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Ebony foot fetish stories baby seek men to chat

Ebony Foot Fetish Stories


for Free! Score 4 4. Published 6 years ago. Her arse was the size of a melon.

Name: Harriott

My age: I'm over thirty
Where am I from: Spanish
Color of my eyes: I’ve got soft hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Golden
I like: Doing puzzles

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Alicia jerked his long, black cock with her left hand and she kneaded his huge, hairy, heavy black balls with her right hand as she continued to suck his cock. This story was submitted by AJ. Back to the Story Gallery. When they arrived at the club, they met with a guy who they had flirted with recently. And me, with my 5 inch white dick, I was just not enough for her. She then wrapped her high, wrinkled arches around his big, black rod. Alicia laid on the floor and kicked her shoes off. At one point she continued to herk his dick with her hand as she sucked, sniffed, and licked his heavy, huge balls.

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This story is for adults only. She screamed so loud, because for a girl who has had tons of sex, this was actually a new idea to her. Sure Alicia's had her bare feet planted on some black stud's chest as he pounded her big, wet cunt but she had never used her feet to pleasure a man before.

She told him how good and sweaty he smelled as she began to suck the swollen head of his dick into her mouth.

That's when she knew she had to have it. Her red toenails scrapping his shaft as she continued to pump it up and down. She'd go out to bars and clubs and get drunk, do some drugs and dance. It was during one of these fuckings that I yelled out in ecstacy that I wanted her to have slutty feet.

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Please feel free to me your comments about the story. Up until she met me, she had been a typical whore for black cock. I asked her to marry me the next day. Shooting on the bottoms of her toes and her wrinkled soles as well as the tops of her feet and her red toenails. Her measurements are 40DD Huge, round firm tits, tiny waist and a big round ass. From the first day I met her she made it clear to me that she was a slut.

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Lord knows you wouldn't be the only one to know about her goods. Alicia locked the door and dropped to her knees. Her pussy is big, stretched and hairy but supersexy. Her toenails are perfectly pedicured with slightly long, cherry-red toenails.

He moaned as her toes continued to massage his huge black balls. But I have always had a thing for sexy female feet. It was a Friday night and Alicia was going out with two of her friends to a local club. Alicia says there's nothing like a big, thick, black dick pounding into the back of her pussy, stretching it until she nearly passes out in an intense orgasm.

He looked down and said, "Yeah, very nice. It was also jet black.

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All the while looking at how white her feet looked on his black cock. This story may be reposted with credit given to the original author AJ Cummytoes aol. Her long, soft toes worked up and down his dick like a hand. And on a few occasions, she has let a few of those dark cocks fuck her asshole too. She continued to rub his black cock and balls until he went limp. Cum was everywhere. I would suck her toes all the time.

Alicia then wrapped her toes around his dick and began to jerk it off very hard and very fast with her feet.

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This was the first of many footjobs that she'd give to black guys. Alicia stood up and looked down at her open-toed clogs with her long red toenails sticking out. She'd reject any white guys who even tried to talk to her but when the black guys hit on her, well, she'd wind up sucking some ebony rod in a bathroom, car or even in the street.

He said sure. We would love to talk to other people who might have similar experiences. When they danced, this guy grinded his huge cock against Alicia's fat ass. But her best feature has got to be her feet. It was a few days later that Alicia got her first chance.

You see, Alicia has an addiction to big, huge, thick black cocks. His breathing became heavier as he enjoyed the footjob. And even if we became a couple, she would continue to sleep around. She began to slowly jerk her feet up and down the length of his black shaft. Let me describe her to you. This is a true story.

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He moaned and moaned as she pleasured him with a sexy toes. He said he'd love to try it. Only 24 years old with deep sky-blue eyes and the face of an angel.

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They retreated to the bathroom, which was a single bathroom for either sex. My wife Alicia has always been a slut. She stands at 5'9, lbs. He screamed that he was going to cum. And I'd lick the soft, wrinkled soles of her feet while I fucked into her loose, hairy cumbox.

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As usual, they were looking to get some dick. They drank and danced. Later that night, Alicia dropped by my apartment and gave me my first footjob with her cum-soakedslutty, used feet.

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Big, dark, black dick. Great Feet Foot Fetish Menu.

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A very big, very dark-skinned black guy. He had with him a friend. As the massive ebony cock bobbed in her face, she took her nose and pressed it against the underneath of his dick. Long, sexy, smooth legs ending in silky-soft, pale, slutty size 8 feet. She pulled out his big, black dick from his jeans and moaned when it sprang out. We talked about it and she decided she'd get to work on giving her first footjob to a black man as soon as possible.

She asked him if he thought she had nice feet.

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She did this for about 5 minutes and then asked him if he minded if she could try something different. She let these guys fuck and stretch her pussy too. Alicia loved it. This guy started hitting on Alicia right away and she came on strong with him. She'd moan and tell me the only reason she got off being with me sexually is the fact that she can't really feel me inside her and it makes her feel so hot and naughty to know that it turns me on so much that she's a slut. It must have been at least 9 inches long and pretty thick.

As he stood there, Alicia lifted her feet towards his dick and first began to rub her pale soft toes all over his heavy nutsack, churning the cum inside. Alicia pumped her right foot up and down his big, black dick and she cupped the toes of her left foot right over the huge, black, swollen head of his cock as spurt after spurt of his thick cum began to shoot out and soaked her toes.

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It all started when I went to the strip club on the black side of town.

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One hot summer day a few years back, my gorgeous stepdaughter, who was 16 at the time, came in from doing her chores and complained that all the work she had done had made her legs and feet sore.

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As we had broken up from University for summer break and we had a trip to England planned where I come fromI was in jovial spirits and was invited for a night out with my girlfriend, Jennifer and some of her friends.