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Daddy Daughter Spanking Stories
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I could feel my breath coming in fast short gasps. Fuck, I wanted this so badly. It had all started about two weeks ago. I had never been an unruly child, but I was never that innocent either. It was pissing me off, big time.

Name: Sarajane

How old am I: 22
Eyes: I’ve got lively gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My figure type: My body features is plump
What I prefer to drink: Lager
Smoker: Yes

Watching the cars go by was OK for a while, but the girl was still bored, bored, bored. After walking for about ten minutes she came to a road near her house, which was cut into a wooded hill. Or at least they would have said that if they had not witnessed some of her tantrums or misbehaivor. Lying bare bottom over Daddy's lap with her panties bunched up around her knees, it was hard to think of anything else but the hard spanking that would follow her confession.

It hurt, lots and she wished that she had worn thicker panties. Then the girl would once again consider whether her most reasonable argument about being too old for spankings and way, way too old for bare bottom spankings might succeed this time.

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The girl looked down at the. Her tummy told her that it was time for lunch, which is what her Winnie-the-Pooh watch also said. After she had washed the dishes the girl went to where her Daddy was reading in the living room. Then other thoughts started to creep into this image.

Daughter spanked by father

So she said "Hmm, well, maybe I do need a spankin'". So she resolved to tell Daddy the truth and take her spanking, even though it would hurt a lot. Daddy always cooked good stuff for his bestest girl. The girl loved her Daddy whole bunches and knew that she was his bestest girl.

But after a spanking should would feel all be better. Her thighs where slightly spread and she felt totally exposed. They were little white cotton string bikini panties, with little blue flowers on them. Finally she heard Daddy's footsteps on the stairs.

Punished after prom

She had kicked her panties down around her ankles and she stepped out of them leaving them on the floor. So she thought that she would go walking in the in the woods. And they talked about the dusty old book she was reading and Daddy told her stories about an old dead Russian who had a funny name - Kolmogorov. So she pulled her panties down to her knees and returned to her position over Daddy's knee.

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She had patiently tried to explain to Daddy that she was much too old for spankings and way, way too old for bare bottom spankings. Once upon a time, in the land of never wasa place where big girls are sometimes little girls and their lovers are their Daddies, there was a girl and her Daddy. And then can you believe this? But that would mean lying to Daddy and lying was really, really naughty.

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She knew that she needed a spanking, but the problem with spankings was they hurt. As she waited for Daddy she started to think about how much a spanking for throwing rocks and dirt on the road would hurt. She did not feel like reading and Daddy was very strict about her television watching, so she could not watch TV.

The girl was bored, bored, bored. The girl did this for a while until her tummy started talking to her. The girl thought that she was very noble and forgiving to still love Daddy bunches and bunches, even when he cruelly spanked her and made her cry. Why couldn't her Daddy take the advice of those nice psychologists and give her a good talking to, rather than a good hard spanking? When Daddy asked her how she had spent the morning she said that she had been walking in the woods, which was true, of course, but not the whole story.

I've learned by lesson. So she went skipping home to have lunch with Daddy.

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She thought that her Daddy was the best Daddy and she loved him whole bunches. Daddy put her over his knee and pulled up her nighty. I think that this is a case where a spanking is definitely in order. After she had taken her spanking she would feel like a good girl again. Girls who lied to their beloved Daddy's deserved spankings.

Daddies and babygirls

She hated having to bare her bottom for punishment, but she knew that the alternative was to get spanked on her thighs until she cooperated. Maybe Daddy would just give her a little spanking that would make her feel better but not hurt too much. When the girl had one of her bad days and bed time came around, Daddy would tell his girl that it was time for bed and to get ready for a spanking.

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Daddy piled the pillows in the middle of the bed. All Daddy really needed to know was "the big picture" she was sure. The girl felt Daddy caress her bare bottom with the smooth wood of the ruler paddle and then felt it smack hard across her bare bottom. But the girl's arguments had no effect on her Daddy. One warm summer day the girl was bored. She put on a white cotton shortie nighty and sat down on the bed to wait. Daddy got the ruler paddle and sat down next to his Girl.

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Then she would still get a spanking, but it would not hurt as much. The girl brushed her teeth and flossed, Daddy's like flossingwashed her face and undressed to her panties. After Daddy gave her twenty strokes with the ruler paddle he told her to pull her panties down.

The dirt clods and soft stone expolded when they hit, scattering pieces all over the road. When Daddy was done paddling her her bottom was red and she wished that she had been studying her dusty old book that morning instead of throwing rocks. I'll be up in a few minutes and you can tell me about what happened and we'll make it all better.

Daughter spanked by father

She got up. The girl hated those "what do you think" questions. Although she was probably only waited ten minutes or so, it seemed to the girl that she was waiting for hours and hours thinking about the spanking she had coming.

That afternoon the girl had to do some work too, so she went to the library in their house. The last time she had presented this most reasonable of arguments, Daddy had pulled her over his knee, raised her skirt, pulled down her skimpy little string bikini panties and spanked her until she agreed that she was not too old for bare bottom Daddy daughter spanking stories. When her Daddy came into the room, he found his girl sitting on the bed staring at a spot on the floor.

Daddy was working, doing boring things on the computer, and none of her friends could come over and play. She just wished there was some way to feel like a good girl again without having her bare bottom paddled over Daddy's knee. Although she never, ever would have admitted it, when she knew she had been naughty it made her feel kinda sorta bad. And if she fibbed she get a spanking, Daddy daughter spanking stories she would still feel bad for fibbing.

She could sit at the top of the cut and look down on the cars as they went by below. But she had passed the point of no return, so she told Daddy about throwing the rocks and dirt down on the road. Daddy gave her another twenty strokes, each stroke punctuated by an "Ouch" from the bare bottomed girl. At the bottom of the cut there was a "Beware Falling Rock". Maybe she should make up a story about something that was not as naughty. This was really fun. She sort of shuffled into the room, looking down at her toes, so Daddy knew that something was up.

And she told him that she did not think about what could have happened until later. And that she felt really, really bad about it and she would never, ever in a million-billion years do it again she threw in that last part on the unlikely chance that Daddy would conclude that she did not need a spanking.

With this experience in mind, the girl just pouted and trudged off to her room, thinking about how unfair Daddy was. A lot. She imagined a car hitting a rock and getting all dented up. Daddy's girl was now very sorry that she had brought up the topic of being naughty. The paddle smacked down across the seat of the Girl's flowered panties. Since the already said "Beware Falling Rock" it somehow seemed OK to throw dirt clods and old rotten pieces of sandstone down on the road. Daddy caressed her bare bottom.

Spanking life

Although most people would have said that Daddy spoiled his girl shamelessly, they would also have to admit that she was very well behaved. It was on these occasions that Daddy gave his girl spankings, on her bare bottom. The girl always loved Daddy's stories and she felt sorry for the man with the funny name who was very scared of another really horrible man named Stalin.

That evening the girl and her Daddy had a salad and some chicken in a white wine sause.

Daddy gives me a humiliating spanking [incest] [humiliation]

It had been fun throwing the dirt clods and rocks down onto the road and watching them smash. She knelt in the middle of the bed and bent over the pillows, her head resting on the bed, her thighs at a right angle to the bed, her body forming a triangle with her red bottom at the apex.

She knew that she was Daddy's bestest girl and that Daddy loved her. Daddy could make it all better.

Punished after prom

How come they couldn't write something fun? The library had dark book cases that went all the way to the ceiling and a table with two desk lights where the girl could study. It's good that nothing bad happened, but you're right, it could have.

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Emily looked round slightly frantically at the small halt of Oncombe.

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