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Cfnm Illustrated Stories
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Name: Pru

What is my age: 46
Color of my iris: I’ve got big hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Scraggly hair
My body features: My body features is chubby
In my spare time I love: Dancing
I have tattoo: None

She and her daughter moved in two years ago, just after the divorce. What follows for Brad is a very exciting and very pleasurable experience. I jumped at this opportunity.

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Ellen works and is away from the house all day during weekdays. Aunt Mary works most Saturdays, but Uncle Bill doesn't so he usually swims with us.

Illustrated cfnm stories

Completely embarrassed by what he must do for the girls, he worries constantly that Mrs. Rose, his boss, will find out, or even worse his wife, Jennie. Here's my story. It's Monday morning and Brad is in the bathroom brushing his teeth still nude having just finished his shower when in walks Katie. Well, we've decided to have some fun with Uncle Bill next weekend.

We all agree that he's pretty cute for a slightly older guy. He meets a couple of Katie's teachers on the bus and Cfnm illustrated stories of her fellow students. The girls, however, don't quite see it that way, and Tom, foolishly, provides them with the perfect way to get back at him. What happens as the last days of the school term unfold turns out to be a lot of fun for the girls, but considerably trying for Tom, since he has no choice but to comply with the girl's demands.

Michael returns to his Summer Job at the Girl's Prep School the following year with new work place companions. Katie is seemingly unconcerned about Brad's nudity and not at all shy about checking him out from head to toe. Unfortunately for Brad things don't work out quite that way. I go visit almost every weekend, mostly because they also have a swimming pool.

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This would be the best Summer job of my life! Naked men surrounded by clothed women. Jonathan reports in for the first day of his new job as the ant for a small business operation. At least he does at first!

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We've all also noticed that he almost always has a hard on in the pool and sometimes pulls his dick out, thinking, I guess, that we can't see it under the water. Dana is an in-home care giver and so comes and goes, but does get to spend a lot of time at home. He is unaware of the guests and is surprised when the room full of women comes into view.

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Men masturbating and being fondled by the women until they ejaculate massive streams of pearly white semen. It turned out that a couple girls who were recent graduates of the school were also working there for the summer. As the Math and Science teacher, his classes have been demanding for his Senior Class. Suki's sisters get their first up-close and in-their-face look at an American cock and decide that this is one Western natural wonder that they want to get their hands on.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Tom's wife, Jennie, has decided to punish her Husband, if you can really call it punishment, by having him perform at home as he has been doing for his students at school. I have started taking two or three of my Girlfriends along too.

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I needed some money now, though, to get my car fixed. I go to a small college in a different State than my home. They are good neighbors and friendly, but not what I would call friends, exactly. I thought that I should fill you in on what followed during the rest of the Day at my Summer Job! I had just finished my Freshman year at our college.


My name is Rick. Eventually, he does give in and tell his wife. They are even more excited when they learn that the man most often shown in the photos is Rod. When Rod finally does come down stairs he, of course, is nude as that is how he prefers to exercise.

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He has been particularly tough on the girls as the year winds down. She said that if I wanted some extra money that she could use some help around the school to clean and tidy things up for the next school term.

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Katie gets him into a rush and insists he has to carry the box out to the bus before it leaves her. This time, though, the audience would be Jennie's Sisters and other various relatives, the women from the neighborhood, the women from Jennie's office, and who knows? He comes home every night exhausted and drained! Our next door neighbor is a divorcee named Dana. As luck would have it, my Mom was friends with the Head mistress of a girls school in a nearby town.

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The two visiting sisters are amazed and fascinated by the photos in Carol's album. My name is Tiffany. He is eager to get on with the job, but unsure about some of the extra duties that the business owner had briefly mentioned during his interview.

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The more they look at the pictures the more excited they become. He decides he'll get cleaned up and go play some golf. As the afternoon progresses the girls hone their hand job skills by milking multiple sperm lo from Rod's balls, and taking lots of pictures to show their family and friends back in Korea.

All the women at the school, staff and students alike, work hard to keep Tom hard. I live in a nice quiet neighborhood with my wife, Ellen.

Illustrated cfnm stories

I must admit here that from the very first time we met Dana, I had secretly held an overwhelming, but so far unfilled, desire to be naked in front of her. She becomes so accepting of what he is doing that she starts hosting CFNM parties at their house. Rod Black's Brother, Brad, is visiting. With Carol's encouragement, the sisters dive right in exploring Rod's package and soon have his cock rock hard and aching to ejaculate.

It turns out, though, that my Mom's sister, Mary, lives in the same town as my college. By the time they get downstairs the bus has already arrived. I've never done anything about it, that is, until this summer. He has mixed feelings about whether he should tell his wife about his new duties, but he does not let Cfnm illustrated stories dampen his growing enjoyment in his new activities at the school. Now he understands what his brother had tried to explain to him.

His dick appears to be pretty big, but we would really like for him to just show it to us. He just wants to make sure that they are fully prepared to move on to college next Fall. Since I didn't have my car I just stayed in the Head mistress's house, as did the two girls. Suki, Rod and Carol's neighbor from down the street, wants to bring her two sisters who are visiting from Korea over for Cfnm illustrated stories visit.

Much to his surprise she accepts it and fully supports his new position at the school. She assures him that he doesn't even need to bother putting on a towel or pants because it won't take but a second. Surprised by this intrusion Brad is a little angry as Katie explains that she needs his help to carry a box downstairs before her school bus arrives.

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They have never seen naked men like this before, or at all for that matter. I have come up with a plan to fulfill my fantasy with Dana, without Ellen finding out! Unfortunately, the summer job I had lined up wouldn't start for a couple of weeks.

I'm between jobs right now, so I have a lot of time to work in our yard and garden in the back.

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When Suki and her sisters arrive they are treated to a look at Carol's photo album while they wait for Rod to come down stairs. But the salary is irresistible, so he will probably do whatever is necessary. Carol insists that he the guests as is. Carol and Kate have gone off to the hair dresser leaving Rod alone at home.

Carol is thrilled and says, "Sure!

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First, Rod decides to see if the paper boy has delivered the newspaper. Tom's school duties become more and more demanding, but still very enjoyable. This seems innocent enough and it really shouldn't take long to grab the box and run it downstairs.

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