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Crossdressing Fantasy Stories


Credits : Harini Sissy My parents were for 1 week and they left me in home alone till that time. It was my vacation period. I was so happy that 1 week I can be completely a girl and wear female dress and go out and can do whatever I want.

Name: Lanette

My age: I'm 25 years old
Ethnic: Australian
Hair: I have luxuriant hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Cancer
My body type: My figure type is slender

I turend off the lights and turned on my blue night lamp. This thought of my sister being on periods made me to find a pad for myself too. I got my chance which when our parents told me that they will be travelling to other town for three days to attend a marriage function.

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I took a deep breath and said "ok". I was still hoping she would move back to her room. She was barely 5 steps out of kitchen and hearing the sound turned back. I thought why not to take something from her dirty clothes and spend night in it. Girly things were all around in the room. I started you tube videos I learnt easily as I had seen my sister doing it many times.

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My sisters used to talk a lot about girly things like fashion, make up and boys. I even started practicing with one thing at a time. By the time I reached 12th, one of my sisters got married, and a few months later we moved out to new bigger house. The soft feeling of pad in between my legs was making me mad. There make up boxes and perfumes were intoxicating. So I was convinced and went to her room. I was excited and planning for tomorrow, with many things running through my mind.

Cross dressing stories

Now to prepare for, all the way dress up as a girl, I wanted to learn to apply makeup. Now we were only 4 of us in the house, I go more chances to put on my sisters clothes and undergarments. My sister walked till kitchen and stood behind me. I took the lighter to turn the gas to cook Maggi but because I was still breathing heavily and shaking with fear, it slipped out of my hand, out of my nervousness I turned around and bent to pick it up.

I just could not wait for Crossdressing fantasy stories, then I saw my sister going to terrace with her phone. After 25 mins my sister came down and went to her room. I skipped a heartbeat and was scared to death. I loved my small, dress up sessions which hardly lasted 30 mins. Bachpan se hi main ladkion ke beech main raha or bada hua. The way I walked was very feminine, thanks to My sisters I grew up with. I started opening random shelfs of kitchen I was hoping that she will go back to her room.

I was trying to hide my hard-on as well. I planned to pretend sick and skip the school. They had beautiful bangles, ear rings, jewellery and so many accessories. I stuffed everything in my pocket and ran into my room.

Crossdressing stories: welcome to the neighborhood

I was in heaven but still wanted more. My mind was continuously making mix match of the clothes I will wear tomorrow right from lingerie to make up. I ordered a wig which I did not have, rest pretty much everything I used was my sisters. My dad and his brother were business partners and were staying together with their families.

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I came to my bed and lied on the bed. Right outside her bathroom there was laundry basket filled with her dirty clothes; I put my hands and started looking for something.

Transgender & crossdressers stories

I heard her walking and felt relived. This means Me and my sister were alone in the house for next three days from Thursday to Sunday. I was so afraid that my fingers were shaking. I heard my sister moving towards me. I was 17 then, and knew I was a girl from deep within. My sister is 2 years older than me and almost same built as of me. There clothes were cute and pretty. I carefully took one pad and kept it in my pocket. My only chance was Thursday, if I could somehow skip school and enjoy the day alone dressing up.

Crossdressing stories

Today she had freedom to do things. I was thinking what to say if she asks. And it was not long I realised, I wanted to be girl. Wed day evening our parents left and my sister prepared dinner early and we were free by 8pm. I thought of walking like a girl into our hall till the kitchen to have a glass of water. I and my sister were face to face while I was bent picking up the lighter. Whenever I got chance I touched and felt their clothes. I was so excited that my hard-on was pressing against my Stayfree pad. This world of girls was wonderful.

But after a few more years I realised, I was a girl. And 10 mins after that she called my name. I went and opened her wardrobe, and on the lowest shelf I saw an open pack of Stayfree.

Cross dressing stories

Tonight I had no fear of my mom coming to my room and she will be going to her college tomorrow morning she will not be checking her dirty clothes until tomorrow evening. I kept things in my bag and turned off the light of my room and started waiting for my sister to come down and sleep.

It had some fresh stains on it, and I got to know that my sister was on periods. There was no way to move out of kitchen without facing her so I decided to stay there and behave normally. While walking I kept my legs closed and kept one foot ahead of other and stretched my arms outwards like girls. I was so sacred and my heart was pounding. Till now I did not get a chance to do make and go all the way.

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Sat day was a holiday as it was a 2nd sat day. I stood up and quickly turned towards the shelf and started to light the gas I was pleading god, please save me. I was about to open the fridge when I heard my sisters room unlock.

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I took my pillow and hugged it like girls and closed my eyes. But I was waiting for the opportunity, and started preparing for it. I was happy and went to my room, locked it from inside and spread the curtains.

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I took the bottle and moved towards kitchen shelf. I was slim and fair, my way of talking was girly. I got off my bed and slipped into my t-shirt and shorts and started walking towards the kitchen. My sister went to her room and I went and locked the gate and came to hall and said loudly.

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I have no body hairs and very little shave. I removed my clothes. Slowly I was even becoming expert in applying makeup. I thought I should apologize and beg to her fornot to tell mom and dad. I knew simply denying about it was not possible. I knew she talks to her BF for long time in her room, but parents were not there so she went to terrace.

But was happy with what I had done. Me along with my 2 real and Crossdressing fantasy stories cousin sisters were living together in one big room rather a hall with two full size beds and a single bed on the first floor. I was the only guy in that room until I turned The room was just too girly, right from the colours on the wall, bedsheets, rugs, and dressing table with lots makeup items. Ours was a modern but t family. I shaved in the evening so this was not an issue. Now My sister and I had a separate room.

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TLDR; Would you be interested in a cross-dressing fantasy novel novella story?

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My relationship with my former girlfriend fizzled when I started to go deeper into being Mae.

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It was playing on my mind all month.