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Costume Tf Story


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Name: Adriena

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Plus this website had everything. The paws that had replaced my feet even looked pretty good considering how thin the material of the costume was.

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I'd nearly forgotten it was the night before Halloween. I tugged on the other shoulder and pushed my arm within. Thankfully the store was not too far from home and before long I was stood in one of their aisles, dripping water everywhere and staring at the scant selection left on the shelves.

Costume shop (wip tf game)

And a second later I was in my washroom, naked, holding the costume in front of myself in the mirror. But the thing that made me more angry was the fact that I'd be the ugliest creature around this Halloween. Try our other store. She snatched it out of my hands and held it up, flexed it, made a few clucking noises, stared at me, then handed it back. The hollow eyes of the thing stared up at me from within the box.

Green claw tf 3 5 by zhaolong on deviantart

All that was visible on the box was some logo that looked like a large H and C had been twisted together alongside of some Asian characters and s that made no sense to me. I was left starting dumbfounded at the box.

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I was spending the time browsing around online and admiring some of the awesome costumes that people had created. I gathered my wallet and house keys and stepped out into the rain. Plus, it had gotten through customs so it couldn't be anything that bad. But the store would be closing soon so I had to get there fast. Almost too tight. The website I was on had given me a few ideas of what I could do to improve what I already had.

Can you call them and ask if they have it so I don't waste my time getting there?

Costume shop (wip tf game)

What do you want? It was seriously coming down and within a few seconds I was soaked through.

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The last few days of October were almost always like this, but usually with some stroke of luck, it would end up clear. There was a dull thumping inside of the box but it didn't sound dangerous. Happy Halloween. General Rating. This year the rain showed no of stopping and it looked like it would be a soggy Halloween. After that I had spent a few hours literally drooling over their entire selection and in the end I had to turn off my computer before I pulled out my credit card and blew all my cash. I liked water, but it was pretty cold out and being wet in this weather meant I could get sick.

Dragons tf by tomek

The first thing that caught my eye was a sleek, realistic dragon creature with rather large fangs. The material almost seemed to some sort of Lycra fabric, not like the cheap fleece I'd used for my costume. It was light for its size. I slipped one of my arms into the forelegs and then the other and pulled the shoulders up over my own.

I mean, I just need some face paint That's the most important thing.


That didn't stop me though. Then I realized I'd put my foot in the tail. It was a mail truck. I flagged down an employee who looked seriously disgruntled.

Mistake in costume – tg transformation story | tg tf | male to female transition !!

And as I tugged at it, it stretched and flowed through my hands. The costume was quite tight. There was no return address. It looked like the shell of the real thing. I continued to slide the costume on, slowly pulling the slick material over my waist. It was soft, very supple, and so smooth. File type : Text File.

I honestly didn't mind the rain.

Naga costumes tf story

I shook it a few times. Another second later and I'd slipped a single leg through the slit down the back. By the time I could see my home in the distance, the rain had slowed and the clouds had began to break up. I had some face paint I'd purchased a few weeks ago, just not the particular shade of light blue I needed. I had placed my key in the door when the sound of a vehicle pulling up behind me made me turn.

The box practically sprung open. A postal worker hopped out and dragged a large, brown box from the seat beside her.

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The inside of the costume was cool and smooth and stretched around my feet. Or at the worst, the sky would be overcast. Then he slammed the phone into its holster. I couldn't contain my excitement. I quickly adjusted the costume so my foot lined up with one of the legs.

I turned and walked up my drive, feeling pretty down at how bad this Halloween would be. I picked it up. I pushed my other leg inside. I pushed my hands into the hole in the back and Costume tf story the head to give it some form. Shiny blue material spilled over my hands and back into the box as I stared at it with shock. Its head was flat and its body folded and ruffled. But it was a Vaporeon costume. My costume this year wasn't terrible but I was hardly satisfied with anything I did myself. I hadn't ordered anything nor had any of my friends sent me anything that I knew of.


I picked it up by the shoulders and laughed out loud. But it was undeniable. It looked a little bit small but was beautiful regardless. Download Submission.

Dragon tf stories

It was the night before and the rain was still pounding relentlessly down. What I saw inside made me blink with shock. Soon the lower half of my body looked smooth and shiny blue. They were out of almost everything I needed. It looked like it would be another one of those years where the last night before Halloween was spent running around gathering things to polish up my costume.

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I winced slightly. There is nothing else.

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I left the store and started home, vowing that after the weekend I'd call the store manager and report him. It definitely was a bit too small, but the material stretched so it would probably fit. It was eerily realistic once the head was pushed out.

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I took it inside of my house and grabbed my knife then carefully cut through the packing tape. I was trying to convince myself that my costume wouldn't be terrible but after seeing those costumes online I felt rather inferior. He walked over and I tried my best to give him a warm smile. And it was just my luck. He just scrunched his rounded face and gave me a sour, judgemental look.

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A teenager with an obsession for dragons goes a bit too far when looking for a halloween costume, and gets more than he bargained for.

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He bent his head over the back of the chair, and stared at the wall.

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