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Cunt Torture Stories


Rebecca came from a wealthy family and could be considered a "princess" although others might use the term cockteaser or bitch. The family was in the public arena, her father, James was a Congressman and her mother, Sally was a noted attorney. She had a twin sister Heather.

Name: Paulie

What is my age: I am 39
Eyes colour: I’ve got dark brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I speak: English
I like to listen: Rap
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We have the whole house to ourselves. If I get all my morning duties done before you wake my morning spanking isn't as rough.

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My husband wanted a tease and denial relationship and I thought that would be fun. And he's your perfect escape, "Please yes.

Stripped and bound

Well, I just recently experienced, "the greatest sex event of my entire life," thus far - and I finally found time to hack it out on this here beige beast Charles and I keep her on the edge of orgasm for five or so days using her for every kind of sex we can think of. Sometimes you even fondle my clit, which you know is my favorite. How do you put into words the Cunt torture stories of the female body in so much need of an orgasm that the need is a physical sensation bordering on pure pain and it is not directed towar Intro: Everybody probably wonders, why is everyone for the past chapter being tortured butt naked are all women?

Male students of other races are set in these white female classes on purpose by the school so This is one of my fantasies where you take total control of me.

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I wake up naked except for the black chain collar around my neck. The reason for this is because this story is centered based on Julia, a female character placed in a white female class. Come get me Mister.

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We've been married for four years. I look over at you and see that you're still asleep, which is a very good thing. Her long lean body had all of the right curves, her muscle tone was exceptional for a nearly 40 year old, and her breasts were nice C cups with simply huge nipples resulting from over two SmutMD Log in.

The kidnapping

I enjoyed helping him pick out a stainless steel chastity cage for him to wear. You know, "The Squirter. Besides the fact that she was naturally sophisticated and a high society lady, she was very beautiful. Pussy Torture Stories. On Off. Master Beckons Ch. You wake up in the morning, sore again from your last experience with your master, but your 19 year old body is already you're eager for more.

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A tall, swarthy man in his 50s, wearing a bright white shirt, black leather trousers with a black leather waistcoat eyed me with amusement. Sort by: Best match Most recent. You have decided you are going to show me what torture is not painful torture, but pleasurable torture. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

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My husband was looking for a relationship where the woman would be in control, which I craved. I slowly get out of the bed so I'm Veronica, and I torture my masochistic husband. As was mentioned in Chapter 1. Hey all, Marcy again.

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It's a warm humid morning. Then we give her one whole day of continual sex letting her get off as many times as sh I was so fucking hot.

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There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! The ache in my lower abdomen and cunt sent throbbing waves of pure unadulterated sexual need out through my body in concentric circles of lust and physical need.

Stripped and bound

It took about Training this sweet bitch was the most exciting thing I'd ever done. We begin with it being one of those rare days were neither of us have anything to do. Me being my usual frisky self, I sneak up behind you wrapping my a I had been instructed by my wife to wear only a thong for his Friday afternoon visit.

You go about your day, constantly thinking about what will happen next, and you couldn't be happier when the text finally arrives.

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Our new persons

Dirty Truth Or Dare Story

You are mine!

My Parents Are Fattening Me Up Story

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We refilled our drinks to give Gonzalez and his men time to prepare the next show.

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Whips crack and chains rattle as the new sluts get processed and introducted to their new life.