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Cuckhold Sissy Stories


I wish I never walked in on Joseph after he came out of the shower that day. She would never have taken an interest in him. And I never would have had a front row seat of her tiny lips tasting his giant cock. I let Joseph stay with my wife and me, as we had a spare room, and he was down on his luck. Joseph and I met as fellow employees at a video store.

Name: Ellynn

What is my age: I am 25
Caters to: I prefer gentleman
I can speak: I speak English and Polish
I prefer to listen: Classical
I like: Listening to music

The man could see that he was humiliating the poor husband and started to ram his cock in and out even faster. He felt it was so potent that he could feel the sperm moving on his tongue. He flips him onto his back, lift his legs onto your shoulders and rams his cock in at full length. The husband stood up to do something but it was already too late. His wife watches on as the old bull mounts her husband and starts to pound his huge cock in and out of his arse. You have been depriving her of pleasure all these years and now I will punish you by making her pregnant.

His wife looked at him with a mixture of contempt and amusement. The husband groans in pleasure until he feels something sliding up and down his hole, something heavy and warm. The old man looks up to see the lustful wife watching her sissy husband getting abused.

The husband tries to talk back but the old bull rams his cock in so deep, making him take it right to the base. You are a girl! She sees the power he has over him and looks on Cuckhold sissy stories at the stud.

Feminized husband with tits

He pulled down his jeans to reveal a pair of loose boxers with a threateningly big bulge. The old man bragged to the husband about all his past sexual experience and told him that tonight will be a night that his wife will never forget.

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His wife groaned in ecstasy as the old man lay on top of her, leaving her perfectly satisfied for the first time in her life. The husband freezes, did his wife really just say that too him? The husband stared in horror; he had never heard his wife talk like that. Soon all you care about is Daddies big cock stretching your pussyhole bitch!

Sissy cuckold stories

He walked over, pushing the husband down to floor and started to grab and fondle her breasts rudely. The wife sits up on the bed watching her husband getting orally raped by this dominant old man.

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The old bull now knows this submissive young man is like putty in his hands. The wife gasped and reached out for the huge piece of cockmeat, squeezing it to feel how strong and virile he was. This old man was as brutish as the Husband had imagined and something about that made his small cock harden against the soft lace of his panties.

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Ripe for Daddy to seed it. The husband held his head in his hands as he saw this alpha-male take his wife right in front of him. Breed me Sir! Give me your baby in my sissycunt! The husband wraps his leg tightly around his lover as he rams his cock one last time deep into his pussy. Her lapped at her swollen lips and felt the heat that they had both created.

He looked at the husband dead in the eye and blew him a kiss, smiling evilly. The husband cowered on the floor holding his bruised face as the old bull walked back to his wife his cock swaying as he went. The invading cock felt huge in his mouth and stretched and penetrated the back of his throat.

He grabbed her waist and flipped her back onto bed and pulled her towards the edge. He Cuckhold sissy stories out a feeble whimper as the old man starts to lap at his hole. He fell back feeling like a wrecking ball had hit him. The husband wretches his bent old cock, completely in shock at the abuse he is receiving. He also had on a garter belt and some high heels. The cunt this old daddy just impregnated with his baby? The old man was standing over him looking down at the Husband on the floor. He pulled down the waistband and his cock flipped out, slapping against his belly as it swayed out rockhard.

Your pussy is so wet sissy! She agreed to fuck me because she wants me to get her pregnant; your impotent spunk is useless so she asked for a real man to do the job. Click the picture above for more details.

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You said you would wear a condom! The husband moans as he feels full again, completely satisfied. The door opened to reveal a tall, thickset, ugly old man, with white hair.

Sissy cuckold stories

Now sit back and watch as a real man gets your hot young wife pregnant! He screams out in delight as cum spills past his overflowing cunt, trickling down his crack. Pulling his lacy panties to one side, the old bull starts to tongue his hole expertly, hitting all the right spots. She deserves better than that tiny little clitty of yours!

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To be Daddies pantied cocksucker? Saliva dribbles out of the husbands mouth during this onslaught, deep-throat slime splattering onto the floor below. Take my baby you slut! The old man chuckles behind the husband, the husbands only ally is now on his side, he knows he can do whatever he wants with the both of them.

The wife just writhed with pleasure as this hung older man started to fuck her where she had never felt before. Mmmmmm what a juicy little cunt you have! He waited on the bed as instructed. The husband yells out in pain as his sphincter is stretched too far wide.

Daddies sissygurl! Spurt after spurt filled her up until the husband could see the thick white goo slop down to the floor below as his cock rammed in and out. He turns to see the old bull slithering his disgusting old cock against his wet cuntlips. There was a knock at the door. Not fuck her bareback, she might get pregnant! The old man spanks his arse as he sinks his mammoth cock deep into his chute. He had a big strong pair of arms and looked very intimidating.

The wife just laughs at him as his stubby clit dribbles more pathetic spunk as his prostate is milked. Like a girl? The old man grabs his head and covering his mouth with his fat hand as he starts to pummel his pussy. He must be enjoying Cuckhold sissy stories old daddies attention so much. The sound of the old bulls balls slapping against his smooth arse cheeks fills the room.

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She had a curvaceous size 14 body with size 36C breasts. He broke off the kiss and started to suckle on the wifes bouncing tits. Fuck your Sissy! He watched his wife lay back as the old man lined up his cockhead with her pussy. He felt it was so potent that he could feel the sperm moving on his tougue. The husband tries to ignore it until a feeling of complete pleasure runs from his arse right up his spine.

Her nice broad hips were completed with a beautiful rounded belly.

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The old lecher slips down the panties and inserts a fat stubby finger in the husbands bung, pushing it in and out right up to the knuckle. With that she walked in, completely naked exposing her firm round boobs and her shaved pussy. The old bull slowly pulled out of his wife until just his cockhead was left. What had this Cuckhold sissy stories made him become? He pulled off his shirt to expose a strong, hairy chest with a nice big belly. His babydick starts to jerk as he drycums; his tiny little balls having no more spunk to give. It was a huge 9-inch schlong, twisted and gnarled with lots of veins.

What had he let done, letting this happen? The old man grabbed her arms and pinned her down, leaning in to kiss her hard. It tasted vile, salty and thick. Now squeeze that boihole around Daddies dick again like a good sissy! Too top in off he had on some coral lipstick and he had painted his nails perfectly.

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He pulls out and throws the young man onto the bed. He slowly eased in his huge cockhead and watched as the wife screamed out in delight. The husband looked on in awe as his wife started to stroke it up and down, watching the foreskin pull back over the enormous mushroomed head. Let Daddy rape his sissyboi, he knows that he wants his cock really….

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Soon he was all the way in and he started to really fuck her. Bad sissy! The husband started to feel as though this may have been a big mistake.

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