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When my now husband mentioned marriage, I doubt he thought it would lead to a three day inquisition. As a single mother with two failed relationships, I wanted to discuss in depth some obstacles from the past; among them was sex. Admittedly, I have an unusually high sex drive. By the end of my fourteen year marriage, sex had become contentious rather than en

Name: Willie

How old am I: I am 46
I can speak: Russian
Zodiac sign: Leo

I wish I would have seen him open it. My wife Tamie said. Tammie downed both shots of Tequila. She is holding her belly and struggling. You herd the doctor and the Lamaze teacher.

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I set and pretend to watch the game, but I just stare at the naked belly of my wife. She asks this several times a day. No guessing. But the night was young.

It was cold and refreshing. But I was a dumb ass. I was thankful at that moment. I nudge my wife.

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I said ok, I felt a little thirsty and drank a long pull on the bottle. I only seen it with my peripheral vision, but I knew she glared at me but good.

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I paid for both the drinks though. Me I am full of anger about it. The place erupted with cheers, and Tammie eat it up. I got it for our four-year anniversary. That made me feel like I was missing something here.

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We where on our second honeymoon. My wife of five years smiling at each kick. I went to Tammie and told her we have to get back to the motel. Their hands where all over her. She is mooching off me and I know it.

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One of the men brought me a Corona Bear and offered it to me. But one half of one bear has me feeling funny? I watched my wife dance with one man after the other. I should have known something was up when I offered Tammie a drink of my bear and someone stopped me.

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The bar tender hands two glasses of Tequila, both with worms in the bottom of the glass. For some unknown reason she felt comfortable there. I can see her kicking as one part or the other part of her stomach raises or falls. But I never would have thought that this would happen in real life.

They brought her a Corona too. Is started to get a bad and I mean really bad feeling. All was right in the world.

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It was if I were paralyzed. The people in the cantina treated us like royalty as we walked in the front door.

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I really for the first time wanted to slap some since into her. It is something I would have complained about in the past myself. I understood more than I could speak though. There where plenty of time to puke, which she was going to do by the stomach full I was sure of it.

She said. Well this got me a few bad looks from several of the locals and the Barkeep.

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I refuse each time. I took it and said. They kept trying to distract my attention form the dance floor and my wife. I was hoping my nice tip was enough to smooth over any repercussions of me refusing my drink. Kicking a pregnant woman out of your home is not politicly correct. And I am not about to forget.

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And I thought he was just being nice. We went into town against our tourist guides recommendation. I have not made love to my wife in over eight and a half months. She danced in celebration of her downing both worms without throwing up.

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I told him Gracias. There is no way I am going to go there. I have to admit, it was the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed. I had been brought to a very comfortable chair and sat with several men around me. Then I watched as another man pushed the first man that was feeling my wife up out of the way and put his hands under her blouse and felt her up with no shirt in-between. She glared at me.

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We found a small Cantina that looked somewhat inviting. Full of joy for what is growing inside her. I took another long pull on mine and suddenly I felt a little funny. Almost on que someone turned on some dancing music and off she went. I look back to the television. She tries to look unblemished but I can see I hurt her when I look deep into her eyes.

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We walked in and I immediately wanted to run out. She was a little drunk, but she never seemed out of control. Tammie raised her hands above her head and seemed to lead the cheer as the man fondled her breasts. So, I try to politely refuse my drink. I see it getting bigger by the second. She wanted to go into town and experience what the locals did.

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I look her direction. I think it is time. We just got here. She spoke Spanish very well and I did too, somewhat. Pregnant and Humiliated.

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We where on a vacation in Mexico. Did I mention I understand more Spanish than I speak? I have not touched her in almost as long. But I trusted him for some stupid reason. The place cheered with each. There is no secret, she knows what was going on. I knew too. I shake my head but I feel us getting in over our head really quickly. And handed him a ten-dollar bill. But I was there.

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This happened more than 10 years ago when I was married to Diane, my ex-wife.

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A Real insemination - creampie - before after - post-insemination 9 min.

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Impregnation is a hot fucking fantasy!

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I want someone to cum deep inside me and breed me to put me in my place—that kind of fantasy honestly is really attractive to me but I have no clue how to find like minded people for that.