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So, there I was tooling along headed to my favorite fishing spot when I saw the ubiquitous orange five gallon bucket beside the road. You know the ones from that big box store. Having driven off without a bait bucket, I decided to stop and pick it up. Luckily, there was little traffic that day with most people toiling away at their jobs it being a weekday an

Name: Rosemary

Age: 33
My gender: Girl
My body features: I'm quite thin

They must have heard all the fucking and sucking we was doing! He was staring at my panties. They were both sucking cock and finger fucking themselves. His eyes were like burning lanterns, and his mouth had this most lustful grin. A little plastic surgery gave her a face that Diana Ross would die for! Oh thank you, sweet Jesus!

Now you run upstairs and give the news to Elda. I swear I do! Ever since I turned sixteen, I been fucking my two older brothers, Tommy and Ben, and my daddy, Rob, and even my grandfather, who lives with us.

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Everybody could see her lovely black pussy! Put down that clipboard and see what you can do to arouse miss Hoarre. I sure hope so!

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I think Mary Lou is pregnant with his baby! Knowing that mister Brown is taking pictures of me with cum running down my chin and my thighs.

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I want to make sure that you are fully aroused for this next procedure. I came to your office straight from his office. It felt so luscious that I had to squeeze my titties and pinch my nipples! After I practice, he takes me into his office and gets me all horny and everything, and then he fucks me real good.

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I heard a gasp, and Tamara shrieked and I looked down, and Tamara had forgot to put her panties and skirt back on! Then I got her by the arm and pulled her down toward me. I was on his examination table, buck naked, with my legs up in the stirrups. Not quite though. She was crying tears of joy. Are you fully aroused? It felt so nasty and so hot. I just had to stop for just a minute and watch, cause it was about the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

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I ran up to the couch and as soon as the girls had stood up, I threw myself on Daddy. And thank you Tamara. Any chance you could come down in an hour and let me and the Rev take a turn at you together?

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Doctor RobertS patted her on the head and fought to catch his breath. Well, he WAS his son, except he was so effeminate and girly, despite being almost six feet tall.

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God, I hate that thing. Give me time to give Elda the news. You know he always does. They was both naked as bluejays, sitting on this huge couch side by side. Carmella was standing naked beside me, so I hugged her. Doctor Roberts, what are you doing? My mouth was just full of her thick spicy negro panty pudding and my tongue was way up inside her, and I was sucking her clit, and we was both getting hotter and hotter by the second.

And his cock throbbed with pure fuck-lust, I swear it did! My name is Ima Hoarre. You know, the Rev had a pretty nice dick hisself. He grabbed my hips and started pounding his cock into me like a trip-hammer!

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Oh god that feels sooooo fucking good! Walking downtown and seeing men recognize me, and knowing they prolly been jacking off to my pictures! She modestly covered it with her hand, grinned at everybody, and backed into the examination room.

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So we gotta swap daughters. As I went down the hall, I heard grandpa groaning and moaning, and bed springs squeeking. At least two months. I knew what was going on. God, I love your hot black cunt! I looked up and I saw his super thick seven inch cock start to swell. She got the hint and started kissing and sucking on my titty. She is all woman, and the love of my life. I looked down and my skirt had rucked up. So instead of going back to school for my last class, I went straight home to give everybody the news.

I began finger fucking her while her mouth was doing all kinds of nasty sinful things to my titty. Not being the selfish type, I reached under her starched white skirt and slid my fingers right up her thigh and into her wet panties.

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I never fucked me a preacher before. That feels so good!

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He growled like a mountain lion in heat and just Tamara screamed that she was cumming, and we was all screaming and writhing and grunting and humping each other, and more stuff fell on the floor and made the biggest racket. Is he the only man at your high school that you fuck?

Did you know he won us three awards so far this … oh! In fact, doctor Roberts asked me that very question when I was in his office. My doctor was eating out my pussy!

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His office assistant, Tamara, this gorgeous black girl, saw what he was doing and dropped some tools on the floor, and she moaned real low and grabbed at her crotch. My daddy owns the Townhill Truck Stop outside of Fuggledix, and he makes the best porn rags you can get anywhere, and sells them at his truck stop convenience store.

The slap of his thighs against my butt sounded like gunshots! Especially dirty sinful nasty sex! And the Rev took to incesting his own girls like a fish takes to water! Damn, I never fucked a preacher before! for Free! If you live anywhere near Orangebow county, Alabama, you prolly heard of me. I wanted to tell Daddy first, of course, but they said he was busy in the studio.

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My pussy stays wet all the time! Doctor Roberts just bent over and began sucking at my pussy! My back was arching and I could hardly catch my breath! I love it. I got the back from your tests this morning. You really gonna let me fuck your daughter, Ima? That would be such an honor! Especially a slut who loves to fuck black cocks and eat pussy, and takes pride in having everybody see naked pictures of me having sex every which way you can think of. Score 5 5. Shoot, I felt my news was more important than making porn pictures, so I ran to the back of the house, then up to the second floor.

Me and the Rev have to get it up again and do another shoot with his daughters. Thank you so much!

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