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Erotic Rectal Exam Stories


She looked up from her appetizer to see the question in his blue-gray eyes. She reached into her purse and passed him the slip of paper, looking away. Moments later she looked up at his comment. Exactly as she wanted. It was their arrangement.

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Anyway, I can't really remember all of the terms he used and his explanations and all that, so this is all going to sound pretty difficult to believe, and you'll probably think I am the most gullible moron around, but I promise you - if you had been there, you probably would have believed it too! There are a lot of nerves back there, and it made for some pretty intense sensations. He told me he couldn't detect any s of fissures anywhere that his fingers could reach. My ass was so tight around his fingers. He asked me to remove all of my clothes and lay down on the exam table on my side, with my legs pulled up to my chest in the fetal position.

Again, I'm not gay or anything, but each new thing he told me he'd have to do turned me on as much as it freaked me out, probably just because of the thrill of experimentation. in Part 2. I just stayed on my side for a moment, trying to get it to go down.

But as it turns out, the exam had only barely begun.

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Basically he thought there may be small tears in the walls of my colon. I'm straight, so I don't know. I'm going to need to get the colon tighter around my fingers. He had his fingers all the way in when he stopped and said, "Well, I can't seem to find anything abnormal. I started to feel my dick getting harder.

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He said, "Try to relax," and he started shoving his finger in again. He told me I could sit up. I realized that he was using two fingers! Bisexual anal gay doctor medical reluctant fingered first gay awkward uncomfortable anal examination. Only it was way more intense this time. Then it felt like he was maybe bending his finger, because I could feel a lot more pressure on the inside of my ass as he worked his finger all around. Plus, I just couldn't help but to start getting a little excited by the taboo nature of it all.

I heard him sticking his finger in his mouth and sucking on it to get it wet. So he couldn't use a colonoscopy to examine me, because the anal camera thing wasn't biological, but he urgently needed to check for fissures, because if I had some, I'd have to have them treated immediately. He said he couldn't even use a latex glove when he examined me. He started doing this over and over again, turning his finger all around to reach Erotic rectal exam stories areas that he could.

After the fact, however, it seemed awfully suspicious, and I think parts of it may have just been for his own pleasure. I twitched a little when he started rubbing his finger around my anus to lube it up. Famous Story. He pulled up a chair and explained that he was going to perform a rectal exam, but he wouldn't be able to use standard lubricant, as it wasn't a biological substance, so the only choice he had was saliva.

Score 4. Honestly, I've fingered myself up there before, just wondering what it would feel like. for Free! But I've always been too embarrassed to ask a girlfriend to try it, so that was the first time I've ever had anyone else's finger in my ass. I climbed up on the table like he asked. I was so nervous I thought I might throw up. I thought he would leave the room but he just kind of stood there as I got naked. If he noticed he didn't say anything. I was relieved, more about the exam Erotic rectal exam stories over than about my good health. It was somehow a mixture of agonizing and pleasurable.

He said, "Hmmm, I'm not finding anything. He really slowly pushed them in deeper and deeper, and I think I actually groaned out loud. But I had a semi-erection. Published 8 years ago. Then he said, "You're going to feel some pressure, just try to relax," as he slowly pushed his finger into my ass. It was all I could do not to run from the room!

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Then he pulled it back out and pushed it in again. My Wild Anal Exam, Part 1 "The true Erotic rectal exam stories of my doctor's unusual exam that made this straight college boy very uncomfortable" 7 Votes 7. I could feel myself starting to get a little aroused, and I was so embarrassed! He had one hand on my ass like he needed to steady himself or something, and he was kind of inadvertently squeezing it while he was pushing his fingers into me over and over again.

It was fairly uncomfortable, but it was really rather pleasurable too, which was mortifying because I've never thought of myself as someone who'd feel any sexual pleasure from another guy. But to complicate things, he said it looked fairly likely that I also suffered from some other condition whose name I don't remember that made me extremely susceptible to infection from any non-biological substance.

His medical explanations sounded very legitimate. It was both awkward and kind of pleasurable all at once. Then I slowly sat up, doing my best to hide my dick with my hands. I've even used two fingers. I just pretended like it was a girl back there, so I wouldn't feel gay.

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I was having some weird pains and my roommate convinced me to see a doctor. He said he suspected a combination of conditions, one of which was anal fissures, or something like that. It felt a little weird. So I'd like to say I was helpless, but really, I could have just said no and walked out at any time.

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He asked me to reach back and pull open my cheeks, so I did. I wasn't quite sure what he meant, but believe me, later I found out! The doctor was very friendly, and he had a way of putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable. When I could feel the rest of his fist up against my anus, he just kind of kept it there, with his fingers all the way inside of me, and started moving them around a little.

So if I did have any fissures "up there" and anything other than biological material came in contact with them, something harmful could directly enter my body right through the anal walls and it could be disastrous and even fatal.

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When he'd pull his bent finger partway out, it would kind of stretch my ass a little, and I kept twitching every time. He said he hoped that the fissures would present themselves within a few inches of my rectum, otherwise this exam wouldn't suffice. I have to admit, it turned out to feel pretty pleasurable for me too.

I was so mortified.

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Then he returned to his chair and I heard him sucking on his finger again. But he started sliding his apparently massive fingers in and out of my ass, and turning them all around, and my penis started to get a mind of its own. He was probably in his mid-forties, and I suppose he'd be considered pretty attractive, if you're a girl or a gay guy. He slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper.

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So I found one and made an appointment to have it checked out. During the course of the exam, he explained what he thought was wrong and what he'd have to do to check it out, and at the time it all sounded very professional. Luckily I didn't think he could see my penis from where he was, so I had some time to try to stop it from getting too erect before he was done and I'd have to sit up where he could see it.

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Normally we both work the day shift, but a week ago one of the doctors on the graveyard shift was away at a medical convention and Julie agreed to work his shift.

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