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Cbt torture stories would like date somebody who wants flirts

Cbt Torture Stories


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Name: Robinetta

My age: 33
Ethnicity: I'm bangladeshi
Color of my eyes: Huge gray-green
My favourite drink: Brandy
Other hobbies: Sports

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Cock and ball torture story – meghan’s session.

She gagged on him, saliva dripping down to his balls as she slurped and sucked his cock. She blindfolded him and grabbed her whip, things were going to be really fun from here on out.

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She dragged him around the house as she took pictures and videos, striking awkward poses with his cock and balls as she humiliated him further. She dragged him like a dog, taking him from her room down the stairs to the basement, where she had turned into her little slave dungeon.

Gay cbt stories

She stood up to grab the camera and take pictures of him, humiliating him in ways she wanted. She was delighted with how things were progressing and continued by reaching out for the electrics and sounds. He crawled around, lapping up the dog food, her camera captioning all the moments as she kept humiliating. She decided to tie ball weights to the balls and drip hot candle wax all over them as she listened to him groan and moan in pain.

Mike moaned out in satisfaction as she swiped her tongue on the tip of his cock, her fingers stroking his balls as she rolled her tongue all over his cock head. She spat on him as he moved about eating the dog food, even spitting into his mouth as she recorded him. She picked out some clothes, she was going to make her slave play dress up!

Your journey into the world of femdom

Chat by phone with Uk Mistress Who loves cock and ball play as well as ballbusting. for slave training on webcam. She dived in, a sharp groan escaping his lips as his cock hit the back of her throat. She loved how he struggled in his darkness, her laughter adding spice to the whole thing as she whipped him occasionally to set him on the right part.

Cock and ball torture story – meghan’s session.

She laid him on the bench, bound his hands and feet as she went to work on him. She even painted his toes and nails, applying to make up to his face as she kept on humiliating him. More BDSM chat rooms here. Now I knew she meant business.

Cock and ball torture stories

She went to the storage and grabbed some dog food, making a trail of it around the house as she laughed. She loved that, his cock twitching as she trailed her hands all over him.

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Meghan then filled a condom full of jaggy nettles and made me masturbate with it on, I had to do this for almost 45 minutes with a bleeding aching cock she sat and painted her toenails. Estims and urethra play that will do nicely she whispered as she stared at me. She picked up her whip, lashing it on his torso as he wriggled around in his chains, his reactions mixed with pleasure and pain.

He let out a small scream as she whipped him again, his screams filling her ears and cheering her on.

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She twisted his nipples, pinching and squeezing them as he let out a low shriek. She slapped him several times, taking videos of her slave too.

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He struggled to fit it on, his muscular arms and legs making him look very funny. She grabbed my cock and slammed into a drawer and dragged me around the room holding my cock as she stuck needles in it and laughed. She had on that lingerie she loved so much, the one that revealed her cleavage and curves.

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She flicked his balls, his cock twitching as she tapped his manhood with the whip. She bobbed her head on him a few times, his cock growing thicker in her mouth as she sucked him.

‘cbt’ stories

Meghan ordered Mike as she adjusted her high leather boots. Mike nodded quickly as the task started. She dragged him up to the stairs to her room, she had something in mind.

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