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D&d Wrestler Story


You would think, in this day and age, that the Roleplayer and the Wrestler would-be allies. Both love over the top characters, complex storylines, bizarro comedy, and the ultimate triumph of good and evil. People from all corners of the tabletop fandom began to respond in different ways. I do… pic. I do play Dungeons and Dragons.

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One needn't look any further than The Fiend's entrance to get a sense of just how dark and intimidating a warlock can be. These all add another level of creepiness, something that could be especially useful if players want to differentiate when their entity is making its presence known or even in a horror campaign. Druid's can utilize nature magic but also are interested in preserving a balance, something that Black does well with his own sense of composure.

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Character is in everything, from the entrances, to the way the superstars speak, to the very outfits they wear. Asuka, the current Raw Women's Champion, a former NXT Women's Championand who once held an undefeated streak that lasted over days, this superstars record speaks for itself. The current leader of RetributionMustafa Ali is a superstar dedicated to a cause.

Before it was being the light for others, but now as the leader of Retribution the cause seems to be, no pun intended, getting retribution for those that seem to have been failed or harmed by WWE and those in charge, in a way it's an oath - something that all Paladin characters have.

Cole and the entire Undisputed Era could easily be translated to a type of Pirate background to make things more interesting.

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A Warlock is someone who has sold their soul in exchange for magic, more or less, and there's no better current source for that than Bray Wyatt and The Fiend. With a meditative composure in the ring and candles lighting his entrance, Aleister Black can inspire a darker or more composed and focused Druid character.

Complete with bright and fun gear, trusty trombone sidekick, Francesca II, and the charismatic ability to talk on the mic, these are all essentials to playing a fun and occasionally chaotic good Bard. In professional wrestling, character is the first thing that fans tend to gravitate towards.

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Asuka not only showcases a mastery in athletics but has a unique fighting style that focuses on a targets weak points, something a fighting character could be intelligent enough to do in any battle scenario. Bray himself plays the more fun and outgoing Mr. Rodgers type, complete with a funhouse, puppets, and a sinister influence that's pulled Alexa Bliss into its orbit.

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Related Topics Lists wwe dungeons and dragons. But there is inspiration to be found everywhere - especially in the WWE. So whether you are looking to make a character for a new campaign or it's your first time playing, here's 10 current WWE superstars to help inspire some characters. A Bard can be a great asset to any party, including adding some inspiration and getting the team through a tough fight - Xavier Woods is a solid source for finding that Bardic Inspiration. If any players are looking to create a Barbarianlook no further than the Queen of Spades herself, Shayna Baszler.

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If players want to create a Cleric whose mission seems noble only to them, Seth Rollins is the superstar that just may inspire this, "villain as the hero of their story," type. Two halves of the same superstar - The Fiend is the darker side of Bray Wyatt, a demon that takes over and does what it pleases.

In her current incarnation, Moon, dressed like a Ranger stalking the wasteland, likes to work alone, but has found herself in tag team matches much to her chagrin - but all in her own pursuits towards that title.

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By Ariel Schmiedhauser Published Nov 30, Share Share Tweet 0. A warrior who tends to work alone, Ember Moon, with her independent streak, fierce in ring skills, and, current apocalyptic style, screams Ranger. But creating a character, and their classcan sometimes be difficult. Mixing up their background and creating a type of Warlord subclasscan make a character all the more intimidating and vicious.

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A graduate of the Hart Dungeon, carrying on a legacy, Natalya could inspire any players looking to create a Wizard. Seth Rollins has had a lot of different incarnations over the years, The ArchitectThe Kingslayerbut right now The Messiah follows the idea of a cleric on a holy mission - something that is central to any Cleric character, even the evil ones. Watch any Asuka match and players will see just what a fighter she is and the strength and dexterity she brings to a ring.

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Consider adding a Monk class with a Hermit background to add to the mystique. Described in the player's handbook - A Fighter is someone who is a master of D&d wrestler story and skilled with a variety of weapons. It's an interesting option for players looking to make a more revenge focused Paladin, or a Paladin who has been wronged enough times that they finally decided to take matters into their own hands. Not only is her style something to consider when making a Ranger character, especially if a DM is looking to create a homebrew campaign, but if players want to multi-class as a lawful neutral fighter, Moon's in ring ability and finishing move the Eclipse are all something to consider.

Plus the idea of the Hart Dungeon and the training grounds there can conjure up many a creative idea, especially when looking into Wizard sub-classes and potential magical focuses. A confident Wizard, and one with a background that's a defined legacy, would make for an interesting addition to any party.

Stranger things, marvel and wwe stars are playing dungeons & dragons for red nose day

With a vicious fighting style, the current Women's Tag Team Champhas not only drawn blood in the ring, but snapped limbs with a smile on her face - and participated in War Games in NXT. Baszler's in ring attitude, and a devil-may-care style, who doesn't worry about who she hurts, but simply enjoys hurting is a perfect starting point for any Barbarian character.

With a fighting style that is incredibly versatile and hard hitting, Asuka is a top choice for creating a fighter. Wizards are all about studying and the craft, something that Natalya proves time and time again with her Sharpshooter submission and declaring she's the "Best of All Time. Though The New Day may not exis t as it once did, Xavier Woods still brings the same amount of charisma and heart every week on Raw with his tag team partner, Kofi Kingston.

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She's a tough champion and battle tested, something that any fighter character needs to be.

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With a single punch they are able to knock an opponent down Dex saving throw or be knocked prone or quickly throw them out of the ring Str saving throw or be pushed up to 15 feet.

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You would think, in this day and age, that the Roleplayer and the Wrestler would-be allies.

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Out of this world characters!

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