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Cum In Daughter Stories


I live with my two daughters which has always been fun and interesting. My daughters if I do say so myself are beautiful both inside and out.

Name: Shayne

Age: 24
What is my ethnicity: I'm polish
Sexual preference: Guy
What is the color of my hair: Dark-haired
I understand: English, Romanian
What is my favourite music: Rock
I like: Travelling

Now her pale pink panties were showing. The bulge in his pants was getting bigger, and Mikki was getting eager to see him unzip his pants and pull it out. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and she was instantly in love with the hot, silky feel of his hard on. Then she could have his dick anytime she wanted it. Johnson said it.

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He was saying nicer things to her, complimenting her tits and pussy. He quickly put his dick back in his pants and zipped up. Her fingers explored his shaft and head for a while, and then she started stroking him the way he was stroking himself. And now she could see how well her efforts to make herself appealing were working.

All that cum spurting onto her tits felt so good, so warm and creamy. Johnson looked proud of his son as he smiled and nodded, looking over at Mikki with the kind of gaze that made her skin tingle. Mikki felt embarrassed by her lack of experience.

She felt a little weird as she went back downstairs to the party. But he suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her upright, placing her hand on his throbbing dick. But when she got downstairs he barely even looked at her. Like now.

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Despite being as petite as she was, her body was perfect, if only she wished her tits were bigger. She lifted her shapely butt off the bed and pulled her dress higher like he said. She wanted Mr. Johnson to see her cum. Did Ronny really tell his dad what they did?

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Mikki blushed. She brought her hands to her tits and started rubbing them while Ronny watched.

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She was prepared for that, after carefully shaving and moisturizing her skin just a couple of hours before her dad dropped her off at his house for the party. Johnson watched her closely while she ran her fingers up and down her slit.

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Ronny and his dad were just stupid. The fact that she had made both Ronny and his dad cum on her boobs felt like such a wonderful accomplishment. But her ass and legs were spectacular. He was just like his son, treating her like she was almost a stranger. Her clit was aching and she was so close to cumming. She had wanted hard dicks to play with and they had filled the need. He started to moan and breathe hard, and the only thing the girl could imagine would be as wonderful would be if he was rubbing her aching, wet pussy for her.

Mikki felt a little confused. She loved the way Ronny reacted to her touch. He held them right to his face and inhaled deeply, his hand suddenly pumping his cock faster. Once Mr. You should come over anytime you want. So thick and hard. Mikki Cum in daughter stories a little weird, but even more excited and pleased with herself. Without thinking about cleaning herself up, the half dazed teen pulled her dress back up over her cummy titties.

It was her specialty. The hot feeling in her moist slit was driving her crazy. She was mad and embarrassed so she went outside and texted her father to come pick her up. The five-foot-two teen wished she had bigger ones, but what she had was still really nice. She pulled her dress back over her cum covered tits for the second time and went downstairs, hoping Mr. Johnson would pay attention to her in front of the other people. Her longish, brown hair was silky and perfect, and she had outdone herself over her makeup for the party.

He unzipped his pants and quickly took out his cock. She liked the way he was looking at her. Mikki took a deep breath and pulled the top of her strapless party dress down below her tits.

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She was also smart enough to know she had just been using Ronny and his dad as much as they thought they were using her. It made her feel so good, so hot and beautiful. Ronny would be her boyfriend after this.

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The excitement she felt at making him hard and stroking him off was almost gone. He even seemed to like the way she was stroking his cock better. Ronny barely talked to her now. Feeling them was so good. Still, it was amazing just to watch him stroke it. She thought he was probably going to say he wanted to see her pussy, too. Sometimes they were even beautiful. It made her whole body feel good just to play with them and make them throb, and when she made them cum it was almost as good as making herself cum.

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Mikki was amazed. He was so much bigger than Ronny, and he was already hard as a rock. He could go talk to as many of the sluts he invited to his party as he wanted. Then Ronny started to grunt and gasp and there was cum spurting out of his head. Johnson seemed perfectly calm as he led her into the same bedroom and locked the door after them. Even now, it made her pussy feel moist just to think about it.

Just a few seconds later, Mr. Johnson came in. Mikki did as he asked, her heart racing as she sat on the bed, feet on the floor with her legs open, and leaning back against the mattress. But it always made her feel good when somebody said so. Then he stepped up really close. Then Ronny left her sitting there, his cum still wet on her tits. With a trembling hand, Mikki reached between her legs and started rubbing her exposed slit. The girl was a little shocked at Mr. He must have been wondering what her pussy was like and that excited her.

Mikki was taken by surprise. Cum in daughter stories was happy she was able to make the man cum so good, but then he just left and went back down to the party before she had a chance to reply. Mikki forgot to be mad at Ronny anymore.

It sure seemed like Mr. Johnson liked Mikki more than Ronny. He started stroking it while she stared and played with her nipples. Feeling nervous as much as excited, Mikki lifted the hem of her dress around her hips and pushed her skimpy, pink panties down to the floor. She thanked Mr.

Johnson for the compliment. Finally, Ronny let go of his cock and invited Mikki to stroke it for him. Her nipples were so hard, and Ronny was staring at them. She knew she was pretty.

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Mikki had a strong feeling Mr. A few minutes after she spotted Ronny and his dad talking, she went into the kitchen where the drinks were to get a glass of fruit punch. He then put the panties in his back pocket. She could tell from the way they were grinning and looking at her.

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They were pert and conical, with puffy pink areolas and delectable nipples that swelled with hot sensation whenever she got excited. A few people tried talking to her, but she barely heard what they said. She thought he would like that.

Sleeping daughter chapter one: wife’s wicked plan

She tried to smile and pretend she was listening, but she was too upset by getting the cold shoulder from Ronny after being so nice to him. The girl gasped softly when he wrapped his hand around his shaft and started stroking his pole. It seemed like Mr. He reached over and pulled the top of her dress down, revealing her tits.

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