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Enema Torture Stories


Danielle lay quietly on the bed, heart racing at what she had overheard. Curling tighter into her fetal position she shivered at the thought of having to endure such a thing. He was a man who liked routine, so his punishment scenarios rarely changed. She'd kneel at the bottom edge of the bed, face down in a pillow, ass in the air, legs spread wide. It was humbling, this holes-exposed-for-punishment position, and just being in it could cause her tears to flow.

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Women of the noble class and above need not worry about performing any kind of manual labor, instead they will perform tasks that benefit society on the whole in some way, shape, or form. Male members of the society will be the dominant portion of the relationship.

We arrive at the space dock, and I was unlocked long enough to be stripped naked and led down a short hallway into a small white room with an evil looking chair in the middle of it. It took a while to arrive to the planet from earth. Only a select few choose to commit crimes under these heightened punishments. The guard in the shuttle tells me this, and also tells me that there is nothing on the planet that could be combined and used to get off world.

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Almost nothing of my former self was evident on the outside, but the doc did well, I was drop dead gorgeous. In actual practice, one tends to get bored of everything very quickly, and eventually runs out of things in the universe to do.

They will be taught what their new society expects from them, and what they can expect for any violations of the rules. Which is why we eventually reserved that torture to the worst offenders known to mankind, those that rape, murder, torture, commit genocide, etc. Both groups will perform different functions in society, as they did during the times of ancient earth.

On the planet hell

The male member of a household is responsible for enforcing any court ordered stipulation as a result of rule-breaking. The planet has one way in and one way off of it, through a tower that connects the surface with a space dock.

They are bound by the rules set forth by the royal class, and have the next best accommodations to them. Not wanting to make things any worse for myself, I did, and at first it felt like a mouth guard. In all cases, some form of Corporal Punishment is used on the prisoners. I began to panic as his voice came on a speaker and he told me, that this would hurt some. Any resemblance to characters or persons real or fake, living or Dead is strictly coincidental. Failure to do so will cause the male to be punished, and the original punishment to be increased.

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My name is Michelle, and before I came to the planet I did some of the worst things a person can do to another person. Enema torture stories idea of living forever is great. He then flipped a switch, and every muscle in my body screamed in agony for what seemed like forever, and then I must have passed out. The cell began to move out, as I realized that Enema torture stories was inset into the wall, the cell moved out as far as it wanted tothen moved down, eventually, it stopped moving down, and then it rotated my head upwards, as I neared the ground. I noticed that my breasts jiggled every time I moved.

They have accommodations with the least amount of niceties. Fears of the new punishments for crimes and the prison planet have all but halted crime in the universe. Then I heard a clicking sound on either side of me, and the thing in my mouth expanded, forcing my jaw open past the point of comfort.

When I came to, I was lying in a cell with an orange jumpsuit on feeling like I was just hit with a sack of bricks. He brought me into a sterile-looking medical room, where there were about fifty chairs, about half of them full, with naked women in them, their legs splayed out, showing all of their most intimate parts. Female prisoners can expect to stay in a boarding house until chosen by a man. They are not allowed to dole out punishment to any member of society. Now I knew why my feet were restrained up against the wall.

And I was still in a lot of pain to top it all off, so I went to sleep again, only to be awoken some time later by the sound of a guard clanking on some cell bars telling me to wake up. He told me to sit in the chair, which had its leg holders down and in a sitting position, exactly like all of the other empty chairs, but nothing like the reclined position with the legs splayed out that the occupied chairs had.

Another part is the deliberate physical and mental torture of prisoners proportionate to the physical and mental torture that they caused their victims. This story is Fictional.

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Some of the noble class is tasked with policing the population of the sector in which they have jurisdiction. Each royal branch is in charge of a relatively small sector of the planet. He also mentions that there is a force field around the planet that would stop any object from leaving or entering it. They loaded me into a shuttle, chained down like the dog that I was, for the entire trip. The guard marched me to the first open chair, and told me to take off my jumpsuit.

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And it looked as though I would be stuck this way for the rest of my life, Enema torture stories at least I looked good. As the door closed behind me, I saw that the door had no handle on the inside of it. Those prisoners will live on as females, their Y chromosome genetically suppressed.

