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I'm dating woman that like Communal shower stories

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There was a girl in junior I often saw with wet hair in the halls, indicating she showered.

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When you are a teenager, you live in the present, which doesn't include anything that happened an hour ago. Even my daughter still does.

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Absolutely nothing. Maybe they do talk about it as much as males, but it's just on other forums.

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But beyond that, the reasons aren't so mysterious. I definately have no personal and first hand knowledge of what girls do after gym. If girls communally showered, why don't they have their "trauma" stories?

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May 19, 1 T May 22, 2 T May 29, 3 T May 30, 4 T Jun 11, 5 T Dec 19, 6 T Dec 19, 7 T Dec 19, 8 T Dec 20, 9 T Dec 22, 10 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. I do know, however, that where I went to college, the girls did not have open dressing rooms. Share Share with:.

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Or Learn more Continue. I don't think I've seen this asked anywhere before.

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If they're more modest, if not by nature, then by culture, why do we hear so little from them about their experiences. I think she said they had a group shower but she faked taking a shower.

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But I'm not about to ask her anything about gym. I never seem to hear similar worries from girls, or horror stories about their showers in school.

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I know because I actually had a class in the girls phys ed buidling the former E. Moore Hall at W. But I still don't know anything about their showers and I don't remember anything at all about showers for my own gym classes there. Switch to Print View - 24 posts 1 2 3 Next. On some of these forums, women are not treated kindly, so they don't post anything. The scene in Carrie with Sissy Spacek seems to show that they took communals too.

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OK. They had, I don't know, stalls or booths. The wet hair thing is easy: girls wear shower caps.

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But maybe they aren't reading the same forums. Girls, of course, do not sweat, so there is less need of a shower.

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I had a nude group swimming experience when I had a summer job with a bunch of other high school boys. While I was in high school, I don't ever recall a moment outside of gym class when anything about gym was even mentioned. But the memories of the showers in junior high and high school are pretty vivid but there was nothing traumatic about them. Girls and Communal Showers.

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While they were in high school, I never once thought to ask anything about their gym classes. Link: Copy link. Anybody have any ideas? Choose Display Mode Original Dark. Back to top.

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At least, that's the impression I got from asking someone here maybe 20 years younger than me about what she did in gym. I don't know what the shower situation is in schools any more, since it has been a very long time since I was in school and for that matter, at least eight years since either of our children were in high school.

We swam nude at the local university pool.

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Oddly, she's the only girl I remember who had it. posts 14 remaining. You have raised an interesting question. The next day it was well in the past and when I returned home at the end of summer, it was ancient history.

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I was getting heavily into my swimming again but the pool I used only had one large open communal shower for people to rinse off before getting changed in the traditionally segregated areas.

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Is it time for Jordan Hasay to hang it up?

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