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I should say something about myself. I was surprised to see that he was naked, and was holding the hose with its powerful stream of water pointed at his cock which was hard like a rod.

Before I came to America, I had a boyfriend for a while, but when I got a fellowship to study in America, he became jealous and broke off. My name is Anna, and I am from Switzerland. I could only see him from waist up, and he was bare. I had the towel draped around me, and was only wearing a panty underneath. I was getting ready for bed, but he came in and closed the door, and just stood there, looking at me.

I reached between our bodies and fondled his cock through the shorts. They gave me a nice bedroom on the second floor of the house overlooking the back yard. Even Kevin often walked around in his Exchange student sex stories shorts.

I like to cook, and so we spent a lot of time in the kitchen where she taught me many American dishes. Later, when I headed for my bedroom after taking a shower, he followed me. After a while, I got up to stretch and stood by the window.

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I saw you watching me from your window this afternoon. But I always wore the undergarments. His back was towards me, and it looked like he was watering something with a hose.

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He dropped the hose, and grabbed his cock, pumping it furiously. The cock would slip out a little whenever he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. He was panting, and jerking his hips. Then he stepped away from the fountain and turned around. After a while, I began to notice that Kevin was really attracted to me. I kissed him on the mouth, and pulled him towards the bed.

Then I realized that he was directing the water right on the cock and playing with himself. It took me a while to get used to that, because often I would find Roger wearing nothing but boxer shorts and Dorothy with a Turkish robe over nothing more than a panty. As I settled down in that house and in my work at the University, I began enjoying the friendliness of the whole family.

This story is about my experience with this wonderful family. I was 22 years old at that time. I knew Roger and Dorothy were very close, because they often hugged and kissed in front of Kevin and me.

Exchange students

He just stared at my breasts, breathing heavily. Kevin and I shared a bathroom which was in the passageway, which led to our bedrooms. At the time this story happened, I measured I had my first sexual experience in high school when I went out with the son of our neighbours whom I had known since childhood.

His bedroom was towards the front of the house overlooking the pool. Then I worked my way inside, and pulled it out.

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He always stared at my breasts, or legs. I told him to leave, but he said he wanted to talk to me about the situation earlier. I kissed him on the mouth, and pushed my tongue in. They had a 18 year old son, whose name was Kevin. That evening at dinner, he kept avoiding my eyes, and so I knew he had seen me standing at the window.

I walked up to him, and took his hands in mine. I was horny, and went out in the back yard to cool off. So I motioned him to come closer, and dropped my towel.

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I stayed with a host family who lived outside Philadelphia. He was just reacting to his hormones. Dorothy was gorgeous, with a medium build, about my size, with firm, full breasts, and long legs. So I pushed him down on his back and straddled him, feeling his stiff cock against my panty.

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I watched with curiosity, trying to figure out what he was doing. But I kept getting hornier thinking about you. He moaned and started fumbling with my breasts as we kissed. I saw him grimace a little, and knew he was close to orgasm. It was a beautiful place. I pulled the cock all the way out, and began stroking it. I quickly stepped back, not wanting him to find me watching him.

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I slipped off him, and knelt on the carpet as he lay on the bed, resting in his elbows. I had noticed that Roger was also very friendly, and when Dorothy was not around, may be too friendly. He was about 42 and his wife was about Roger was quite handsome and in good shape although not like an athlete or a body builder. One weekend, I was sitting in my bedroom, reading a book. They had a nice mansion, with a tennis court and a swimming pool, and a nice, secluded back yard with a hammock, and many shade trees.

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I looked out into the backyard, and saw Kevin behind the fountain. I already mentioned I was 22 at the time.

Foreign exchange student

Roger was an advertising executive, and Dorothy ran a bookstore in the city. After a while, I got used to it, and actually started getting aroused myself seeing glimpses of naked flesh. Sometimes when he thought no one was looking, Roger would try to fondle Dorothy, or sneak a hand up under her skirt when we lounged around in the living room watching TV.

They were pretty casual about clothing around the house, too. I ignored it because I did not want to cause trouble between him and Dorothy.

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His parents lived on the other side of the second floor, and there was a large hallway in between. It was hot, so I took off my clothes, and sat under the tree for a while.

The foreign exchange student – chapter 1 (school sex stories)

It was obvious from looking at her that she exercised regularly. I pushed him down on it, and stood before him. I have always kept myself in good shape, and have a nice figure.

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I pretended not to know what he was talking about, but he insisted. Then he stiffened and started jerking himself rapidly. Anyway, I turned on the hose and tried to cool off. I pumped him slowly, rubbing the tip, and the sensitive ring, as I watched his face.

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It felt so good. The force of the water felt so good against the skin that I pointed it to my… you know. I saw him shudder and ejaculate, and at the same time, look up in the direction of the house. Dorothy especially was very nice, and always greeted me with a warm smile.

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