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Caught Shoplifting Stories


Had A Few Beers: This is an interesting article about shoplifting written by a friend that once worked at catching shoplifters at a department store. Take this five-fingered discount on crazy shoplifting stories, just in time for the last minute holiday shopping rush. I spent a year-and-a-half working part-time in loss prevention for a retailer that will remain unnamed.

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Kids can learn right from wrong, get better at self-control, and learn to solve problems without stealing. Some kids steal because their friends or family members do it or because they might have been dared. What if their favorite teacher finds out? Other kids might have personal problems that lead them to steal. It can be even more fun to be the robber because you take things and try to get away with them before your buddy, the cop, catches you. Caught shoplifting stories who gets caught might be really embarrassed. Parents, counselors, and other adults can help kids with troubles that may have led them to steal in the first place.

Or they may be upset that their parents are arguing or getting divorced. They may feel unloved and neglected. What Kind of Stealing Is Wrong? But even when kids don't feel these things, stealing is still wrong. Kids get better at self-control as they grow.

Some kids who steal once might do it a second and third time, until it becomes a habit. Still, some kids lack self-control.

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They might steal as a way to deal with the situation. But stealing won't solve these problems. Have you ever played cops and robbers? Or maybe you're playing baseball, trying to steal a base and not get tagged out. Doing something for these reasons is called peer pressurebut kids don't have to give in to it. He also might be afraid that someone will discover his secret, and he'll want to deny it. Hey — it's fair play and it's part of the game! Repeat stealers often act in other bad ways, too. Some kids may need extra help learning self-control.

It's not smart to go along with someone just because he's your friend or because you don't want to be left Caught shoplifting stories. Whoever is stealing is probably nervous during the act itself. Little kids age 4 and younger may not understand that they shouldn't take things that don't belong to them. Do what you know is right. She may have to give money to pay for the pen and the police could be called because stealing including shoplifting is a crime.

Dealing with problems

What if they loses their friends? But either way, it's stealing. But even if stealing has become a habit, kids who steal can change their ways. But lying will only make matters worse. Some kids steal because they feel something is missing in their lives. They may lie, fight, cheat, or write graffiti. They might see something they want and take it.

Kids sometimes make mistakes, but there are ways to get back on the right track. But stealing won't fix what's missing.

Funny satire stories about shoplifting

When kids are honest and follow what they know is right, they feel happier and a whole lot better about themselves. Why Do Kids Steal? You're not really stealing, of course. It's fun pretending to be a cop chasing and capturing a robber. She could be arrested, especially if she has stolen before, and that could lead to more problems. For instance, if someone takes your book report and tells the teacher that she — not you — wrote it, that's another form of stealing. They don't stop to think first about what might happen. It can be taken from a store, a kind of stealing called shoplifting, or from someone's home.

If a kid gets away with it, he may be relieved at first. Most school-age kids know that they aren't supposed to take something without asking or without paying for it.

The lowdown on shoplifting from a former retail employee

Don't hang out with kids who steal. They may be angrysadscared, or jealous. But by the time you are 5 or 6, you understand what's right and what's wrong. They might believe their friends will like them more if they steal. If she gets caught, the store owner might say she's not allowed in the store again.

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But kids need to learn respect rules and the rights of other people. They may feel like nobody trusts them anymore. These are both examples of pretend or imaginary stealing that are OK, but there is another form of stealing that is wrong. They may feel jealous of what others have. Then they may be ashamed because they let their family down.

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Follow your conscience say: CON-shensand don't do anything that would hurt others. What if they go to jail? Then leave it up to the adult to decide how to handle the situation. It can be taken from someone a person knows or from a stranger. When playing basketball, you can steal the ball from a player on the other team.

Kids can ask adults to help them. A stolen base or a steal on the basketball court can help your team. If someone is caught stealing, you could get in trouble just because you were there with him when it happened. They might feel stupid and worried. The stolen object can be as small as a piece of candy or as big as a car. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size.

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People can steal words and ideastoo. What's missing may be love or attention. Or simple things like food and clothing. Other kids don't care about rules. Imagine how upset you would be if that happened to you! The owner might tell her parents. If you know someone who steals, you shouldn't just shrug it off. Stealing causes a whole bunch of problems. It's a good idea to tell a parent, teacher, counselor, or other adult that you trust.

It's just make-believe.

The lowdown on shoplifting from a former retail employee

Suppose a kid sees a pen in a store and decides to take it. Later, he feels lousy because he knows what he did was wrong. They might not think to buy the object or ask to borrow it. She may have to go to court and may have some sort of punishment, like having to do work in the community to make up for what she has done.


Stealing has serious consequences say: CON-seh-kwen-sez because it hurts everyone:. They steal because they think they can get away with it.

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Learning how to get what they need — without stealing — can be a big relief. They may believe they deserve to have the stolen goods. How does stealing make someone feel? When a person takes something that belongs to somebody else without permission, that is stealing. That's like saying stealing is OK. You can tell the person that stealing is wrong or that you're concerned about him, but he may get angry with you.

They might ignore rules and disrespect other people and their belongings.

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A kid from school introduced me to the criminal act of stealing goods while pretending to be a customer, and he did so at the local supermarket.

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BUG TUSSLE, AK -- Despite its treatment of its employees, many of whom receive minimum wages and no health or other benefits, Mallwart has the reputation, whether deserved or not, of being a "family-friendly" retailer.

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I started shoplifting when I was six years old.