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Due to serious illness, Amy House, the author of the first three chapters, was unable to continue writing The Girl Bully. She invites and encourages others who are inspired to do so to continue the story for her. The Girl Bully Kelly is a fourteen year old girl bully who loves forcing younger kids of both sexes to engage in embarrassing and humiliating acts. Henderson has had it with the constant disrespect and misbehavior of her three sons, ages 12, 10 and 8, making life miserable for her and their three older sisters.

Name: Adora

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What is my gender: Girl
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I looked at each of their faces, and knew that it would only be a matter of weeks before I was teaching the class butt-naked. He paused, and the meaning was clear. He reached out a hand, and placed a finger in my dripping chest hair. I stood once more, turned back to face them, glad that my ass was once again out of sight, and glad that my shit had fallen again to cover the tip of my dick.

I had planned the next step too, but I was debating it. Bookshelves lined the walls. For a moment, everything was silent, my students hardly breathing. I needed to get myself to calm down before Cody claimed his reward. I positioned it directly in front of me, where, if I stayed still, it would cover my cock.

Cracking the door open, I could see that the hallway was empty. Then my drive home would be a thirty minute drive across the city. Then the air started to lick at Embarrassed nude male stories thick thighs, as Cody still slowly slipped the pants down to reveal each thick hairy thigh.

My slacks now slipped past my knees, but Cody was holding on, preventing them from just sliding down to my ankles. I waited for a few seconds, watching, waiting to see if anyone would show up. I stood at the front of the classroom the next afternoon, looking out over the men, who were definitely more attentive than they had been before. If all else failed, I could pull out one of the bigger books and hold it over my crotch. I crept past a few classrooms. Filed under ENM gayerotica. I had ed Cody to start with my pants, because I wanted my students to know that I meant business. I was in no rush to go out on the campus bare-ass naked, so I decided to spend the next twenty minutes stapling together Embarrassed nude male stories blank paper I could find in my office.

I felt the blood flowing down toward my groin as I imagined stepping out into the hallway naked. With the poncho covering most of me, I rotated the messenger bag to my back side, where it would cover my ass, if, god-forbid, anything happened to the poncho. That way we all get a souvenir. And without being able to stop it, I felt precum bubble up and out of my exposed head. His eyes travelled up and down my naked body.

Then I bent over slowly to pull the slacks off. The end result was a paper poncho, which when draped over my body fell down to my knees. It hurt, and I could feel the messenger bag and my cock swaying back and forth with every footfall. I hurried across the office, my penis flopping back and forth at each step, and locked the door. Then I realized that waiting only increased the chances that someone would show up, while I was the most naked I intended to be on the walk to my car. The class catcalled and cheered, as Cody grabbed the waistband of my slacks with one hand and used his other hand to push my shirt up to my belly button to make sure the class could see the slow strip-tease.

He wanted his classmates to get a show, and so did I. He controlled their fall, revealing my veiny runner calves slowly, until finally he let go as the slacks pooled around my ankles.

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Lock the door. The idea of having twenty men circling me, fully clothed, tearing away my final piece of clothing and leaving me stark naked in front of them excited me more than I wanted to admit. While I looked around my office for anything that I could use to cover myself, I noticed that the door was unlocked. Suggesting that Cody strip me and take my clothes with him had been exciting in the moment, but now, as I stood completely naked in the center of my office the nerves were settling in.

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The tip of my firm cock, still sticking out from the waistband of my jockstrap was the first thing they saw as the slacks inched down, and the class screamed with delight. I could see a few students in the back shake their he, and I knew that they had done the same math, and they were planning to sit back and watch as their classmates took away my clothes.

I had debated whether I would start or end each class with the undressing, but it seemed like my students had made that decision for me, because all eyes were trained on my body, waiting. I tried, fairly-unsuccessfully, to cover my erect penis, but the head still poked out between my wrists. None of us could really believe that I, as their teacher now stood pantsed, the tip of my very firm penis still in sight, while the rest of my privates were still fairly exposed in what was clearly my skimpiest jockstrap: a navy pouch too small to hold in my full erection.

The class fell silent as Cody unbuttoned my slacks, and then his fingers brushed over my crotch as he fiddled with my zipper.

Then I turned back to survey my office. Then my students cheered once more, and Cody stood next to me, still waiting to claim a second pair of my slacks as his own.

