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Erotic hanging stories liked pick female that wants flirtbook

Erotic Hanging Stories


The human neck is too fragile to play at death. The story is presented here as a fantasy story and in no way should the scenes contained be attempted in real life. She thought he was very handsome in his western jacket, string tie and boots. He made an ironic tilt with his head, then stood up.

Name: Winne

My age: I'm 23 years old
Where am I from: Japanese
Tone of my iris: I’ve got dark gray-green eyes
Color of my hair: Bushy redhead hair
My body features: My body features is medium-build
I like to drink: Stout
I have piercing: My piercing is cheek piercing
Tattoo: None

I knew I had to do this hanging thing again. I looked through knot tying books till I found it.

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I stepped up on the platform and to my surprise it was very stable. I just wanted to stand on the platform to see how long it took the ice to melt and collapse the platform. I was able to lift enough weight off to get a little air.

Two hours later the platform was still solid. I peeled the carton off the ice and stood it in a bucket in the living room floor.

At last I was able to sit up and noticed the wet spot on the carpet between my legs. I flipped the switch that started the vibrations in the dildo. It was not his fault I just could not think of anything but the hanging.

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I had become a different person because my mind could not think of anything except what it was like that day on the rope. I took some half gallon milk cartons and cut the tops off and taped them together.

The rope slipped up high on my neck as I dropped four inches. I collapsed on to the carpeted floor and lay there for about an hour. I wondered if I could use it for the reverse process. A second orgasm hit me and I began to dance at the end of the rope.

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All the time I remembered the thrill and the orgasms that came at the end of the rope. I thought about trying to find someone else to help me but this was personal now and wanted to do it myself. I wiggled around a little and it held perfectly. I knew I was obsessed by this time. I felt the air stop flowing into my lungs as the rope jerked my neck up. Even with one missing I was able to stand on the tips of my toes and get the air I so desperately needed. I knew I would have to clean the spot off before my husband returned home.

I hung there and felt the blood rush to my face and felt the pressure in my lungs. The next several months I worked on all the details. I took these things home and set the blocks on end and set the plywood on Erotic hanging stories. My husband was out of town so I knew I had plenty of time. Only this time I wanted to do it with no chance of escape. I started trying to untie the knot but it was too tight. The ice was a little short but it was close enough. The orgasm made me want to gasp for air but the rope cut off the air.

I sat down on the couch and rubbed my pussy through my shorts as I looked at the noose. I quickly stood back on my toes and worked on the knot once again. This puzzled me for a long time till I happened to get an idea from a bondage magazine. By body came alive as the vibrating dildo sent waves of pleasure through my body.

I cleaned up Erotic hanging stories carpet and took the rope down and hid all the evidence of my hanging. I set the three wood blocks on end and placed the plywood on top. I was about to black out, as the thoughts of dying hit me, my foot found the books. A shocking thought hit my mind and I jumped up and ran to the bedroom mirror. I put on a pair of pants and a turtle neck and was relieved the shirt hid the mark well. I thought the shorter ice might be better because that would put most of the weight on the ice.

I cut a hole in the long side to fill it with water. Then suddenly I felt myself falling on the floor as the ice gave way. I gazed at my neck in the mirror and there was a bright red line across my neck where the rope and dug into it.

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I did not particularly want to die but knew if I did it alone there was no other way to do it. The guilt was subsiding and I was beginning to think about the next time. I went back to look at the rope as I waited for the water to freeze. People use ice to make a timing device for bondage.

The next matter was how to climb on something that I could not get back on Erotic hanging stories also take the hanging out of my control. I reached a foot back to find the stack of books that would take lift my weight off the rope. I got the ladder and tied the rope on the hook once again, after carefully measuring the length. Fear raced through me at the thought I may die at the end of the rope. It finally loosened and the rope slipped from around my neck.

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I felt like I was going to black out and reached up to grab the rope above me. It was not long before an orgasm racked my body. I knew that I came close to dying at the end of that rope. I wanted it to be unexpected without my having to do anything.

The dildo did its job and it took only a few second for my orgasm. All the energy in my body seemed to have been sucked out through my pussy. I thought that I was not going to do this again because I had almost and fucked up. I went to the home center and bought four 4x4 would blocks two feet long and a piece of plywood one foot by one foot.

The block was solid enough for my purposes today. I stepped on the platform and the noose hit me in the face. I panicked at first, at having to hide this mark from anyone. The thought of putting the noose around my neck was tempting but this was not the right time. I struggled on the rope and that only made things worse. I was starting to panic and yet the biggest orgasm of my life it me. My husband and I became Erotic hanging stories and it seemed we argued all the time. I tried to lift the rope off my neck but with the missing book I was not Erotic hanging stories enough to get it off.

Even as I fidgeted on my tired feet the platform did not collapse. I gathered my senses and got back to the task at hand. I realized that during my struggles I had kicked one of the books off. I knew the rope was not in the best position but it would do for now. Finally I had to relax my toes and I felt the rope pull tight around my neck once again. The only thing I could come up with was a chair but that required me to kick it out of the way. I felt my neck and it hurt a lot. Weeks passed as did the mark on my neck.

After four hours I checked the water and it was solid, even though I could tell it need more time in the freezer. I realized I would be wearing turtle necks shirts for a while. I took a deep breath and stepped off the books. It took a while to master, but the final looked professional.

I placed the water in the freezer and waited for it to freeze solid. They could not release themselves till the ice melted. My toes and legs were starting to tire and knew i could not stand in this position much long.

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