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I am looking up Daddy kink short stories that wants dancers

Daddy Kink Short Stories


Here are the top short stories, fanfiction, poetry, and posts about Kink on Commaful, including topics like "microfiction", "reality", and more. Unlock unlimited Kink stories by ing up! Short Stories featuring Kink Here are the top short stories, fanfiction, poetry, and posts about Kink on Commaful, including topics like "microfiction", "reality", and more.

Name: Maiga

What is my age: 28
Eye tone: I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair color: Chestnut
What is my figure type: My figure type is strong
I like: In my spare time I love listening to music

Warmth trickles from your cunt as you feel yourself getting wetter, your insides pusing as the vibrations tingle enticingly. Your skin prickles, a soft gasp leaving your mouth as he bends to kiss your neck, mouth trailing a path of kisses down between your tits. You inhale a sharp breath, the exhale tinged with the hint of a moan, his teeth prickling your inner thigh before he moves to kiss your lips. Sliding his hands up your legs, he slips two fingers around the hot pink lace material of your undies, snapping them back against your hips as he moves further between your legs and kisses you.

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Re-entering you from behind, you cry out as his ridiculously hard cock pounds against your cervix, sheathing him deeply, every last inch of his colossal manhood dragging against your clenching walls. The pull of leather against your soft flesh, the creaking, the way he looks at you while he does it, it all makes for the kind of heady anticipation that has you wiggling beneath him. His tongue licks and swirls over your clit, sucking your labia, groaning as he pushes two fingers inside of you.

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If you do that, I take it away completely. The friction between you becomes positively assiduous, leaving you gaping and burning when he suddenly pulls out and turns you onto your front. When he alternates holding the ball against your clit and letting it buzz against your opening in quick succession, you feel as if you are about to lose your mind to primal lust, panting for him, craving him. You take off his t shirt and lie down on the bed, leaving your undies on.

He just presses though, nothing further. When he comes in, he remains fully clothed, walking over to you and climbing onto the bed, straddling you as he runs his hands in a slow glide down your sides.

Daddy kink and taboo – what more could you want?

He knows what gets you off. Quit your giggling, you hear? Just the thought makes you rub your thighs together with anticipation, feeling yourself getting wet as your imagination starts to play out a fantasy soon to become reality. With that, he takes the leather cuffs and buckles the first around your wrist, feeding the chain connecting them through the metal rail of the bed frame, taking your other hand and fastening the remaining one. You nod, smiling as he kisses you, biting your lower lip and letting the pink flesh slide out from between his teeth.

He has you turn again for him, continuing the tugging while wrapping your clit in a soft suck, increasing the pressure, your thighs beginning to writhe against his face as you cry out. Close contact with your tingly bud or not, the strength of the vibrations, alternated every so often with his tongue pressing you firmly, has you squirming against him, panting hard as flames smoulder in the pit of your belly.

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Daddy!kink. stories

You share a couple more heated kisses before sliding down, Sy smacking your ass hard and making you squeak before you run upstairs via the back staircase from the kitchen. His fingers then stroke down your arms as he drives into you hard, your pussy heavenly to him as he continues to kiss you with wild hunger. Fuck, the restraint he has.

Chasing your releases furiously and with unstoppable vigour, lighting shoots through you both, engulfed in the abandon of ultimate ecstasy as your bodies undulate with energy that flows and pumps wildly, ebbing away again gently, Sy finally releasing your wrists.

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Cease he does, though, letting you cool down as he lays kisses to your midriff. Those hands then slip beneath you, grasping your butt as his mouth attaches itself to your cunt, closing around you and sucking firmly through your underwear. Your dew glosses them thickly, his middle finger sliding knuckle deep into your ass, slipping in and out painfully slowly while he rolls his tongue over your clit languidly.

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He presses a kiss to you, laughing deeply when you shudder against his mouth, rubbing you with his thumb, your arousal saturating your undies. Opening your nightstand drawer, you have a look through and decide on just a couple of items. Your chain jangles the bed post as you pull against it, your body arching against his, his hands gliding over the curve of your back, his steel resolve to tease now abandoned completely, the need for you pulsing through him almost damaging.

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He then takes the vibrating ball, pressing the button on the wired control to switch it on, holding it against your clit but barely touching it. He at least catches his breath and allows you to do the same, moving to lie at your side before turning over to give you a very hungry look. Just that soft contact is enough to make you shudder, his lips ghosting your thigh, tongue snaking between them to lick a line from apex to knee. Let me cum!

‘daddy kink’ stories

You obey, moving onto your front and then feeling the sharp, painful sting of his hand meeting your butt. Please, can I cum?

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I need your cock badly! You almost sob with the injustice of not being allowed to reach your peak, his lips laying kisses over your right hip as the vibrations are rubbed over your clit, lightly again before just a few moments of pressing, making you wail and groan. The vibrating inside you coupled with his thumb rubbing a circle over your clit has you breathless and squeaking in exclamation, Sy making it even furtherly deliciously intolerable by pulling at the wire until the ball is stimulating just your opening, tugging it back and forth against your inner muscles pulsing furiously to keep it within, chuckling to himself amusedly.

‘daddy kink’ stories

It makes you ache for his cock. He knows exactly what you want the most, though. You fight all you want. Your silence is gratified when he removes the pink lace barrier, pushing your thighs wide and surprising you by just how quickly he moves to consume you.

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A tempest swirls within you, his thumb rubbing harder, your wetness flowing, your body begging for his mouth although yours utters not one word. Your hips roll up against him, the heat of his cock scintlating to you as your hands grip the bed frame. He coaxes little gasps from you, hands sliding under your shoulders to hold you down against every thrust, groaning in abandon as his pleasure begins to coil strongly. Do you understand? He steals a deeper moan from your throat, sucking it back as his mouth consumes yours, snatching your breath away while starting to move the ball in a circle. An illicit shiver runs through his entire body at hearing you suggest that, his hands pawing at your thighs as he turns his head and kisses you hungrily.

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Biting onto the elastic, he snaps it back against your skin, tongue running up the junction of your thigh. The way he fucks you is a voracious assault upon your body and senses, the urge to touch him gathering within you so much that your wrists chafe against the leather as you fight a futile struggle for freedom. Be a good girl for me, now.

Giggling a little more through your moans, you then feel the ball taken away once again, pushed inside your twitching cunt and turned up to maximum.

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