My original name was Michael, and I was sentenced for crimes, including one of a Sexual nature. Because of the nature of my crimes, the judge ordered that I undergo Y-suppression upon arrival. When my body was completely strapped down, the guard brought over a devious looking device and told me to open my mouth.

They would be shipped to a prison planet in a nearby solar system, and be made to live out the rest of eternity on that planet where they would be constantly punished for their crimes against humanity. When he was satisfied with his own ranting, he pushed a green button on the wall, which brought a clear box down around me.

Careful not to move, I waited for the guard to tell me to move. Humanity found out that life without the possibility of death was the worst torture a person could endure.

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Both male and female prisoners will be sterilized, so that there will be no chance of procreation on the planet. Women of the Royal class will provide their personal opinions to their husbands, during court. The noble class is the last class that a member of society could possibly move into on their own merit.

Torture island

They will re-learn all that they should have learned as children growing up, and when they graduate from their rehabilitation, they will take their place in society, after their next punishment cycle, of course. When I took the jumpsuit off, I realized that it was the only thing that I was wearing. In essence, ones who originally were modified did everything, got bored, and eventually committed suicide to end it all. He then called me Michelle. And there are fewer and fewer repeat offenders every year. He asked if I liked it, but then told me to shut up as soon as I started to answer him.

I would have walked around a little, but the cell was literally this bed I was lying in, the bars prevented me from getting out of bed, the ceiling kept me from sitting up or standing, not to mention that I was locked down onto the bed with ankle restraints, wrist restraints, and a neck restraint.

When I was vertical, the guard told me to not make any sudden moves. He pushed a button, and my restraints popped open. Male Prisoners Enema torture stories be expected to work in the place of society that they are in. The peasant class is in charge of performing the manual labor of society. When chosen, the female is expected to be subservient to her new husband.

Enema torture story

The last class in the society is the peasant class. Only those chosen by the warden may become a royal. The celling began to move, or more accurately, a mirror emerged from its hiding place in the wall, and I got to look at myself as a girl for the first time. He then proceeded Enema torture stories list some modifications to things like my jawline, my torso, and I remember him saying distinctly that he thought 38dd would be a nice breast size for me, and continued to list the modifications that he wanted to make.

This made these stories all the more interesting. The Planet of the Damned to hell was established in by the 1 st earth High Chancellor as part of a decree that any violators of the most vicious crimes known to humankind would be subject to the cruelest punishment of all. When he did, I followed him as he instructed.

On the planet hell

Classes in society are determined by attributes such as Physical and mental abilities, and not on why they are on planet. Those nobles have the ability to arrest any member of the population for any Enema torture stories as described by the laws of the planet, or by the rules of the sector, including members of the royal class.

Women of the gentry class need only worry about running their own dwelling. They may set rules for their dwelling. The guard told me to sit in the chair. I got into the chair once the guard yelled at me again, bringing me back to the situation. Part of all cyclical punishments on the prison planet include making the prisoner feel what their victims felt just prior to death in the case of murderers.

Below the noble class is the Gentry class, which has better accommodations than the Peasant class, but worse accommodations than those of the noble class. For each sector, there are only 10 members of the royal class.

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Those prisoners that were born males would remain male on the planet, performing labor to support their livelihood between punishment cycles, except those whose crimes included those of a sexual nature. Women of the peasant class can expect to perform duties outside of the dwelling, as well as standard homemaking tasks. They can grant eternal life through one of these modifications, which has proven to be one of the worst forms of torture known to mankind. Just below that in status is the noble class, who perform upper management duties according to their areas of expertise.

The center will dole out the punishments there. During the rehabilitation period, prisoners will be stripped of a lifetime of poor decision making, and rebuilt with a strong sense of right and wrong. Enema torture stories again, when I placed my body into the chair, it automatically locked me into it. I also noticed that I really needed to pee.

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I also noticed that the women had no clothing nearby them. The gentry class is your frontline supervisors of society; they often work alongside the peasants they command to get things done, and are responsible for the work being performed adequately as per the instructions given to them by the nobles they report to.

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The scientists who helped build this perpetual Hell have the ability to modify the human genetic code.

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