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Chloe Bennet Sex Stories


Do not read if under Summary: Next up is Chloe Bennet who goes to film with a legend in the porn industry - Pierre Woodman. Chloe Bennet was dressed in casual, if not slightly sporty clothing as she sat in the hotel room the porn legend rented for their shoot. She came dressed in the same outfit she flew to France in, although she did have time to quickly stop off at her own hotel and wash her hair.

Name: Janessa

What is my age: I'm 32 years old
Tone of my iris: Cold gray-blue
My hair: Short abundant auburn hair
I know: French
My figure features: My figure type is quite plump
I like to drink: Stout
My favourite music: Techno

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She continued to expertly swirl her tongue around my shaft, her manicured fingers gently massaging my balls. We were none too soon as a crowd saw her and began clamoring for selfies, to which she obliged. Then she walked with the crowd onto the next panel, leaving me to think about the experience I had just had.

I checked to make sure no one was behind me and went into the closet, only waiting a few seconds before Chloe arrived. The feeling was incredible, but I got distracted by another thought. I wrapped an arm around her hips as I pushed her into the car with each thrust, Chloe moaning softly as I sodomized her. I pounded her for all I was worth, before groaning as I came.

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She began to say something, but was muffled as I pushed deeper. I smirked to myself as I watched her smile for the cameras, as a drop of my cum slowly rolled down her leg. When she was finished, she stood and staggered the first few steps, making me laugh. I slowly sawed in and out of her, feeling my balls slap against her butt. I pressed the head of my still spit-covered cock against her tight rosebud, and with a push, slid past her sphincter and buried myself to the hilt, evoking a loud groan from Chloe as I did so.

I gathered her hair into a handle and with little warning, began to fuck her face.

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I pushed the skirt up over her hips and pulled down the black thong she was wearing. Search for:. She opened her mouth wide to give me access as I shoved my cock into her throat. Hardcore erotic stories Friends and Partner sites. I could feel my release building, so I pulled out and again stuck my dick into her warm mouth, immediately fucking her pretty face. She rolled her eyes as she knelt and took my tool out of my pants, at which point she spat a gob of saliva onto the head and spread it around with her hand. Look to your left. I pulled out of her mouth, and swiftly stuck my tool back in her ass, starting to really pound her now.

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As much as I wanted to skull-fuck Chloe for hours, I knew she would need to get back eventually, so I moved on. See me under the ?

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As saliva began to drip from the corners of her mouth, I let go and allowed Chloe a break. She blew the collected spit into bubbles before leaning forward and allowing it to drip slowly onto the floor, staring at me all the while. There were numerous booths and displays of all sorts, but I had only had eyes for the Marvel booth, specifically Chloe Bennet.

"the christmas wish" with chloe bennet

I groaned as she jerked me off, lowering her head to tease me with her hot breath. I followed her out, having dressed, and checked my pocket for her thong that I had kept.

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Finding it, I pulled out my phone and checked it, as Chloe was doing. After a few seconds, I exited her mouth and once again embedded myself in her ass. She stood and did as I said. There was nothing sexier than watching and listening to a gorgeous girl gag and choke on a dick.

Chloe bennet stories

She wore a button down pink shirt, with a matching tight pink skirt and tan heels. Her long tan legs looked fantastic, and the skirt accentuated her ass. She nonchalantly wiped it with her finger, locked eyes with me, and licked it off. I could feel my dick spray thick streams of cum deep into her bowels before I tiredly pulled out.

Comic-con fun with chloe bennet

I marveled at the beautiful ass in front of me, and spanked her gently a few times to watch the skin ripple. I stood watching as Comic-Con went on. She finally took it into her mouth and deepthroated me immediately, nearly taking it all in one go.

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As she finished doing her panel, I called her phone. You need something? I pulled out and grabbed her hair, turning her head around and shoving my cock into her mouth. I got one last look at her ass, cum beginning to ooze out of her hole.

Her hair was disheveled and her face flushed as she pulled her skirt back down.

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The cold Chicago air was a jarring but welcome feeling for Chloe Bennet.

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