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Dog Fucks Man Stories


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Name: Genevieve

Age: 26
Where am I from: Canadian
Sex: Fem
What is my hair: I have abundant gray hair
I like to drink: I like gin
Smoker: No

Then I started licking the cum and ass juices off of Maxes cock.

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Reader comments on the erotic story. I got down on my knees and grabbed his cock it was a nice big one around 9inches. His name was Bod and he told me that his friends name was Max. That Wednesday evening around there was a knock on the door when I opened the door the man interdosed his self as Bob and he had a Germansheppered with him he said this is Max. I didn't know what to say so I told him to come on in.

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The he stoped and said now I want you to suck off Max. Max was laying on the floor beside me I reached over and started rubbing his cock till the head started to come out I stoped for a minute and then Bob said suck it you slutt so I started to lick the head then his whole cock came out it was bigger the Bobs cock.

By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy. I was so turned on by sucking Max that I didn't care what Bob was doing back there Then I felt Bobs cock entering my ass hole it hurt a little at first because I had never had a cockthatbig in my ass.

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He started fucking me slowly and then started fucking harder and I was sucking Maxes cock just as hard then it happened Max shot a load of cum in my mouth and down my throat I chocked a little the swollen it all. Then I felt Maxes cock picking at my ass hole and all of a sudden his huge cock plunged into my ass hole it really hurt an then Bob went to the bathroom to clean up letting his dog fucking me after a few minutes it didn't hurt any more and was really starting to fill good Max was humping me very fast and hard then he stoped I thought he was finished because I could fill his cum flowing everywhere but Iwas wrong all of a sudden I felt a huge knot growing in my ass.

I started licking the head then started sucking the whole thing I sucked him fore around 5 minutes then he stood up and started fucking my mouth the head of his cock kept going down my throat.

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Then Bob said to me you are a big slutt aren't you yep I said an aren't you and Max glad that I am he said heel yes as they went out the door. I told him sure to stop in on Wednesday evening after 5pm that's when my wife had to work.

Then Bob said are you going to suck him or not so I put his whole cock in my mouth and started moving my lips up and down I could taste his pre cum going down my throat That turned me on even more and I started sucking faster.

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Then I felt Bob sliding his cock on my ass and felt him applying KY jell to my ass hole he stuck a his finger in and finger fucked me for a few minutes? When I returned with Bobs drink He had taken his dick out as I handed him his drink he said will you suck my cock. I still was not sure that I Wanted to do this or not.

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I offered him something to drink and he said he would like a glass of water. I said sure that's what you are here for isn't it.

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Bob sat down on the couch and Max payed down on the floor. ThenIfelt Max climb on my back I told Bobno and he said its to late. A few minutes later I felt Max start to pull I was still getting fucked in the face by Bob and all of a sudden it felt like someone pulled a grapefruit out of my ass I let out a yelp and then Max started to clean my ass hole with his tung.

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Max started to turn around with his cock still in me and then Bob said you are going to be there for a bit so you can suck my cock some more so He put his cock in my mouth and started fucking it again as he was fucking my mouth he ask me if I injoyed Getting fucked by Max I shock my head up and down then he ask me if I new what Max was doing right now and Ishock my head side to side and he said he is making you his bitch.

Then Bob started fucking my mouth faster and his load hit the back of my mouth I swolled every drop. Bob was still fucking my ass hard then I felt some thing running out of my ass hole and Bob started fucking me faster and harder cum was running down my legs and onto the floor when Bob was finished he said now it's Maxes turn I told Bob that I don't think so and he said to shut up and stay on my knees and held me down.

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