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Consensual Incest Stories


Christmas Wish for Sister. Author: Siscentis.

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But I don't know what to do. Who spilled the beans? Please feel free to write me privately at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com. But if developing such intense feelings are wrong, then let's be britally honest. We are lucky. I feel passionately about this and would like to help normalize a beauty ignored by the world.

This did not happen to me but my best friend was having an affair with her first cousin who was also my friend. We just can't get married and I hope that gets changed someday too.

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Thanks for sharing that. I believe and am hopeful that times are changing, and that should Dan desire it I can be his legal wife one day, despite being his birth mother. Since unlike her bio dad, I've never rejected Consensual incest stories. I'm thankful there are blogs like this to share and help. I will not say that our success is common, but the incidence of a mother and son becoming closer than deemed appropriate is truly far from a rarity. He is my best friend, my husband in every-way but legally, my lover and he happens to be my son too.

I'm 51 years old married mom. The people who know about your Relationship with your son appear very magnanimous. When I listened to the whole story I realized it was a unique and beautiful relationship. What two consenting adults do is their business. I know he feels the same about me. The crime of not being able to avoid falling in love with someone that society has decided is unconventional. I'm sexually involved with my 27 years old son.

People ask me how we lasted so long. How can anyone tell me or try to make me think this is wrong? May not be in my life time but I believe it will one day.

Teenager explains what it’s like to date her biological father

Its not. She's lucky. Considering that I'd never force nor coerce her and want only her happiness; I've come to understand that the problem is our hyocritical society! I'd be interested in communicating with you about this. I'm approx 18 yrs older than she and one night, quote innocently our short lived relationship began. Most incestuous couples must be managing to hide their relationship as living with a family member beyond a certain age doesn't automatically mean they are incestuous.

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Why were you harassed? Ive been sexually involved with my son Dan for some time now and on a consistent "full time" level for over two years. Though even hinting at such a relationship, she expressed discomfort. When the bulk of our respective society tells us to jist be ourselves, don't be afraid of showing who you really are If it involves a loving, consensual, but unconventional relationship; it's all a ploy to entice their next victim ehoch they'll conveniently label as "monster" to show itself so that they can attack it!! I myself am overjoyed at how amazingly well we exist as a couple, and am still in awe of the unrivaled sexual passion we share which has only grown as we've come to complete terms with living together as mother and son but also as a man and woman.

We're related by marriage and I'd always treated her with kindness and respect; and she was one of the few in my entire family whom always loved and accepted me as I was. I want to have sexual relations with my mother. Communication is especially important. Dear Ann Motheroftwo, How did it begin and who initiated it? I see so many think its just about sex. If you would be so kind, please me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com Congratulations on having such a deep love for a long term.

Thank you so very much for your site; it's informative and brings solace. At least assuming they are told individually or in small groups. Keith, you say you don't support cheating. Thanks for your kind words. Our families Consensual incest stories rejected her completely; I shudder to think of what they'd have done to me! The only issues we've had with being harassed have been when a rumor reaches a large group at the same time, and the people overreact out of fear of being judged themselves.

I'm considered guilty of a horrible crime!! Unfortunately the relationship did not last and he moved to Hawaii. Unless she initiates things, she'll never know how I truly feel Yet, I somehow think she's gathered it. And she's always been my most ardent supporter. I still feel they shouldn't have known.

In my case, the greatest impetus wasn't from anything my daughter or I did It's because of the abuse I've suffered so often from "good, decent Consensual incest stories normal" people.

27 true incest stories told by the people who lived them

I think as this gets more and more out in the open and commonplace, people ideas will change and it will be accepted as gay marriage is now. I believe that these times are approaching due to the acceptance and support after being satisfied that there are no consent issues from the MANY he and I have told over the years, the ambivalence and neutrality of some, and the very rare negative reactions.

On the issue of family members having children together I'll say only that I'm positive that it can work. How old are you now that Consensual incest stories both are thinking of a future together? I think that if people would finally admit that they don't care if a mother and her son enjoy having sex with each other, the myth that most people DO care would fade and incest couples could love openly. Best luck. Its like any other relationship.

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The only conflict comes from outsiders who want her to choose. You can me at fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com. Sevral years ago, after my dad had died of cancer, my one niece who was 20, decided to visit again. We were romantically invovled for only a few months, and though I would've loved nothing more than to have continued our involvement, we both knew it was a bad idea.

So many I know will vociferously demand and fight for "acceptance and equality of love fro everyone" Except when it's a form which goes against their closely held preconceptions and ideals of "good" or "bad".

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And worse? There is so much more to it.

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Society can not dictate who you love. You have to work at it. What I'd spent the past couple years trying to understand why what I felt was wrong. Wind the clock ahead a few years, and I'd become attracted to another family member. We live in a state where its not illegal. I would like to be in contact with you. Hi I am a 65 year old woman that has been involved in a consensual relationship with my son for the past 25 years, before all the internet and support groups.

This Consensual incest stories it was my oldest daughter, in her mod 20's. I felt as if hiding my relationships were the only option, but your site has helped me to accept that how I feel isn't wrong. My husband is still alive, but he doesn't know. And as a struggling writer, I have one polyamorous relationship in my story.

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