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Crazy Cheating Stories
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What prompts cheaters to cheat in the first place? We will never entirely know what drives them, but one thing is for sure - they have ample time for everyone else.

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I never had the stones to ask whether it was before or after. Given all of the Reddit stories about outrageous cheaters, it's highly likely those who practice infidelity do so to make a splash.

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He assumed it was a gift for his birthday in two weeks and watched it when she wasn't around. One was for his wife and the other for his mistress.

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When he confronted her, her only reply was she was doing it for him. No one is entirely sure why serial cheaters do what they do. My sister works in a lingerie boutique and a man came in for Valentine's Day and bought two beautiful ensembles.

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He imploded after that and needed counseling for a few months after the divorce was finalized. Still others just love love too much.

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At first, my sister thought he joked but the outfits were not the same size. However, it's also possible that cheaters flit about just for the wild stories. I found out the next day. My girlfriend of five-and-a-half years cheated on me while I was asleep in the next room in our bed.

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I remember her coming in to kiss me at some point in the night. He Cheated With His Cousin.

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He found out when he found one of her DVDs hidden in the house. Why else would you buy Valentine's lingerie for your spouse and your person on the side from the same store? Someone I know is getting a divorce because her husband is having an affair with his much-younger cousin.

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For more crazy stories about cheating, backstabbing, and general betrayal, be sure to also check out The Worst Betrayals People Have Ever Experienced. Some are physically incapable of monogamy, other cheaters are just so much better at sharing their time and affection than everyone else.

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He asked for them to be packed separately with two Valentines cards. I had a former coworker find out his wife was filming a lot of grown-up entertainment and being paid next to nothing after being married for a few years.

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Undoubtedly, some of the most difficult to read are the stories about exes cheating.

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Cheating — as in the act of being unfaithful in a relationship — is more complicated than it seems.

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The only teeny bit of silver lining is that sometimes those cheaters get caught red-handed, we get to laugh at their expense, and maybe get crazy cheating stories out of the whole event.

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Yes, all these stories are very real.