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Dragonball Sex Story


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The smirk was gone as he watched her pleading movements. Bulma wondered. Standing up, Bulma decided that she was in no mood to deal with the Saiyan Prince right now- or to fix the gravity room! She could feel herself getting wetter as his intense gaze burned into her inner core. She needed him too much. She grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her body.

She growled as she heard his voice again.

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But … she was too turned on right now to be angry at him. Bulma shivered. His greedy eyes hungrily devoured her gorgeous face, those big, blue eyes that a man could drown in, those plump, full lips that begged for kisses. Unnoticed, that is, until Vegeta began to advance on her menacingly, but suddenly stopped, staring at her luscious, nude body.

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And not just from her bath, either! Bulma's eyes widened as Vegeta smirked. Just as she was about to slam her door for effect, who should suddenly appear in the doorway in front of her-due to his Saiyan speed-but Vegeta! It's about time he learned that he can't push Bulma Briefs around! Bulma sighed and laid her head back against the rim of the tub as she covered her face with her hands. He then used the same technique to tie her legs apart, each to a different bedpost, until they were spread incredibly wide, and she was completely open to him.

His eyes, seemingly with great effort, managed to lift from her gyrating pussy up to her own pleading blue eyes.

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And then, his gaze fell to the center of her passion. She had been so close!

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When he finally reached the foot of the bed, he stopped, staring at the part of her exposed by her parted legs. I need to train! He began to slowly walk around the bed, never taking his eyes of f her. However, her arms wouldn't budge. That one word seemed to do so many things to him. His eyes widened as he realized that she was already dripping wet. His expression was completely serious, his eyes filled with desire, as he slowly came towards her, climbing onto the bed and moving towards her, until he lay in between her legs. This was just like another one of her many fantasies starring Vegeta ….

In the struggle, Bulma's towel fell unnoticed to the floor. But appearing in front of her so suddenly like that had startled her, and she knew that he wasn't in a good mood, due to the failure Dragonball sex story the gravity room to perform up to his rigorous standards of abuse. I'm not your servant! By: Tina Lang Bulma's lemon fantasy mixes with the lemon reality in her bedroom!

Bulma just stood there, trembling. ThereBulma thought smugly, that should show him! She was still wet-in more ways than one, much to her annoyance. The mood was totally ruined now, and she knew that Vegeta would be on her case in a matter of minutes, trying to get her to fix his stupid gravity room. She liked it a lot.

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He could do whatever he wanted, be gentle or rough, his power over her was complete. His gaze then roved down past the long, slender neck that he longed to bite, those plump, perky breasts that entreated his attentions, the flat planes of her stomach, those long, long legs that he could Dragonball sex story easily imagine wrapped around his waist.

The dildo slipped from Bulma's slick passage into the cooled bathwater as her hand flew up to her chest in shock at the rude interruption. She yelled, just as loudly as Vegeta had earlier, "Go fix your own fucking gravity room! Her secret fantasy of taking Vegeta as her lover had been about to reach its climax-and more importantly, she had been about to reach her own climax, as well!

She thought furiously, Vegeta has the worst timing of anyone I know! Disclaimer: Don't own it, never will. And she knew, from the smirk on his face, that he was aware of this fact.

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His arms were folded across his chest in that trademark manner of hisand that sexy smirk never left his face, even as his eyes roamed down the nude body laid out on the satin sheets before him like an offering. He'd wanted to do this for a long time … but what he didn't know was that she'd wanted it, too! So don't sue. Get down here and fix the fucking gravity room now!

They stayed like that for several long minutes, staring at each other, drowning in one another's eyes. Of his compact, muscular body …. The set expression on his face changed so many different times, with so many different emotions, that Bulma couldn't even tell them apart.

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What's going on here? Bulma shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts. For every step Vegeta took forward, Bulma took a step back. Soon, Bulma couldn't take it anymore, she needed to feel him inside her, and she couldn't wait a second longer. And then a determined look finally appeared, and instead of giving in to her plea, he leaned down and buried his face between her legs.

When she looked down at her legs, she saw that they, too, were tied apart, one ankle secured firmly to each post.

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She was already so wet, so ready, and just from being tied down! Bulma suddenly realized just what Vegeta was looking at, and blushed as she attempted to cover herself, ineffectively, with her bare arms.

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She walked through the connecting door into her bedroom, and then opened the door to the hallway just a crack. Meanwhile, Vegeta was looking up and down her beautiful body, his gaze unhindered. So she made one of the few movements she was still able to make, and thrust her hips upward and forwards as much as she could, begging him silently to take her, letting him know of her overwhelming need for him.

If she hadn't been in such a bad i. Of course, the object of her fantasies would have to choose that exact moment to disrupt her from her daydreams of him!

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Until she felt the satin sheets of her king-size bed against the back of her calves and lost her balance, tumbling backwards onto the large bed. His arms uncrossed and fell to his sides. Blinking with sleepy confusion, Bulma looked up at her arms, each of which was tied to one post of her four-post bed. And though she would never admit it … she liked it. And, honestly … the fact that she was unable to move, and completely at his mercy, turned her on like nothing else. And then the real Vegeta had to show up and ruin everything!

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Bulma just stared up at him with wide eyes as he planted his left knee on the mattress next to her, and planted his right hand next to her head, thus trapping her between his body and the bed. Bulma stifled a groan. She knew she shouldn't be afraid of him, and deep down, she knew that he would never hurt her. Vegeta grabbed both of her wrists in his hand.

Bulma gasped, trying frantically to close the door in his face, but Vegeta placed a single hand on it, and pushed it all the way open. Then, with his other hand, he manipulated his ki, forming a long, blue-white ki rope that wound itself around Bulma's wrists, and then proceeded to wind itself around one of the bedposts, effectively tying her down.

Why can't I move my arms and legs?

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The bastard! Vegeta's smirk had grown now into an ominous grin.

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The Dragon Ball Z Porn is very famous since this series was very important for the anime world in the 90s.

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Goku continued thrusting into her to reach his own release.

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Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin flew to Capsule Corp, ready to see their wives after a long while away.