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Diaper Changing Machine Story


When life gives you a baby, make an automatic diaper changing machine! Dude Dad and his wife Heidi recently welcomed their third child, so he's using his expert engineering skills to create the ultimate diaper changing machine.

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The powder hand powdered Paul, causing him to have a coughing fit.

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They entered the daycare center. The other hand started at his butt and went up his leg, holding it place, then another hand came down and took his shoe off. The belt started up again, of course, scaring Paul.

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The only way to unlock the strap was with a magnet, which only the machine itself or someone who worked at the daycare had. The way the machine worked was that there was a metal platform with a strap around the middle, to strap the child in to be prepared for the machine.

The annual awards celebrate scientists for interesting if decidedly odd research.

He quickly looked around, wondering what awaited. The hand holding his shorts removed them. After the diaper was put on him, a hand holding a stamper came down and smacked right down on the crotch of his diaper, putting down a bar code. Paul's mom sighed and strapped him in.

Give those back! When Paul was moved under one of the holes in the ceiling, the belt had abruptly stopped.

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Checking to see if something was actually there. His legs were let go, and the hands holding them tickled Paul's stomach. Once again, the belt abruptly stopped under a hole on the ceiling.

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Paul grabbed his shirt after it was removed. There was white carpeting in the whole lobby, but behind the front counter, where the kids could play, there was some weird, soft material for the floors. She worked the machine a bit.

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A babysitting machine, of course, for babies. Afterwords, Paul reached the end of the belt. Let me go to the big boy room! The arms grabbed his arms near his shoulders, since they moved the least, and slid up to his wrists.

The daycare machine (part 1)

He suddenly looked straight up, ready to fight, if neccesary. It repeated the process with his other leg. Another arm came down, but it was different. After that, three more hands came out, one holding baby powder, and the others, a baby diaper.

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He quickly and accidentally let go. Paul tried to jerk his hand back, shouting and yelling at her for what she was doing. He was in a square, metal tunnel with a few square holes in the ceiling. Another arm came down after his shoes were safely stored. The platform stopped over another hole in the ceiling, and Paul was full of fear. He stood next to her as they both approached the daycare. After, it grabbed the rim of his undies and pulled them down, releasing his legs to remove the undies. His mom got out as well. This isn't funny!

Paul wondered what would happen next with his accident, he remained very nervous. He was stuck. It was slightly under the floor, making the fall from the top of the belt half a foot from the ground. It was on a conveyor belt, along with three other platforms, likely for multiple drop-offs.

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Suddenly, a mechanical hand came down and slowly approached Paul. He just cried and tried to reach for his shirt as it was carried away. He started to punch upwards, looking away, hoping to do some serious damage. It grabbed the left leg hole of his shorts and pulled them down, then the hands holding his legs let go. It's mean! He could hear mechanical noises, such as wirring, in the distance, and could smell baby powder.

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Paul's mom looked at the device next to the conveyor belt, reading on what to do and how to work this hilarious mechanism. Paul was now inside the machine. There were very few points in his life this embarassing.

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More hands constricted him, as expected. The lobby was a small backwards-L-shaped room where when you walked in, you could head straight, or to the left. After about 20 seconds of scrubbing, the scrubber retreated to its hole in the ceiling, then the hands released Paul and the conveyor belt went on. But he still tried to jerk on the strap, trying to break free, screaming and crying.

After arriving, Paul unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the back seat. He couldn't see much. Paul expected the daycare to have a change of clothes. After his arms and legs were constricted, another hand came down and felt the front of his undies, checking his gender.

The machine did the same thing with his legs. Give those back!!!

The daycare machine (part 1)

He was scared of the machine. Instead of a hand, it had a spinning scrubber. The fur around his areas was damp. What would it do to him?

The baby machine

He just wanted to go to the big boy room in the daycare. The machine advanced again, and Paul was trying to rip the strap off again. There was also a window on the side of the tunnel that his feet faced. He was only wearing soggy undies. Paul screamed "Ow!

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Paul was now under another platform, of course, another abrupt stop. What would possibly happen next? They pushed down lightly, then went back up. It was damp and soapy. It seemed to stop whenever one of the platforms was above the first hole in the ceiling.

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Paul, of course, cried even harder. After getting his ankles back, two more hands came down, grabbing the bottom of his shirt, lifting it up and letting his arms go. Paul's mom did nothing to stop it. Paul screamed. He tried to look around. He screamed and jerked at the strap that held him. After the other platforms were checked, it just carried on.

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The machine simply went flat down on his arms, since they were in the way of his stomach. Paul was sitting in his mom's car on the way to the daycare center, and sadly for him, he had a little "accident" ly on the way there, which his mom wasn't too happy about. Paul's mom looked around and saw the front desk, but then looked to the left and saw something else. They both remained totally silent on the way to the daycare.

The machine slipped the diaper under him, not-so-gently pulled his tail through the hole in the back of the baby diaper, then closed it, nice and tight. Paul looked around. It had been their a while, but she had never actually thought to use it. Paul was still crying and calling for help, of course.

And, of course, a conveyor belt on the floor.

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His legs were caught again and the scrubber was pressed against his private parts and butt. Three arms came out. Paul continued to cry as another set of hands came down and held Paul down, the same way as last time. Paul's mom walked back to Paul and snatched his wrist, then started to walk back to the machine with him. He refused to let it go.

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