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Domestic Disipline Stories


Damon Luciano is the son of a powerful mafia boss and Damon Luciano is the son of a powerful mafia boss and has taken over the family business. A week had passed and Ailah was recovering at home. Damon had his men doting on her while he threw himself into his work. He'd promised her he would spend the weekend with her with no distractions.

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He can add to the … Continue reading Maintenance Saturday. Sure, I could have unbuckled it while Sir was away since my hands are not bound and there are no cameras in the … Continue reading Missing Mask Mistake — 14 days later. Ard Ri' is not one for subtlety, so spread liberal amounts of sweet scented lotion on my body and position myself on the bed. Leather-Bound Press We hurt the ones we love the most; it's a subtle form of compliment.

Erotica For All. Anarie Brady. This is my fault.

A taboo story about domestic discipline

Sure, she could just start hacking, … Continue reading Isolation Challenge — Accepted. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. We only live 3 miles from the store, so it would have been easy to go back home … Continue reading Missing Mask Mistake. Succulent Savage Says Tales from a collared babygirl. Last week I complained that the Maintenance Saturdays were becoming too routine.

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Some change. No underclothing of any kind on weekends.

Mark takes domestic discipline to a new level…

The only covering on my body has been my collar and leash. The clothes pins went on. Maintenance Saturday. I will worship him because I love him NOT because he requires it.

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Not yet. My mistake. Milord and I both agreed that it was time for an update.

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I have been quarantined strictly for the last 14 days because I did not wear a mask while grocery shopping. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Blush Erotica. Until he enters me, that is. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. I present myself in Husband's office, nude, hands behind my back, at precisely a. I dread Saturday mornings almost as much as I look forward to them. Some things remain the same. The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle!

Mia Eris Taboo Erotica. We've had our New House Rules for some time now. Milord may also decree a weekday to be sans lingerie at his discretion. The first day, as it turned out, was practice. And waited. Then, I explode. I … Continue reading I will.

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I am me. This is all part of my training. Desi Eroticism Desi Eroticism.

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I set up the room, cleaned it, fresh sheets, fresh flowers, cleaned ALL of the toys, cleaned my body - inside and out, shaved, did my hair, applied make-up. I will accept his discipline because I need it NOT because he does. But the pleasure of his voice praising me combined with the pain cause a gush of pleasure and pride in my body.

Search for:. My blatant disregard for the law and Sir's rule. Milord has decided that I must write a reflection about the last few days. Each day I was not allowed out … Continue reading Reprimand -Reviewed. Like this: Like Loading Voice Of Mechanics Happiness Lies and Jest A few words and photos…. J R Vincente Erotica Writer. But, she couldn't wear them. BDSM Blog. I will kneel before him because I choose to NOT because he forces me.

Mark takes domestic discipline to a new level…

Faye E. Arcand I am a Writer and Author--a mom, an auntie, a friend. I confess whatever I feel I could have done better during that week. I went to the grocery store this morning but when I reached into my purse, I notice I had forgotten my mask.

Our new persons

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He had given me a To Do List and I pretty much blatantly disregarded it.

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Stephanie breezed out of his bathroom, and despite his irritation, her knockout sexiness claimed his complete attention.

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Damon Luciano is the son of a powerful mafia boss and

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