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I walked across the office, the leather of my messenger bag rubbing against my penis. I had to keep reminding myself that this would all be worth it, if it meant my students would find enjoyment in their writing. The walk from my office to the parking lot was about five minutes, if I took the less used paths.

Some of the offices in my buildings had curtains, but being a newer teacher, I had been put in an office without a window, so that option was out.

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Anyone could walk by, as I was waving my ass around trying to lock my office door. What reward will they get? And standing in front of them, with all of their expectant faces, I wondered if I broke whatever rules they thought existed, it might encourage them to break the rules and just steal all my clothes during the next class.

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Worse, within thirty seconds of stepping outside, I could feel the paper growing soggy, limp, and weak. I rolled off my desk, my bare feet pressing into the carpet, my dick swinging freely. Pull on the poncho. Then I opened Dorian Gray, and placed it over my stiff cock.

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No one had seen me in the building, but outside, rain cascaded across the campus. My face flushed, and my cock was fully erect behind the messenger bag, as I worried someone might show up, while my ass was exposed to the whole hallway. If I moved fast enough, I tried to rationalize, I could make it to my car before the paper between me and near total nudity disintegrated in the deluge.

I whirled around to see who had caught me. Or, your other option is you can schedule a five minute conference in my office, where I will meet you Embarrassed nude male stories. I drove a small car, so most cars would be able to look down into my car and get the full body view. The doors were closed, but I felt a rush of panic and excitement, as I heard voices rumbling behind the hardwood. I walked through the English building, my bare feet slapping against the tile floors.

I realized as I prepared to leave that I needed to be able to unlock the door and relock it on the other side, which meant that the poncho would have to go, until I was back on the other side of the door, which meant that I would have to step out into the hallway naked, except for my messenger bag. Fortunately, I got the door locked, and pulled the poncho over myself without anyone else seeing me.

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You will not take pictures of me without my permission and you will not touch me without my permission. I had told Cody that I would sneak out to my car and drive home naked. I doubted it. The class grumbled, and I knew that they could tell I was stalling. I debated for a second whether my modesty or my novel mattered more, and ultimately ended up sliding the messenger bag back in front of myself, and placing Dorian Gray back in the main pocket.

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Still, I needed to set the firm rules now, while I had all of their attention. When I got out of the shower, I pulled on a tight jockstrap, because I wanted to further stress the fact that I meant business.

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I assumed that Cody and Seth had spread the word about seeing me naked, and maybe they had shared a few more details too. I tried to ignore it, but I could feel myself stiffening with all of the pressure.

I told myself that I would only wear a jockstrap this first day, then I would wear more modest underwear to class, but I wondered now if they would allow me to cover up anything that I revealed. Step out. I could feel the eyes on my legs and crotch, hungry as more and more skin showed. I folded up the paper poncho, and held it tightly in one hand, placed my copy of Dorian Gray in my messenger bag, and held my keys in my free hand. I knew there was little left to the imagination, but I knew that this much exposure would light a desperation for my eventual nudity in most of my students.

My messenger bag was slung over the back of my chair, and I knew that that would have to be used to maintain some sort of modesty. The first one is that at the beginning of class, you can come to the front of the class, and look down the front of my underwear. I allowed myself to smile, thinking that Oscar Wilde would probably have an orgasm if he knew where his book would end up.

He stepped closer, and we were close enough to touch. But I decided to follow through with the original plan, and I turned my back on the class, letting them take in my bare ass framed by the elastic of my jockstrap. I shuddered at the touch, noticing how the rain had made his typically tight clothes cling to the muscles underneath.

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I slung the messenger bag over my head, the strap crossing across my body. I flushed, but continued to hold my hands out to my sides to allow the show. I breathed in, pushed open the door, and sprinted out into the rain, my bare feet pounding against the concrete.

Nothing else was presenting itself as a way to maintain modesty, except for a notebook on my desk. Then, under the safety of the poncho, place the book in front of me.

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And the poncho was precarious at best, but there was nothing else I could do. I slipped out the door, fumbled with the keys, and got the door locked. My face burned as I felt my ass cheeks separate and my students gasped and cheered as I pulled the slacks over my shoes. Slowly my jockstrap grew more and more exposed, the navy clinging tightly to the shaft of my erection. I had a debt that I had promised to pay, and the time to start undressing had come. When I got to the exterior doors, my heart sank.

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