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I Diaper story tumblr date boy that loves bites

Diaper Story Tumblr


It was meant to be ab attempt to show how much of a big boy you were. Pluto on the other hand was unphased by it, she spent most of it giggling at you or stop to ask should she turn it off cause you might have nightmares. After Pluto led you to your room to get changed and ready for bed. Pluto just finished tapping the fresh, thick, dry overnight diaper up. She smiled at her handy work, picking up the wet, heavy damp diaper she just changed you out of.

Name: Mariya

How old am I: 30
I speak: French
What I prefer to drink: I like mulled wine
I like to listen: Pop
In my spare time I love: Riding a bike

The jealousy burned deeply.

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Her middle finger flicked the scroll wheel. There was no going back at this point. Thank you everyone : MC Patreon.

An abdl/omo story by yesyouneeddiapers

She could feel the final bit of the serum work its way out of the rubber nipple. She quickly lost interest as her eyes drooped, wondering if this was real, or just a dream… Big thanks to the excellent content creators who make these captions possible.

The tube opened and she plummeted, landing with a soft thump on her bottom. As she opened the door and walked in to what she anticipated would be an empty house, the floor gave way. Thank you for changing the sheets when I woke up wet this morning. It was odd, but not unpleasant. There was no way she could let just a little pee out into her panties to feel the warmth again. Her bottom half totally exposed to the slightly cool air below, she felt movement.

Each increase in angle felt like another ounce of pee in plopped into her bladder.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Anna arrived home at the same time she usually did. She knew there were mere seconds. By the time she stood up fully. I do this for all of us.

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It was swollen with heavy pee, screaming to finally let go. Something deep inside of her wanted to be wet. They just felt too thin.

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Her strained bladder muscles held back their last accident. Thank you for washing my soaked favorite jammies…thank you for putting me back Diaper story tumblr pullups. Goodnights XL are a great pull up I would highly recommend it! Hannah stopped trying to fight it. Accelerating quickly, she caught her bearings enough to see the light below her, but only for a moment. Should hit soon enough. Cliche mechanical nursery story. No promises on new content, just going to post whenever it suits. The soft plushy bulk incasing her body. Even after wearing again that night, she felt the urge to wet her pants again the very next morning.

Before she had time to take stock, a robotic hand pulled her blouse over her head. Great question! Her buxom behind attempted to follow through, but was caught. She squeezed her hand up in between her eyes as tight as she could. Hannah had been faintly attracted to wearing diapers for the past couple years. She sat back with a heavy squish as the full gravity of the situation began to wash over her.

Try as she might the pacifier just bobbed softly in and out of her working mouth. She could feel other things happening around her, a kind of breathiness around her groin, some light patting, and finally a new pair of underwear. Hannah knew she was a split second away from losing control. She had an entire build up conversation planned out with her Mother beforehand.

Anna screamed, her voice did not carry in the padded tube. Been lurking for a while without feeling the desire to post anything. The more subconscious parts of her mind started to grow hazy, but her awareness was complete.

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At this point, it was more cohabitation than anything else. She opened her mouth to protest but was quickly and immediately stifled by a gag. Before she could open her mouth to scream, she tasted it. Especially those who just happen to love mental regression as much as me.

The room was furnished as a simple nursery and with the exception of the numerous robotic arms doting about the ceiling, there was nothing of note. You can get a free samples of all sorts of diapers and boosters to find the one that best suits you!

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She reached her arm up to pull the pacifier from her mouth, but her efforts were in vain. Surprisingly my follower count is still growing fairly steadily. Her fingers trembled as they sat on her mouse. She enjoyed the way they protected her. Suddenly and without warning her bottoms were quickly torn away.

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All you have to do is pay for shipping. When I was getting into it, it took me a little while to graduate up to an actual diaper because of the nerves. Her body physically craved the feeling. She tumbled furiously down a narrow, smooth, but strangely soft tube. Her bladder was way past sending als every couple minutes anymore. She felt like if she moved her bladder would release involuntarily. Her teeth felt like they were swimming from the pain. I love how they feel, Daddy. The end of the tube was slightly more narrow. Hannah grimaced in pain.

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What made her fall in love with them? Thinking on her feet, Hannah turned her head toward the door. The Velcro has some downsides in my opinion, sometimes I find it might rub on my leg and that bugs me.

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Hi there your content is very adorable. Hannah came to find that feeling never fully faded in the coming month. When the muscles holding her bladder released for the first time, spreading warm pee throughout her diaper, she knew there was no going back. Can I Sleep with a paci tonight daddy? His robotics company had been such Diaper story tumblr success that it barely mattered what she did anyway. Heading to an hour long MRI. Cloth diapers to cut down on the crinkles or lately the XL Goodnites. Her legs started moving independently of her body, she made it out the door, and around the corner.

She wanted to throw away her underwear the very next day. Unconsciously, her body slurped the pacifiers liquid, first slowly, and then steadily. How was she going to get up out of the chair? Anna attempted to push the arms away, but her lack of coordination caused her to tumble softly back in the waiting arms of a giant teddy bear, undoubtedly placed by the mechanical nursery.

The tumblr rolled down to yet another woman clad in a diaper.

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