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Crossdresser Love Stories


Crossdresser instruction 87 min. Hot Sissy Spitroast Threesome 5 min. Pink sissy analgasm 8 min. Sexy latin crossdresser with black cock 87 sec.

Name: Brooks

Years old: I am 52
Languages: French
What is my figure features: My figure type is quite fat
I like to drink: Brandy
Favourite music: Reggae
I have piercing: None


Confession Stories Confessions Current: crossdresser. You're on 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. I began having regular sex with him for a few years. I'm 38 and I was a bi cross dresser. Report Please to report.

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I had never had sex with a guy before and only jacked them off but wanted to suck dick bad. He appogized and told me my wife doesn't want to see me in them. We cuddled tell I fell asleep.

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She doesn't like to see it. I am a married 58 year old bi bottom crossdresser. They smells so good still moist with her juices. I look so good in panties.

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I would be his wife and service his every need. Sex crossdresser gay sex. CK Fetish crossdresser sissy faggot cocsucker marrage. Everyone she got a the guy to play like he saved Hyrule and im princess Zelda his reward after. I look though the peep hole and it's one of my wife's cute guy coworker dressed up as link.

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Starting at a young age my first jack job was from a guy an soon after that he started sucking my dick an I really liked it. Fetish bottom bi crossdresser married sexless. I had my first boy on boy sex at 13 with the boy in my grade that lived next door. I loved my first time! My wife's work schedule opened one day a week to visit him. He always had me arrived full dressed and we would have sex for hours.

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I have always wished I had transitioned to female when I got out of high school or by the age of thirty. Sex bisexual zelda crossdresser perfect wife creampie birthday suprise.

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You need a Premium to access that feature! After a Crossdresser love stories years I longed for a male lover and began to find one or two. I once found my teacher on there and i never t I'm bi, my wife is okay with it just doesn't want to see it. I got a text from my wife saying to put the panties on and answer the door at 8 am. He stops an and I'm laid back and he climbs on me an kissing me an turns me an pulls my waist to him and I feel his huge dick an he lubes me up an his fick an I help guide it an when Crossdresser love stories finally popped the head in I screamed from pain and shortly ines screaming an moaning from pleasures as he worked an got it In an he said ok as he pulls back an I take deep breath an he slams me an I scream an he said scream I pound you harder an I scram an he pound me untim I felt his dick get harder and swell up an he means out an wow I loved it the feel of his dick put GB me full.

Every day I thought about a dick on my mouth and tonight I was dressed in a mini skirt long blond wig light blue shirt bra an no panties earring the whole works an was out and thought no one be at the track and went there N lookrf an didnt see anyone an I walked to the last benches before go thru these one trees an was sitting an fixing my high heels an out of no where a guy appears and starts talking an tells me how good I look an sirs beside me and puts hand on ly knee an very slow an easy starts massaging my thigh as he works up my leg.

She wore some Zelda panties. I would go home full of his seed in my panties.

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Wife and I have not had sex in 3 years witch is ok. I would rather have a man in me anyway. I tried to bring my dressing up to wife but I could tell it was not going to go very good so I just stopped and worn panties in secret. Blue boyshorts with a triforce on front and back.

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I woke up the next morning with those panties on my chest. Well I kept cross dressing an getting my dick sucked by guys until in my mid 20s.

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Hi I'm shannon. He pulls out an I start sucking an her it hard an suck timm he explodes an lo N lo cum hits my throat. He gave me an awesome creampie. I have cross dressed since the age of ten.

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When I woke up she was cuddled up next to me once more. I waited tell just before 8 and put them on. Fast forward to after collage and getting married. We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

Crossdresser confession stories and sins

Crossdresser love stories have worn panties since I tried on my moms when I was She caught me several times and the last time she went out and bought me my own panties bras, stockings telling me to wear them only but not to let my dad find out. He loved me dressed. Crossdresser Confessions Crossdresser confession stories and sins. We played for 3 years till we were out of high school.

I still do in privet, now days. We are starting eye to eye an he goes under skirt an as he gets close I stay getting hard an moan little an we both lean at same time and start kissing as he makes way on up skirt an wraps hand around my dick an his colder hands felt amazing I gasped a little an as he kissed my knee an worked way down and slide my skirt up an and I spread my legs an hr starts jerking faster an faster an starts rubbing fingers around my ass an he starts sucking my dick making me gaso an moan an scream louder an louder as he starts fingering me an sucking me.

I heard a car pull up.

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He has since moved and for many years now I have been looking for an other male lover with no luck. On my birthday my wife and I had amazing sex. Back when i was 14 i would crossdress for older men through kik. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. I woke up with him taking my panties off and putting them in the hamper. Then find a hansom Man with a large Cock to marry me for life.

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